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Hey gang, Brad here with the latest installation of Pimpy Thursday!  Let’s get to it…

  • App developer Shawn Welch (creator of the Photoshop World app) just released the Presenter Clock app for iPad and iPhone. You can read Terry White’s full review right here. (Just to give you an idea of what he thinks, here’s a quote from the review… “If you give any kind of timed presentations, this is a MUST HAVE APP!”) And, hey… It’s only $.99!
  • Moose Peterson just announced his new aviation photography workshop, called Air2Air, a few days ago. If you’re an aviation and/or photo enthusiast, you definitely want to click this link. :)
  • Speaking of aviation photography, Bill Pekala, head of Nikon Professional Services, has a great series of blog posts from the Reno Air Races! Check them out from beginning to end right here.
  • Our buddy Terry White just posted his 8 Must-Have iPad Apps for Photographers over on the Best App Site. It’s a well-rounded list that features a variety of photo-related apps. It’s got post-production, inspiration, shooting tips, and even an app that turns the iPad into a variety of light sources!
  • Ed Greenberg posted a really helpful article on Top Ten Myths of Copyright, Plus One over on that’s a quick, easy, and informative read.
  • Alan Hess put together a superb blog post about what goes on backstage at Photoshop World before the big keynote. If you’ve ever wondered just what goes into putting on the keynote, Alan does a great job of showing that.
  • And, lastly, just another reminder that Scott’s bringing the Photoshop for Digital Photographers Tour to London on October 15th, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already!

That’s it for now. Have a cool, awesomely killer day! :D

Hey gang, Brad here again with Pimpy* Thursday!  Here’s some of the latest cool stuff that’s happening…

  • Westcott just kicked off their 2010 Top Pro Tour last week in New York, and will be traveling around the country for the next couple of months! Each stop features one of Westcott’s Top Pro photographers, including many of our own instructors such as Dave Cross, Terry White, David Ziser, Jim Schmelzer, and previous guest bloggers Andrew Kornylak and Tyler Stableford! So, if you want to learn studio lighting, have hours of hands-on education, and have the chance to win some great prizes, check out the schedule, then sign up right here for only $69.90 using the coupon code TPT8131!
  • Epson just completed a series of videos on their new Signature Worthy papers featuring our good buddy Vincent Versace, as well as Lois Greenfield, Matthew Jordan Smith, Art Wolfe, and David Lynch (yep, the legendary filmmaker himself!). Personally, I really like the Hot Press Bright paper :) Take a few minutes to check the videos out right here.
  • The App Whisperer just named Scott’s Photo Recipes Live iPad App one of her Top 10 iPad Photography Apps! Check out the full list right here.
  • And lastly, Scott will be flying across the pond to bring you blokes in London his Photoshop for Digital Photographers Tour on October 15! Get full details and register right here.

Stop by again tomorrow for a great weekend-only deal, and a super kick-butt video that you absolutely will not want to miss! I asked Scott if I could post it today, but he said, “That’s not news. That’s just freakin’ cool!!” ;)

*Pimpy = definition number 1, possibly number 2, definitely not number 3 ;)


Hey gang, Brad here with the latest happenings and news. Just a few things to talk about today, but they’re some pretty cool things! :)

  • The brand spankin’ new iPhone Book (by Scott Kelby and Terry White) is now available! This fourth edition has updated info for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, including all the stuff you need to know to get the most out of this handy gadget. You can order your copy from Barnes and Noble or Amazon (or both!).
  • You can catch legendary sports photographer Bill Frakes TODAY at 2:00 pm EDT on a free webinar with  called “Sports Photography: Understanding Motion and Emotion.” It’s presented by the Manfrotto School of Xcellence, where you can also find archived webinars from other photographers, including Joe McNally! (If you missed Bill’s guest blog earlier this year, you should go back and check it out here)
  • Wacom recently rolled a very creative ad campaign featuring Joel Grimes, Nancy Stahl, and… Scott Kelby! It’s showing up in magazines and online, but the cool part is the website they’ve created that’s the heart of the campaign.  It features videos from each person showing you their workflow and how their Intuos 4 tablets play a vital role in their creativity. Not only that, but you can view and download each person’s settings to use for your tablet! Check it all out right here.

That’s it for today. Stop by again tomorrow to see shots from the LSU vs. North Carolina football game he shot last Saturday!


Hey gang, Brad here with a quick bit of news on David Ziser’s Captured By The Light 2010 Tour.

David is kicking the tour off in just a few days in Phoenix on September 7, then heading to Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, and a bunch of other cities between now and November 4.

During the event, David will talk about lighting, composition, lenses, and more to help you get dramatic and intriguing portraits, as well as the best software and shortcuts for getting the job done quickly in post to save you time and money.

Not only will you learn tons about wedding photography (and photography in general), but you’ll get a free DVD, handbook, and the chance to win other great prizes (including Photoshop World passes)!

If you’ve read David’s book on wedding photography, Captured By The Light, you know that he is the go-to guy for anything you want to know on the subject. And if you haven’t read it, then check out these customer reviews (over 50 five-star ratings!) to see what you’ve been missing out on.

David’s coming to 20 cities throughout the U.S. between now and November 4, so check here for the full list to see if he’s coming to yours.

It’s only $79 for the whole day, and when you register, be sure to use the promo code CBLNAPP10 to get $20 off. This is one tour that you do not want to miss!


Hey gang, Brad here with the latest on what’s going on with Scott and friends:

  • There are only a couple of spots left for The Hot Shoe Lighting Workshop in St. Lucia with Joe McNally (and Scott as special guest instructor)! I tagged along last year, and man is this place gorgeous. This is a trip you won’t regret!
  • OnOne Software is offering a $210 discount on their Plug-In Suite 5 just for NAPP members! The details are right on the NAPP members home page with a special link to the deal details. The offer is good through August 31, so move fast!
  • Want some cool Adobe swag without making the trip to San Jose? Check out the Adobe Branded Merchandise site for everything from shirts, jackets, and caps to bags, mugs, pens and much more!
  • David Ziser is kicking of his Captured By The Light 2010 Tour in Phoenix on September 7, then heading to Dallas and Houston. Not only will you learn tons about wedding photography, but you get a free DVD, handbook, and the chance to win other great prizes (including Photoshop World passes)! David’s visiting 20 cities between now and November 4, so check here to see if he’s coming to yours. It’s only $79 for the whole day, and when you register, be sure to use the promo code CBLNAPP10 to get $20 off!
  • Rick Sammon is currently running a sale on his 24/7 Photo Buffet app. You can get it on your iPad for $3.99 and on your iPhone for $1.99. But hurry, the sale only lasts through August 29!
  • If you’re a NAPP member in the market for a camera bag, be sure to log in to the discounts page to learn about your direct lines to Jeff Snyder at Adorama. You have a special email address and phone number that go to Jeff, and he can even get you 10% off Think Tank gear!
  • Only a few days till Photoshop World Vegas! There are just a few openings in the Real World Concert Photography workshop with Alan Hess and Scott Diussa. Sign up now before it’s too late!
  • Speaking of Photoshop World, Bert Monroy will be giving a sneak peek of his latest project, “Times Square,” at the Epson booth on the Expo Floor (which you can visit for free by signing up right here). When it’s finished, this thing is going to be 25′ wide by 5′ tall! That’s over twice as big as his Damen project.

That’s it for today. Check back tomorrow for a special guest post from my buddy RC Concepcion that you won’t want to miss!

If you weren’t a fan of the title “Pimpy Thursday” on last week’s post, we were using the word to mean:
“An adjective for describing something that is pimped out or done extremely well with more bells, whistles and bling than it possibly should have. Often used in office culture to describe how one’s work can be a shining example to others. (i.e. ‘That laptop is pimpy!’).
” via Urban Dictionary

Picture 4

Hey gang, Brad here with the first weekly installation of Pimpy Thursday! Lots of goodness to pimp, so let’s get started –

  • Jeff Revell did a great post and tutorial on using the Photoshop World for iPad/iPhone App over at If you’re coming to Photoshop World you’ve gotta check this out!
  • In other Photoshop World news, John Loiacono (Johnny L) from Adobe will once again be the featured keynote presenter! Johnny and his team always wow the crowd with great previews of things to come from Adobe, and with CS5 just shipping (as well as Lightroom 3) it’s an exciting time to hear from Adobe! Sign up now to join Johnny, Scott, and all your favorite instructors in Las Vegas September 1-3.
  • If you’re in the Las Vegas area and just want to drop by the Photoshop World Expo, you can do so for free on September 2 & 3. Visit this page to register for your free Expo Pass.
  • Check out Jason Moore’s review of Scott’s Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers right here.
  • Scott is bringing his Photoshop for Digital Photographers Tour to London on Friday, October 15 for a jolly good day of training and fun. Get all the details and register right here.
  • If you pre-ordered Scott’s Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers, you should be getting your copy in the mail any day now. (I was just back in our shipping department a little bit ago, and they were getting them packaged as quickly as they could :) )
  • Have you checked out the latest Kelby Training Online classes lately? We just recently posted four killer classes – RC Concepcion’s Configurator 2.0: Customize Your Photoshop CS5 Experience, Joe McNally’s Lighting for Environmental Portraits, Janine Warner’s Dreamweaver CS5 Crash Course, Part 2, and another RC Concepcion class on Portfolio Power!
  • Check out AdoramaTV for all sorts of great, informative videos on photography, from gear reviews to photo tips and more. (My favorite part is the “How’d They Do That?” series in which photographers walk through their setup for photos they’ve taken. Check out this one featuring Nashville-based celebrity photographer David Bean talking about his setup for photographing LeAnn Rimes.)
  • And a big thanks to yesterday’s guest blogger, Ryan Booth! I really enjoyed his take on vision, voice, and creativity. He has some great projects going on, but I’ll particularly be paying close attention to this one.

That’s it for Pimpy Thursday! Drop by again tomorrow and tell Scott how much you missed him today ;)