Celebrating Photoshop's 25th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but Photoshop is 25-years-old! Yesterday was its official birthday, and yesterday in honor of, and to celebrate, “The Photoshop Guys” did a special broadcast about Photoshop, and we shared some tips and techniques, and you can watch it right above.

You’re Invited!
25 years is a pretty amazing milestone, so to continue the celebration we’re hosting a free Webcast where we’re going to look through the years at the different versions of Photoshop, and we’re going to share our favorite features introduced in each version by sharing our favorite Photoshop tips for each feature (and I’m hoping that last sentence made any sense whatsoever). In short â” wanna come to a free live webcast packed with Photoshop tips? Well, you’re invited.

When you sign up for the free Webcast, you also get a link to download a PDF of our 25-year-tribute feature from Photoshop User magazine written by Adobe’s own Bryan O’Neil Hughes. Here’s the link to sign up.

One more thing!
Adobe’s Worldwide Evangelist, Terry White, did a really cool tribute for Photoshop’s birthday yesterday; he did an entire demo of Photoshop 1.0. You will be amazed at how many things were in that initial release that we still use day in/day out today. I’ve embedded his demo below.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing Photoshop, the coolest program ever made, a big “Happy Birthday!” :)

Hope you all have a great weekend (try to stay warm. If it was 28° down here last night in Tampa, I can’t imagine how cold it must be up north. Brrrrrrrr!).

All my best,


  1. Wow! What a trip down memory lane. I started to use Photoshop in version 2.0 so most of what Terry was demoing in Ver. 1.0 I had to contend with in Ver. 2.0.

    Terry is right in that the main focus when workin with Photoshop those days was thinking about the next move since the program was not very forgiving once you dropped a selection or made a move of another type. Printers were also not able to output what you had on screen since most were 300DPI black toner laser printers. If you wanted a decent color output, you had to get the file to a pro shop and hope the file would fit on a floppy and that the pro shop had a compatible setup to read the file. Color calibration between your screen and what the print shop showed was a crap shoot. The low res was also a disappointment. I had a few images printed at print shops and was very disappointed after all the work I had done.

    It is pretty amazing how Photoshop and all the other graphic software programs have evolved. But just watching Terry’s demo was a great reminder of just how far we’ve come.

    For further nostalgia, I have a promo video of Illustrator 88, but that’s another story…

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