Weekend before last, my wife Kalebra and I snuck off for a Valentine’s Day getaway to meet our friends Moose & Sharon Peterson on the Oregon Coast. I did a post about the trip over at Exposure.co with some images from the trip, and the story behind them, along with my story of shooting the famous “Thor’s Well” which was, wellâ¦it was swell. Get it? Swell? Ah, forget it.

Anyway, if you’ve got a second, here’s the link. 

Hope you guys have a great Monday!



P.S. I posted #10 in my series called “10 Things I Would Tell New Lightroom User” over at LightroomKillerTips.com

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  1. Awesome photos especially of Moose holding his Nikon :)

  2. Hi Scott: You are as funny as ever… I just read through 95% of your Valentine’s Day adventures. You needed boots to take pictures there ;) GORGEOUS!
    – It was so fun reading through your adventures, I was sitting here admiring the scenery and laughing at your commentary! A nice way to end the day for me, with a smile on my face… THANK YOU for that Mr. Kelby! ;) ~Roz Fruchtman

  3. Scott, thanks for sharing your Valentine’s Day sojourn with us. Great pictures, and some good laughs, although they were at your expense. Always bring a second pair of shoes! LOL You’ve got a few spelling mistakes in the descriptions, though. ;-)

    My wife and I took a vacation to Mexico a couple of weeks ago, and I picked up that Tamron 28-300 lens for my D800 before the trip on your recommendation. What a great travel lens! Very versatile and not too big (unless fully extended), and I had no complaints about soft pictures. Thanks again!


  4. I have spent several Photo Safaris with Moose. His way of teaching and his always being down-to-Earth is excellent. I love spending time learning from the both of you! Great shots Scott!!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend, Scott. Another of my bucket list places. Just wanted to check on the lens you used – Tamron 3.5 – 5.6. Is that correct? Down here it seems they only have the 3.5 – 6.3. Am I missing something? I know you always seem to take that lens with you when you head off on your travels and its time I looked into getting something more practical than the camera store I carry around with me when I head away. Best wishes, Peter

  6. You just got me trying exposure.co for the first time, and I am not a very patient person, which is to say a lot about its ease of use. Of course not even close to your trip, just a fun Sunday with friends (sorry, it is in Portuguese as I live in Brazil, in the off chance you take a peek at it – https://Robert-Emunds.exposure.co/velho-da-serra-da-cantareira ). Love your work. Greetings from Brazil.

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