Coming Wed: Adobe “Sneak Peeks” What’s Coming for Photographers in the Creative Cloud

Check out the short video above (it’s like 90-seconds or so) which explains why Adobe is doing this unprecedented sneak peek, but once you watch that, here are the specifics:

Who: Tom Hogarty from Adobe Systems
When: Wednesday, May 1st at 4:00 PM ET (New York time)
Where: Live on “The Grid” (here’s the link)
Why: This is your chance to get straight answers straight from the source and to see a sneak peek of some stuff I haven’t even seen yet — but I heard about them— and you’re definitely going to want to see ’em! (everybody will be talking about it on Thursday!)

See you on Wednesday!

      1. Mannn, let’s all boycot adobe. The subscription model SUCKS. At least for us. Not for Adobe. Greed will be punished. I for one will NOT do the subscription model. Gimp and Corel draw, here we come! Or I will use my CS5 till I am 90. Good move Adobe, good move… Who is the genius who invented this one?

  1. This is cool, I hope its something more that Bridge in the cloud, cause honestly, that would suck. Not to be Debbie Downer, but I dont get the cloud “pay to play concept”. Still think its a waste of money, especially on Adobe release schedule. Lets hope its more than just Lightroom on a server.

  2. If Adobe can update Camera Raw multiple times during the year, and they can update LR once or twice a year, and they can plan many updates to PS Cloud, but refuse to update PS for owners (not leasers in the Cloud) then what is a photographer’s choice? I believe if you can update versions in the Cloud and download it to the user’s computer, you should easily be able to do the same for someone who owns the release or at least charge a minimal upgrade fee to offset the work. The current model just doesn’t work financially for the home photographer base who hears what they can’t get. Like many loyal others, I date back to PS prior to the CS era and have upgraded each release accordingly as testified by the number of version Kelby books I have in the library. I just can’t justify expansion to include all the other product lines in addition to the Cloud rental. Picture this: would you buy an unlimited AMTRAK pass to anywhere in the U.S. even though you are fortunate to have an 8 to 5 job and don’t have the time to go to Cleveland (insert name of any city here)?

  3. Scott…

    I wonder where you were when Adobe first brought out this disaster?
    (you certainly were not shy in promoting CC)

    When did you stop drinking Adobe’s CC Kool-Aid. ?

    For Adobe its brilliant…even out revenue flow…control the users etc.

    For photographers…not so good.

    Is this a change of heart or marketing opportunity ?

    Hopefully you will clarify your position on the Broadcast.

  4. I guess we won’t see it, but I’d love to know what Adobe’s take-rate has been on CC after this first year. For me, it hasn’t made sense yet, but I could maybe see a time it would. As a photographer who can barely keep his tiny brain wrapped around all that is Lightroom & Photoshop, access to the other stuff isn’t compelling and the math just doesn’t pencil out on the per-app CC cost. Also, a YouTube search for “Adobe CEO Australia” produces a video that kind of made my flesh crawl in terms of believing Adobe’s story.

    1. I’m certainly looking for the financial justification for sticking with the CC after this first year. So far, it’s barely a push. The “Adobe CEO Australia” video is beyond frightening for a global company in 2013. Sure hope Tom Hogarty has a better story to tell on Wed. (and some pricing relief for photogs re CC).

  5. The price is an issue. If you are a photographer who usually updates every second version (cs1 then cs3 for example) then paying $50 a month is not a good financial plan. I was happy at $20 or $30 a month. I love access to the rest of the applications but in reality I haven’t used them as much as I thought I would.

      1. Well, here is the opening for Corel… with Adobe (as I expected) no longer selling software. I will not, repeat, WILL NOT be part of their cloud.

        For Adobe it is like a car dealer saying you can’t buy their Ford anymore… but you can just pay them more than what your car payment USED to be to drive the wrecker, the dumptruck, van, or a car anytime you’d like. If you don’t need the wrecker… screw you, send us your money and drive what you want to. But… send your money or you will walk.

        I seriously think Corel needs to change the name of the Paintshop
        product. In classes I teach people think they have heard of it but confuse it
        with the old Microsoft bundled painting program. It is a program for photographs. PhotoPro would make sense. Paintshop makes as much sense
        as something called ArchitecturalShop to design gardens. Or GardenPro to
        build houses.

  6. If … you need and use all the apps … the whole enchilada sunscription is indeed a bargain … if you only need and use Ps and Lr … not so much … also factor in the mandatory upgrade policy to avoid the penalty of paying full price if you skip a version … where is the motivation to keep Adobe challenged to push the envelope for future development? With a captive audience and the near total absence of a true competitor, there is little to drive them forward once they have a guaranteed cash flow. It seems the more successful a business becomes, the more they lose sight of what put them on top in the first place. I think the market is ripe for some industrious developers to attack and fill the void that is sure to open up in the near future.

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