Greetings from Chicago!

It’s a beautiful day here in Chicago today (should hit around 80°) and I hope you’re one of the nearly 600 photographers who’ll be here for my “Shoot Like a Pro” tour. Looking forward to meeting everybody!

Don’t forget the big Sneak Peek coming from Adobe tomorrow for photographers on “The Grid” at 4:00 pm LIVE (here’s the link).

I’ve gotta get over to the Convention Center. Here’s wishing you all a beautiful 80° kinda weather day!).




  1. Great seminar, Scott! Hope to see you again soon!
    PS–ever consider putting your books out in ebook format? I’d like to tote them with me on shooting sprees if I need your opinions on stuff, but the books are too big to tote on airlines.

  2. Scott,

    Had an awesome time today man! Very inspirational seminar to say the least. Nobody teaches the way you do. Hope you enjoy that new GNR album, you’re going to love the guitar solos on this album :) Forgot to tell you that I won my ticket on G+!!! Did you guys by chance forget to pass out the workbooks at the end of the day or did I just miss it? Didn’t realize that I didn’t get it until I was stuck in traffic on my way home from Chicago. Is there any way to get one? Thanks!

  3. Great day yesterday at the “Shoot like a Pro” class. You seriously made the time feel like 5 minutes. Could have listened and learned another 24 hours. Made my decision to attend Photoshop World 100%. Thanks, thanks. thanks!!! You are just as amazing in person as you write!

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