Creatives Unite at KelbyOne

It’s official! (Watch the short video above first, then I put together a short Q&A below to help answer any questions you might have). Thanks so much for all your support, and we’re looking forward to a really amazing year (and this is just the beginning). :)

Q. If I'm already a member of NAPP or Kelby Training, is there an extra charge for all this new stuff?
A. Nope â” you just get it all now that we've become KelbyOne.

Q. I'm already a NAPP member, what does that mean for me?
A. It means your membership just got a whole lot better (even though that's terribly bad grammar, which is probably why we employ so many editors, but clearly none of them were allowed to read this Q&A). You now get access to the entire library of Kelby Training's online classes. All of them. Literally thousand of videos, hundreds of full-length classes. You get it all!

Q. If I'm already a Kelby Training subscriber, what does that mean for me?
A. Your world of learning just got a whole lot bigger and better. It means you now have also have all of the benefits of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals rolled into your membership, but at no extra cost to you. Lots more stuff at the same price. It's a mountain of training, and you get it all.

Q. So, if I'm already a NAPP member, how much will it cost when it's time to renew my membership?
A. We're "grandfathering you in" at NAPP's original renewal price. Since back in the 1990s, NAPP membership has always been just $99, and so if you're a NAPP member, you can renew your KelbyOne membership for that same $99 (even though the full price is $249). Best of all, your renewal rate stays the same, as long as you don't leave KelbyOne. If you leave, and then decide to come back at some time in the future, you'd have to join from scratch at the new price of $249, so in shortâ¦don't leave.

Q. But what if I'm a Kelby Training Subscriber?
A. You're grandfathered in, too! A Kelby Training membership and renewal has been $199 for years, and thankfully that's not going to change for you â” as long as you remain a KelbyOne member. If you leave, and then decide to come back at some later time, you'd have to join from scratch at the new price of $249, so stay up to date and you're locked in at the old price.

Q. What if I have both?
A. You can renew at whichever membership you had first. So, if you were a NAPP member, and you later joined Kelby Training, you can renew at the NAPP price. If you joined Kelby Training first, then you'd renew at the Kelby Training price instead.

Q. You really want me to stay as a member, don't you?
A. Are you kidding? Absolutely! So much so, that we just doubled all your member benefits without raising your cost. We really, really want you with us, and there's a lot more great stuff coming, starting as soon as Feb 1st.

Q. What can I expect from KelbyOne in 2014?
A. Lots of amazing new classes, including more classes on shooting and editing DSLR video, lots more training for graphics programs like Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, Dreamweaver and more. Along with the most amazing photography classes we've ever produced. More classes from your favorite teachers (like Joe McNally, Jeremy Cowart, Moose Peterson, Joel Grimes, Lindsay Adler, and of course me and the "Photoshop Guys"), plus lots of amazing new classes from some instructors that will blow your mind!

Q. What does a brand new member pay?
A. It's $25 per month, or they save $50 by choosing an Annual Subscription at just $249.

Q. So does the NAPP member site roll over into the KelbyOne site now?
A. Absolutely! Right now, we're still maintaining the NAPP site for our members convenience, but it's all rolling over to KelbyOne. A lot of it is there already, but we've made lots of improvements.

Q. What else is new?
A. For our online classes, we now have a completely new, vastly updated player which makes watching the videos even better. Now you can watch our classes at 1.5x speed or even 2x speed. Also, you can pop out the viewer into a separate floating window, and just overall it's a much better user experience than ever before.

Q. What about the App? When can we expect an update?
A. Our newly redesigned iPad App is already at Apple awaiting their approval. As soon as they give it the thumbs up, we'll release it. It's much improved, and we're already working on the next update to the App which will include the ability to download a class for offline viewing, so you can watch classes while you're on a plane, or train, subway, etc. without a wifi connection. All good stuff.

Q. Will the magazine still be called "Photoshop User" magazine?
A. Yup. It's still the same magazine, produced and written by the very same people.

Q. Will everybody now get all the NAPP member discounts?
A. Yup, we're all in this together. KelbyOne will offer the same benefits offered previously from NAPP and KelbyTraining, but now it's just one product at one price from one source. Yay!

Q. You seem pretty excited about this!
A. I really am, and this is just the beginning â” the first step, of what we have planned this year. For anyone who wants to learn Photoshop, Photography, Lightroom, Design, Video or Lighting, this is going to be an incredible journey for them. No matter how you like to learn, we've got you covered.

Q. OK, what's the Website now?
A. It's

Q. Can I tell my friends about this and share it on social media?
A. We'd be best pals forever if you did. Thanks.

  1. This was what I was wishing for, but was afraid to mention it and jinx it! Thanks! As a happy Napp member I’ve been itching to delve back into shooting my own stuff instead of just processing other photographers photos and making composites! This is perfect timing!

    1. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, it’s $25/month. If you sign up for an entire year, it’s $249, which saves you $50 in the end. So, it just depends on which is more convenient for you, paying in smaller chunks throughout the year (but costing a bit more) or paying more at one time (but less in the long run).

  2. I’ve been a NAPP member since 2008 I think and I’ve never been disappointed! I’ve learned so much!! Also, I’m a Kelby Training subscriber, which was coming up for renewal in April, so I’m totally excited you guys are saving me $149! I love the classes and the whole organization. Thank you guys SO much!!! See you at Photoshop World in Atlanta!! :)

  3. This is just absolutely phenomenal, thank you Scott! I was having a pretty lousy day and this just made my year! You guys are the best and I sincerely appreciate everything you do.

  4. I loved the idea but was personally worried about the cost being too much, then I saw my NAPP renewal price is grandfathered in. You quickly won me over.

  5. This is definitely a sweet deal! You guys Rock! Quick question, any updates for an Android App yet? I know you mentioned a while back that you are working with a developer. Any ideas on a timeline? Thanks Scott!

    1. Think you need to do some maths, as price has not gone up for existing members. This is a great deal and again shows why Kelby are simply the best for photography training and inspiration

    2. If you’re currently a Kelby Training member, then it doesn’t go up at all. If you’re not, then you’re getting more than you used to get with just a Kelby Training subscription, so you pay more for it.

    1. This is just the beginning of KelbyOne. You will be rewarded in the future with cheaper renewal rates. To find your renewal rate, check the your status in the account settings.

    1. “You can renew at whichever membership you had first. So, if you were a NAPP member, and you later joined Kelby Training, you can renew at the NAPP price. If you joined Kelby Training first, then you’d renew at the Kelby Training price instead.”

      1. Exactly what stinks. I joined Kelby Training first and this year have both (was transitioning to just renew NAPP next year). Now, instead of $99 per year, it will be $199.

    1. When you are up for renewal you will pay the price of whichever you were a member of first, $99 if you were a NAPP member first or $199 if you were a Kelby Training subscriber first. This will be the pricing that is in effect next time you renew, but it isn’t retroactive to previous renewals

      1. I am in the same position. Waiting a month would have saved me £140. Not really a great way to treat faithful customers

      2. Did you know that if you buy a Macbook Pro from the Apple store and they come out with a new model a month later that has better specs and a lower price they don’t just give you the new computer??? Why is this accepted everywhere in life but here?

      3. I just left another response that goes a bit more in depth. Let me know if that helps.

      4. Brad, I don’t know what I was a member of first but I do know that I use the Kelby site and not the NAPP site , So what I want to know is why are the people who paid for Kelby first or only, getting such a bad deal , First Kelby would not be if the loyal customers did not pay for a membership, The people who only belong to NAPP, get a lower rate and invade the site that Kelby supporters have paid for all these years , Please tell me how this is fair? I guess if you only supported NAPP lucky you, you win! Maybe those great things coming are free memberships for the loyal s who paid for the site all these years, If this is not made fair to the Kelby supporters I will be Leaving , Maria

    2. If you renewed both, then yes you are initially paying more than people who sign up today for $250.

      BUT… When it comes time to renew your membership, you can renew at the NAPP or KT member price of $99 or $199 for the year. So then you’re spending $50 to $150 less than anyone else who renews after they just signed up today.

      So while you may be spending more up front, you’re still saving (quite a lot) in the long run. If you don’t know which one you signed up for first, you can contact customer service and they can get you sorted out –

  6. Hey Scott,

    This is Great! However, I’m a little confused about when you have both memberships. Your QA said that, which ever you joined first would be the annual cost for Kelbyone. I’ve been NAPP Member before I was a Kelby Training member. However, when I briefly got log in to the Kelbyone site, It looks like I’m set up for the higher price for Kelby Training. Who should I contact to get this changed?



      1. Your renewal price will remain $99 until you cancel your KelbyOne membership. If you cancel your membership and decide to come back at a later date, you will pay the full price of the KelbyOne membership.

      1. Hi Brad,

        Thank for getting back to me so quickly! I give them a call. Appreciate the help!


  7. Site is super slow loading and even your blog is slow loading it seems. Don’t like the idea of being charged twice for the same material now. Am a NAPP member and a Kelby Training member. And the youtube video on the site needs to go..

      1. Don’t see how it is Christmas all over again… Slow site, being charged twice for something and having a youtube video stay on the site when you are on it…. May be for you…..

      2. The site won’t be slow, it’s due to the huge amount of traffic the site currently generates. I fail to see how you’re being charged twice: you’ll pay either your NAPP membership price of the KT price. In exchange you get access to more content.

    1. Hey David – Sorry for the trouble you’re having with the site. It’s to be expected any time something new launches and everyone is trying to access it at the same time.

      You’re not being charged twice for the same material. As Scott states in the Q&A above, when you are up for renewal you will pay the price of whichever you were a member of first, $99 if you were a NAPP member first or $199 if you were a Kelby Training subscriber first. If you recently renewed both, this will be the pricing that is in effect next time you renew, but it isn’t retroactive to previous renewals.

      I see what you’re saying about not being able to get rid of the YouTube video on the site. I’ve alerted our web team and they will be taking care of it as soon as they’re able.

      1. Hey Brad thanks a bunch for the reply, but I still think the way it is being priced for dual members is very confusing. If people have just renewed on both sites like some of the commenters here have stated, then they are out of cash. And since I paid for an extension of my NAPP and I pay month to month on the Kelby training, I don’t redeem any value in that sense. If someone is both a NAPP member and Kelby Training member, the best way is to default them to NAPP pricing model since that will be the best deal for them and for you (keeps Kelby, Inc from losing members) none of this which one was first, the chicken or the egg. KISS works lot better than COMPLICATED.

        Also the slowness is across any site being hosted then, Scott’s blog is slow, MattK is slow also so this affecting all the sites not just the new one.

      2. Actually, for those who just renewed both services in December or January prior to today, they are paying MORE than those who are first time customers moving forward.

        Price for existing dual-annual membership holders:
        If you renewed NAPP in December 2013 and started KT subscription also in December, then membership for KelbyOne would expire 12/31/14 and you would have paid $99 (NAPP) + $179 (KT w/ NAPP discount) = $278

        If you renewed Kelby Training in December 2013 and started NAPP subscription also in December, then membership for KelbyOne would expire 12/31/14 and you would have paid $199 (KT) + $99 (NAPP) = $298

        Price for brand-new annual members going forward:
        Purchase brand spanking new annual subscription for one year to KelbyOne today which would expire 1/31/15 for $249

        I understand that the grandfathered in pricing is amazeballs but this is what I know some people are thinking about…

      3. Think about it like this though… If you signed up for both at the same time, spending $278 or $298, then yes you are initially paying more than people who sign up today for $250.

        BUT… When it comes time to renew your membership, you can renew at the NAPP member price of $99 for the year. So then you’re spending $150 less than anyone else who renews after they just signed up today.

        So while you may be spending more up front, you’re still saving (quite a lot) in the long run.

      4. Oh no doubt on the grandfathered in thing. That is why I am still a happy camper ^_^ Just thought I’d put the numbers out there so you[as in people in general] can see that the difference is a one time $30-$50 more not the 2x that has been mentioned in various places vs the $50 to $150 less. And of course I got side tracked and didn’t tidy up my response. Thank you for clarifying ^_^

  8. This is great! Thanks so much! It’s so rare that you actually got more of something really good without having to pay more (and I love that I’m grandfathered in with my NAPP membership fee). Completely awesome =)

  9. Please, please, please grandfather everyone at $99. It seems unfair to be a part of Kelby Training and then NAPP (or just Kelby Training) and have to pay twice as much as someone who was just a part of NAPP. PLEASE!!

    1. Why is it unfair? You (and I) paid 199 a year for Kelby Training. You thought that was a fair price. So they add content from another source and keep the price the same and you feel it is unfair. People pay different prices for the same thing all the time.

      1. I understand you point but respectfully disagree with it. The reason that it is unfair is that similarly situated individuals are being treated differently. When we signed up for Kelby Training we paid $199 for that service. Everyone who wanted that service paid $199. If you wanted NAPP, you paid $99 dollars. When you combine both services into one, you are creating a new product. As a pricing structure you are saying that the customers of one product which has been priced substantially cheaper will be given a lower cost for the new product over those who paid more for the other part. It is the same product and these two sets of existing customers are being treated substantially different. I think it gets even more unfair when you consider those customers who purchased both services. If they bought Kelby Training before joining NAPP then they will pay more than those customers who joined NAPP first. These two categories of customers are identical in the products they purchased but are being treated substantially different. That is unfair to me.

      2. The one part of your argument I do agree with is that the customers who have both a NAPP membership and a Kelby Training membership should get the better of the two deals regardless of the order in which they signed up. Even if they don’t though, they are still getting a lot more content and benefits for the same price they agreed to pay for less. That’s a bargain any way you look at it.

      3. People get treated differently all the time. Hotel room and airfare prices wildly fluctuate from day to day and site to site. All the Kelby team did was increase the value of everyone’s subscription without a price increase. I doubt he could financially make it work to reduce the cost for current kelbytraining subscribers. And he didn’t want to raise the price on NAPP members. I would think that subscribers to both should get the lower price. At least that’s what I would of done.

      4. First I think it is also unfair that airlines and hotels have such confusing and variable price structures. However I don’t think it is a fair comparison. I think a better example would be if two colleges merged and the students from one college got to pay a lower tuition than the students from another college. Same professors, same campus, same education, but the students from one college are required to pay twice what the students from the other college pay. That is unfair in my opinion.

        I do agree with you that the argument is much stronger for those who joined both.

      5. James, people get treated differently all the time. People pay different prices for the same exact product all the time. Have you heard? Life is unfair, learn to live with that fact. Taxes are unfair. One person pays no federal income tax, another pays lots of federal income tax. it’s not fair. Feel free and don’t subscribe to KelbyOne, thats an option you have. If you don’t feel its a good deal, then don’t buy it. I have been a subscriber to both services for some time. I don’t remember which I purchased first but either way, I am saving money! I think it is a good deal for me as I get to save money. If I want to save even more money, I will cancel my subscription and pay nothing! To bad I don’t have that option with my taxes!!!!

      6. Steve … “Have you heard? Life is unfair, learn to live with that fact.” And who are you to shake your finger at someone else (another adult) who has an opinion that is different than yours?

      7. Mary, why do you feel it is acceptable for many people here to shake their finger at Scott but it is unacceptable for me to shake my finger at them? Double Standard?

      8. Steve … no double standard … you missed my point I think. People have a right to state their opinion (respectfully), without being talked down to (disrespectfully). That is my point.

      9. Steve I agree that life can be very unfair. Also in the scheme of injustices in this world, this doesn’t even make the list. But I also know that it never hurts to ask for something (which is what my original post was about). All that someone can do is say no. I also believe that if we see something unfair, we have the right (and responsibility) to point it out. I believe I don’t have to simply live with unfairness. You are correct that one of the options is to not pay for the service. Another option is to express my concern to the company so they may re-evaluate their decision. I hope I have done that in a very respectful way without being negative. That is what I believe the comment section is for.

      10. Steve I agree that life can be very unfair. Also in the scheme of injustices in this world, this doesn’t even make the list. But I also know that it never hurts to ask for something (which is what my original post was about). All that someone can do is say no. I also believe that if we see something unfair, we have the right (and responsibility) to point it out. I believe I don’t have to simply live with unfairness. You are correct that one of the options is to not pay for the service. Another option is to express my concern to the company so they may re-evaluate their decision. I hope I have done that in a very respectful way without being negative. That is what I believe the comment section is for.

      11. I would not say all subscriptions/memberships were increased in value equally. Those who are just NAPP members now have “all” available training, those who were just Kelby Training members received discounts, likely few of which they would actually use and many which are available otherwise (even many of the books can be picked up at the same or even lower price than the NAPP discount) and a discount to Photoshop World which they may or may not use. Based on that it is pretty easy to argue NAPP members are getting the better end of the deal by far for $100 less.
        That said, ask yourself, if you joined Kelby training and Kelby media the same day or a day apart and in each scenario you joined Kelby training first; taken “literally” based on statements made by Scott and others, you would pay $199 to renew.
        First Comparing Products to a membership or subscription is not a apples to apples comparison. Second I need to ask you if either of the above scenarios fit your personal situation, would you feel it was fair?
        The above said, I suspect things will be modified, I suspect Scott will take a step back and reflect on the points being made, especially for those who belong to both, and respond in a positive way.

      12. After a month James, I see neither you or any member of Kelby Media had a answer to this. I will now state, I had frankly felt NAPP membership value has decreased with time. Adding training classes from Kelby Training does not increase the value, that much and the short time I did subscribe, I found it pretty worthless to me personally. I get more out of the books that watching somebody speed through various lessons
        Most discounts are not used or available otherwise (especially if you already have software from say OnOne) There is an insistence the Midwest is not worth a Photoshop World, why, not because of Hotel Rooms, but because of money, they feel such would not be well attended (yes I did ask once). Now I see some members being treated differently than others, so while I could renew for $99, I allowed my membership to lapse. The reason is about personal value and the fact nobody from NAPP address a scenario similar to what I posted, including on the NAPP site itself. This is worse than what Adobe pulled, but Adobe did listen and basically corrected themselves.

  10. I like the idea in principle, but I’m not sure that you are treating your Kelby Training subscribers fairly. NAPP members get a $99 rate, but Kelby Training members must pay twice the price for the same service. Kelby Training subscribers have been providing $199 annual revenue to the company, and NAPP members have been providing $99 annually. It seems like you are treating your best customers shabbily. Price discrimination is a tricky game to play in a marketing mix. I suspect there may be some backlash, and probably rightfully so. I’ll be grandfathered in at the $99 price, but if I was only a Kelby Training subscriber I wouldn’t be happy. You have 3 very different price points for the exact same service. Good luck keeping everyone happy.

    1. Michael,

      I think I would have to agree with you on this. I’ve been a member of both since like 2008. I honestly can’t remember which one I signed up for first, and the Kelbytraining website doesn’t allow me to go that far back to see which one I subscribed to first. But I totally see where you are coming from. Kelbytrainnig subscribers pay a significant amount more, so for those subscribers to continue paying more than a NAPP member doesn’t make sense….I think you put it best. You can’t make everybody happy….Not sure what they will do about this situation…

      1. I found where you can see your original subscription dates. If you go to and open up the account management page you’ll see in the top left corner the dates that you have been with both NAPP and KelbyTraining.

        I too was concerned but I was lucky enough to subscribe to NAPP ahead of KelbyTraining so I screenshot that page to make sure I have it just in case.

      2. Joseph,
        I’ve been a member of both since 2008. The account section of kelbytraining doesn’t go back that far. I know where your are supposed to go to find the info, it just doesn’t go back that far in time. Thanks for trying to help though. Furthermore, kelbytraining is now being redirected to and due to the overload of puerile trying to access the site, you can’t get to anything.

    2. If the apparent inequitable price structure stands there will be tons of people bailing out. My current subscriptions expire in May. I’ll decide then if i want to renew. I’m guessing I will not since they don’t even offer a kiss with this……deal. I’m hoping it’s just not being explained well.

    3. I would be inclined to agree with you, but I imagine that when NAPP and Kelby Training sat down to discuss things from an economic standpoint, they looked at membership numbers for each service. Offering a $150 discount to the existing NAPP members projected to continue as grandfathered in and a $50 discount to existing KT members projected to continue as grandfathered in was obviously what they deemed feasible for the two entities to combine and continue offering their services. Economics is what it is.

    4. Michael, thanks for your thoughts. Our hope and vision is that we will make everybody more than happy by offering a larger community and more training resources than ever before, covering more topics, and by providing the highest cinematic production values anywhere. It’s natural that people getting grandfathered in will make comparisons, but we believe we are giving members a great deal even at the full subscription rate!

      1. You’re missing the point. People who have both subscriptions and happened to have subscribed to Kelby Training first are grandfathered in at an annual renewal that is twice that of someone who only has a NAPP subscription or who has both and happened to subscribed to NAPP first.

      2. I imagine that when NAPP and Kelby Training sat down to discuss things from an economic standpoint, they looked at membership numbers for each service. Offering a $150 discount to the existing NAPP members projected to continue as grandfathered in and a $50 discount to existing KT members projected to continue as grandfathered in, it was obviously what they deemed feasible for the two entities to combine and continue offering their services. Economics is what it is and we all wish we could have a crystal ball.

      3. Yeah I read that the first time you posted it two hours ago. The point still remains one group of people are paying twice what another group is paying for the same exact product.

      4. Brea, The two entities are both owned by Kelby, run out of the same building. This is not a case of two distinct businesses merging, it is a consolidation of products at best. Many of the Kelby subscribers found great value in joining NAPP after taking part in Kelby Training and or a live class / Photoshop world. Personally, I extended both memberships through 2015 at a slight discount last summer during a Joe McNally live training. I will have paid 5x what I could be paying if I were only a NAPP member paying annually.

      5. By trying to make everyone happy you have made only the existing NAPP members happy. The other two-thirds (Kelby Training existing members and new members) unhappy. NAPP members should be grandfathered in until their subscription expires. Then everyone pays one price.

    5. I have been a faithful subscriber for over one year, a NAPP member for over six months, paid for and attended PSW in Orlando, have prepaid for PSW in Atlanta 2014 and attended four (4) one-day Kelby Training Live seminars all over the past year. I also renewed in advance and paid for an entire extra year of just a few weeks ago during the holiday discount specials.

      That said, I am very disappointed to find out that simply because I subscribed to before joining NAPP – both of which were *months* before KelbyOne was announced, that I will now be forced to renew annually at the former pricing structure – simply because I joined KelbyTraining first?

      This is inequitable at best; a seemingly socialist approach – why should former subscribers “float” the expense of KelbyOne for NAPP-only subscribers?

      I really respected Scott for his honesty and seemingly ethical and equitable business practices, but why not come up with a SINGLE fee structure that is based on the total average selling price of gross sales for all NAPP and subscribers (e.g. ~$125/year)?

      Folks – this is sad because Kelby has so much to offer and I thought he was a man of integrity and equitable practices – I was not expecting this. I hope enough speak up and out to pursuade the Kelby Media Group to reconsider the renewal pricing structure for those who had BOTH subscriptions. If they do not revise this, I will simply not renew on the basis of ethics and will likely be asking American Express to pursue a credit for the (yet) unused year of and my prepaid admission for PSW.

      1. I definitely understand your concern, but i challenge one comment you made. You said, “I thought [Scott] was a man of integrity”. This, in the context of the paragraph in which you stated iti mplies that you no longer feel the same way.

        As a longtime follower/reader of Scott Kelby, I KNOW that he is a man of integrity, and I imagine you do too. Please don’t take shots at a man’s character due to being unhappy with his INITIAL decision on how to price a never before seen product.

        I have a feeling the renewal pricing structure will change to $99 for all subscribers of NAPP, and possibly all subscribers of both tools, because I have seen how Kelby media responds to customer feedback in the past. But whether it changes or not, Scott is still a man of great Christian character.

        Just my 2 cents.

      2. Point taken. Let’s all hope though that you are right and that he can see through what appears to be influence from others within his organization that are driving less than equitable business decisions.

      3. Seems Kelby Media is not responding to customer feedback the way they used to and this is not living up to the character you described. I was actually drawn to spend/invest more money with this organization upon reading his books’ acknowledgements section and discovering his walk of faith. Sad this is all falling upon deaf ears this time.

        I contacted the Kelby Media Group and suggested that above anything they could do as an organization regarding this, they should at least read all of the now close to 500 comments on this blog post and respond to them with something other than a representative reiterating the new pricing terms the day of the announcement followed by silence. I stated that it would behoove them to address this publicly.

    1. I’m pretty sure the Kelby Media servers are on overload right now. Probably will be for some time. I think all of the Kelby Media sites may be hosted on the same server….

      1. And I’m a single parent exploring my faith in the art of photography to tell you the truth now I would rather have kelby one than spending money a lot with creativelive 79 199 49 99 while I can have all sort of great info for less and variety not only what I purchased thank you Scott the little people love ya !!!

  11. Kelby so if I want to renew before June my both membership let’s say my NAPP I got it first so my membership will be the same cost ? And I will be able to access my kelby training just the same?

    1. When you are up for renewal you will pay the price of whichever you were a member of first, $99 if you were a NAPP member first or $199 if you were a Kelby Training subscriber first. This will be the pricing that is in effect next time you renew, but it isn’t retroactive to previous renewals.

      1. I have both and NAPP was my first than a month later I got kelby cannot express the happiness ,,, specially being a start up

      2. Thanks Brad!! Still a great deal, just thought I would check since I am a subscriber to both.

      3. Brad,

        How can you tell which you were a member of first? I joined back in 2008. And have been a loyal member since. But I can’t remember if I was a Kelbytraining subscriber first or NAPP member first to be honest….When I log into my kelbytraining account, the purchase history doesn’t go that far back in time….Any ideas? Also, I would read the comment by Michael Weeks….I think he makes a valid point.

        I do believe this is an awesome value either way. I’m not complaining. I know a lot of people will voice their opinion on this and I’m sure the site will be slammed for a while. It’s impossible to please everybody.

      4. Brad, I was a NAPP member first, but my NAPP membership will expire before my KT membership expires. How will this work for me?

      5. Brad – I just renewed my KT subscription unnecessarily when I still had 12 months left on my NAPP subscription. My loyalty just cost me a the price of an extra year with higher renewal rates down the road. That is my reward for purchasing both subscriptions.

      6. so… if someone just joined NAPP last week, they get the renewal at $99?
        and although I think its a great deal since I’ll save on my NAPP membership, as a member of both KT and NAPP (joining KT first) I’m paying $199?

  12. Well, I am getting a bit irritated since I pay for a service that right now I can not use – your site does not seem to want to upload – really guys? Is this the Obama Care rollout team??? ;-)

  13. At the end of November, I paid up both NAPP & Kelby Training to expire in December 2015. I would like to know that I am receiving credit for paying for both. It would seem fair to have the membership to KelbyOne extend beyond December 2015. I am very supportive of this new concept.

    1. Lol. Same boat here, while going forward I am happy happy happy that I was a NAPP member first, I would like to know the answer to the “what if I just renewed both NAPP and Kelby Training last monnth?” question.

      1. I would hope that someone from KelbyOne would contact people like me and indicate that, since I was a NAPP member (since 2007) prior to a KT member, that I would get full credit for the $556 I have already paid factored on $99/year until I have exhausted my credit. From that point forward, I would then pay the agreed upon price for KelbyOne.

    2. That’s exactly what I thought. It kinda feels like it’s being ignored, we’ve paid for both NAPP and KT. Now, one of both membership gets ignored.
      Scott, I really like seeing you’re excited about this news. However, quite a lot of people seem not so excited. As I see it, there are mainly two groups not being overly happy:
      – KT members who became NAPP members later
      – Dual members who lost one payment, as only one membership will be credited for the KelbyOne membership.
      I really wish that in a couple of weeks/months there will be a post “We’re listening…” similar to “Adobe is listening…” after a big discussion here on your blog.

  14. Am I understanding this right? Since I had Kelby Training first then joined NAPP later for the last couple of years I am locked into an annual renewal for Kelby One at the $199 for life. But if I only had NAPP membership I would be locked into a lifetime annual renewal for Kelby one at $99? A C-note difference? This can’t be right.

      1. yeah I’m soooo much better off now. Instead of saving. One group is paying $99 for the same thing I will, if I renew pay $199 for. Yeah sounds just dandy

      2. People pay different prices for the same thing all the time. Airplane tickets, hotel rooms, etc.

  15. Are all the magazines offered in print form, or just Apple format? I don’t have any apple equipment. I know, this sounds like a complaint, but it is a real question for me. thanks Dennis.

    1. I get Photoshop User as a print service that shows up in the snail mail. I believe the digital version is offered through Zinnio service which may or may not have apps on various devices but is also viewable via a desktop.

      1. I already had the Zinio app on my phone and the desktop version – and then I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Initially I could not get Zinio downloaded for Kindle even though it came up in a search (Zinio for Kindle) but if you do a google search for Zinio for Kindle – there are clear and easy to follow instructions for getting it installed – and I can verify it works perfectly on the Kindle as well.

  16. I’m having trouble accessing the login window of the new site in Safari running Mavericks.
    It is appearing slightly off the bottom of my screen and does not scroll.

  17. I’ve always wondered if NAPP members were going to get some kind of deal/offer to have access to Kelby Training. I just never imagined I get it at no extra cost! I couldn’t afford to have subscriptions to both so I always just kept my NAPP membership. Occasionally, I’d get a freebie access to Kelby. Its great stuff. I’m glad its all in one place. Now I don’t have to choose! Thank you!

  18. I was both a Napp (first) and a KT subscriber for years before I took a hiatus from my photography last year to focus on earning my architecture license. Of course, I’m kicking myself for not getting in on the $99 deal by keeping my Napp membership current, but when I renew at $249 (after that final exam), I will still be getting a smoking deal on the best photography and Photoshop training on the planet. What’s not to love? THANK YOU!!

    1. Thanks for the support! We can’t wait to have you back onboard with us. We have lots of new exciting features planned this year at KelbyOne!

      1. You are only replying to the people who are NAPP members only , I don’t know which I joined first but if it was Kelby and I get to pay the higher price I will not renew, I have supported Kelby Training for some time now and the people who only supported NAPP get a discount and clog up our site , Thanks Kelby I just don’t get the logic here! : (

  19. So how long will this grandfather price be for? Forever? Im talking long-term. I have been with companies like adobe since before the creative suite, have had a lynda subscription for 6 years now…. What I am wondering, is if that grandfather price will expire in a few years. If so I would rather pre-pay for say 10 years now

    1. As far as we know, the grandfather price will stay the same for the foreseeable future. Can’t legally say “forever,” but we don’t currently have plans to change it.

  20. YeaaaOuch! I see this going the same way as the Adobe CC subscription roll-out. mass confusion begin! I dropped a co-subscription of Kelby Training and NAPP just over 2 months ago. I DEFINITELY was a subscriber to Kelby Training way before I tried NAPP for one year. Just for giggles, I checked if I could renew my NAPP and it would let me for $99! (I passed on the renewal subscription.) I think it is a great deal for NAPP members but a bummer for the Kelby Trainer users. Like I said … Adobe CC all over again. At least the comments should be fun to read again!

    1. Would love to be a fly on the wall in the main offices at KT. I can’t imagine, after the Adobe CC mess, that this wasn’t seen as going down the same path traveled by Adobe. Maybe in the end, this was all planned out to make a “buzz” around the web??? Maybe Adobe wasn’t so dumb and now KT decided to follow the same path as a sly fox!

  21. Common guys its unfair, I had Kelby Training for 2 years now, and got NAPP membership in this summer, initially didn’t want to renew Kelby training in the summer but than I did. And now because of that I apparently screwed my self over and have to pay a higher price, Common not fair!!!
    You need to make it $99 for people who have both.

    1. Victor,
      How are you paying more? Your price, as far as I can figure, will be the same price that you have been paying for the past two years with the added benefits that used to be exclusive to NAPP members only while putting that $99 back in your pocket? Did you feel screwed when you weren’t receiving NAPP benefits or when you started paying $99 more for both? Seems like you are complaining about saving $99 a year.

      1. Well I was really were only plan on staying with NAPP for 99$ a year after my Kelby training membership will expire but now I have to pay $199, just because I used to have a kelby training which I dont really use anymore right now.
        I’m not complaining about 99 a year I am complaining about paying extra 99 a year.

  22. I’ve been following Scott Kelby and the Kelby Media family for several years and feel that they have always had their members’ best interest in mind. However, in this case, I have to agree with others. This price split between NAPP and Kelby Training members doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure you know your numbers and decided it needed to be done, but I would have been happier to hear that there was one new price of say $149 for everyone. I’m a member of both (Kelby Training first). I joined NAPP this fall and subscribed for 2 years. That exceeds my Kelby Training membership, which will end in November 2014. So then what? Do I need to renew? Or will my 2 year NAPP membership carry me beyond that point. This is something I didn’t see answered in the Q&A. Overall, I love the idea. It will allow Kelby Media to put all its resources into one great plan, but I find this pricing structure along with the caveat of which plan you signed up to first determining your future price frustrating and uncharacteristic of a decision the Kelby Media group would make.

  23. found out about this on facebook- but the site kept not loading. had to close facebook and then access site through regular web browqser. what gives?

  24. Hope they have some kind of refund or time extension for people with both that renewed recently. I subscribe to both and just renewed NAPP yesterday. If I waited a day I could have saved myself $99.

  25. You guys ought to have learned the lessons Adobe learned and thought this out to a point of coming up with a standard charge somewhere in between the NAPP and Kelby Media charges, that would not create a financial burden on your company.

    When one group is getting a bargain for $99, another pays $199 and only sees a few NAPP benefits added (mostly discounts), and everyone down the road pays $249.00; there is no way this will not translate into controversy similar to what Adobe faced. This stuff does not blow over easily. There is little doubt those whom will pay $99 are getting a great deal and there is no doubt a lot of others will probably feel cheated and if you think about it, it should be apparent why.

    Wish you guys the best, but being nice and trying to please all, usually gets one into to trouble with one group or the other, especially when the difference is $100-150.

    1. Steve,
      Exactly what Adobe lesson are you referring to? The one where they had an actual increase in sales after moving to the cloud model? I think you are letting the facts get obscurred by the few noisey voices yelling “FOUL”. True, there were some discontented folks who were not happy with Adobe for giving some customers better pricing than others but in the end it is a better overall deal for the masses with a bit of an appreciative price break to the loyal past customers.

      1. Not at all, Adobe first offered the better deal for Photographers for those owning back to I believe CS5; that caused a loud noise from those owning earlier versions and Adobe backed off. That right there may have increased sales.
        Also there was certainly the initial perception (right or wrong) that Adobe was favoring Graphics Arts customers over Photographers. Here Kelby Media is giving the perception they favor those who first were NAPP members over those just taking training. Again Jeff, this is a perception easy to obtain.
        Please reread my post, all I did was state the obvious and maybe I felt the parallel was more clear, sorry it does not seem to be to you.
        So lets look at this from a logical point of view. I would venture to guess, most people paying for Kelby Training “themselves” were first NAPP members and thus it is a moot point. I would also venture to guess Most Kelby Media “only” members have that membership paid for by their employer. I suspect very few are actually paying for Kelby media themselves (except naturally some are as a cost of doing business) as compared to the group that is employer paid. As far as that goes a lot of those who are NAPP members have it paid by their employer. So what I am driving at, one can reason offering all current members of either group the same price for a limited time, might not hurt their bottom line that much. But then maybe it would, only they know.
        As a matter of point, I can do this for $99, but anyone that cannot see the other side is missing or has missed the point. A backlash to this is predictable and it will only be a few voices because only a few (as compared to the total) are likely personally affected, but they will be loud and I can understand why.
        Adobe still has a good revenue source because they are the only game in town and because most realize the rental model is going to happen period with more than just Adobe.
        Personally I believe the change is probably OK and some type of change most definitely has been needed for at least a couple of years, but it still is my opinion the pricing was not well thought out. That said, the change may make me decide to renew a membership I was very strongly considering not renewing.

  26. Wow… what a disappointment. I mean, for people like me who supported Kelbytraining by paying for both KT and NAPP but who started with KT, we’re getting rewarded with a price twice as high as anyone who just paid 99$. Leaves an even more bitter taste if you renewed both in December. Where’s the logic? I don’t get it. I’ll probably think twice before renewing next time. Sorry KelbyOne, I really like your classes but this is not the right way to treat customers…

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Both of my subscriptions run through the end of 2014. My reward for the next twelve months is paying for two services and then converting to the more expensive of the two. Pretty lousy.

    2. Agreed. Been a Kelby member for 4 years and a Napp for 3. …and I am rewarded by paying for both this year (I just renewed on cyber monday) and in the future… I’ll get to pay the higher rate. ? thanks guys, but please re think this

      As you said – you were listening to members to come up with One, listen to us now. There is competition out there. Please dont treat us loyal customers this way.

  27. Sounds like a great deal for existing customers, but a bit steep for new customers. I was a NAPP member for years but let it drop the last year because I wasn’t thrilled with the Adobe CC
    subscription model, and feared most of the training and info would have be geared toward CC. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    But looking to get new customers to sign up for both training and to PS (those people who will probably want the training most), may be a bit hard. They would need to pay $249 for Kelby One, plus $240 for a year subscription to Photoshop (for someone new and not eligible for the upgrade price). That’s a total of $489 a year. For some the benefit will outweigh the cost, but for other users/ companies, I think they may consider opting out the training subscription, or possibly even both if possible. Time will tell, but hopefully it is a success.

      1. They should just make it $9.99. They gave a window, which I signed up at the last minute to lock in- but have no plans to use CC at the current time. Yet they expanded that window until Feb 28. I wish they would just set a rate and keep it at that, instead of these “deals” trying to snag you.

      1. Aside from businesses, I don’t know anyone who paid $700 for PS. They always had incentives, whether it was upgrading from Elements or a deal with LR. They always seemed to have a deal that allowed you to get it for somewhere between $200-300. And if you were a student, you could also get it at a discounted rate.
        In regards to the Kelby deal, I do agree it’s a great deal, more so for NAPP users. But overall, I am not sure how they will grow. Yes, I think they will keep the members they have, but at $250 for a new user is a much larger price-tag. To sign up for NAPP, it would cost $99 a year or $180 for two- plus they always threw in incentives when signing up- such as a book or dvd for one year, or one of each, for a two year sign up. That offset a big part of the subscription. I don’t know if they will have similar deals under this new model- but I think a lot more prospective buyers will think longer at $250. Indeed, a lot is being offered in the subscription. Or a user could sign up for just a few months out of the year- and try to cram as much training as they need, and then unsubscribe. I am just not sure if I see the opportunity for revenue to grow over the years- unless you get new customers on board. And think that will be harder at $250 on top of now having to subscribe to Photoshop- instead of buying a license and stretching that over a few upgrades. But again, who knows, maybe it will be a success, but I do have some reservations about it.

  28. Wow, if you are a member of both you are now saving between 99 and 199. If you are a member of either one you now get both at the price you are currently paying. And, if by some chance you don’t want both, your fee doesn’t change at all. What is not to like. Way to go Scott — Mike E

  29. This is a terrible idea and saddens me. I was on the fence for a NAPP membership (fully understanding what the $99 bought) and now its $249 ($300) for way more than I want or really care for. You guys really didn’t think this through from our side of the equation.

    I’m hoping Kelby will rethink this just like Adobe did for the $19.99 CC offering eventually being offered for $9.99.

  30. As someone who is a member of both, I think it’s awesome. It’s actually SAVING me money. There will always be whiners. I think it’s incredibly generous for both NAPP and Kelby Training members to be able to keep their same renewal rate, and get the benefits of the other program, too. If you chose to pay and renew Kelby training, then now you’re getting more. Quit whining and be grateful for the added benefits, and stop being haters to previous NAPP members. THANK YOU SCOTT!

    1. So according to you those of us who have an annual renewal rate $100 higher for the same product than others should be grateful for the privilege?

      1. You were going to renew or not renew at that rate anyway for Kelby training. If you don’t like the price anymore, when you haven’t lost any benefits, and have gained a lot of benefits, then that’s your decision. Stop whining – “WAH, WAH, it’s not fair!!!”

      2. Yes – you should be grateful that they didn’t say that your next renewal would now be $249. They could have made that business decision as well, but decided to grandfather current members in FOR LIFE. I think it’s awesome.

  31. To Scott and everyone at Kelby training, this is a great move. Thanks for finally doing this and most of all, thank you for providing so many quality classes on your site.
    Personally, I think $249 for ALL this is a very good price. However, it’s the grandfather process that I feel a bit annoyed. I do think it is unfair and that NAPP members are getting the same thing at a fraction of the cost (forever). Will this kill me? not really, but it’s the feeling that gets me and feeling (or perception) as you know is important. I’m sure you’ve thought about this a lot, but please do consider the grandfather pricing again. Are there other alternatives?
    ALL grandfathered in at $99 or $150 lifetime
    NAPP/KT members gets grandfathered in for $99 first 3 years and $150 thereafter
    Just jotting down a few possible ideas.
    Thanks Scott, as always, for being inspirational, thoughtful and being way ahead of us.

  32. I have to say, this will keep me with Napp/KelbyOne. I was going to let my membership lapse but this will keep me a member. In the last year, I just wasn’t getting much out of NAPP despite what it had to offer. This changes the game for me. It’s good for me …. and it’s good for you, too.

  33. Hey Scott, this is awesome. My Kelby Training was set to expire next week, but my NAPP wasn’t set to expire till October. And, since I’ve been a NAPP member since 2006, I get to keep it. WooHoo!!!

  34. I think its a very generous gesture, the NAPP members may be seen as getting the better deal, but hey, everybody who is a NAPP member or a KT subscriber is getting more than they signed up for at no extra cost to them. If you signed up for either recently, then you must have thought it was worth the money, and now you are getting more!

  35. Thanks, Scott. I think this is absolutely fantastic. I’m a KT member so I will be paying the $199 and feel just fine about it. I agreed to that expense and I plan for it. I’m okay with it. I don’t begrudge the NAPP folks their $99. Good for them. You give us so many free things whenever we attend a workshop or watch The Grid. How can we complain?

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! We like to think that whether you are a current subscriber of Kelby Training or NAPP, you are getting many more benefits today and going forward than you were yesterday!

  36. Yey! ??Wait, did my birthday present to myself last month just backfire and turn awesome at the same time? I am so happy happy/sad!?

    So since, I just renewed NAPP in December 2013 and I decided to splurge and re-start my KT subscription also in December, then membership for KelbyOne would expire 12/31/14 and I paid for both subscriptions… Whereas if a brand new customer purchases a year subscription today it would expire 1/31/15 and they have paid less than the two subscriptions?!

    I know going forward the grandfathered in thing is awesome but that double payment missing it by a month still hurts.

    I would think a reasonable solution would be to at least credit existing dual-membership holders for the difference between the two plans for grandfathered members …. $99 for NAPP + $179 for KT w/ NAPP discount…is $80 so under the new pricing structure that’s like 3 or 4 months right? Now I don’t have a crystal ball (or I’d be ridiculously wealthy and not complain) but if I had only renewed my NAPP I would have saved myself almost $200!…conversely I guess existing KT members who added NAPP would have only saved $100…huh now I have so confused myself…. soo happy and confused and bummed all at the same time…maybe coffee will help clear this up for me….

    BUT! All of my confusion aside~ A big THANK YOU to NAPP/KT/KelbyOne for continuing to offer these lovely services :D

  37. For people (like myself) who have both a NAPP and KelbyTraining subscription, how is this a good deal? I pay $99/year for NAPP and $179/year for KelbyTraining after NAPP discount, so I am paying $278/year. And my NAPP subscription is good until June 2017. Somehow it would seem a better deal for me to cancel my subscription, get a full refund for the unused time, and then resubscribe at $250/year. I will save about $30 a year. And my NAPP membership is for 6 months past the end of my KelbyTraining membership, so what would my renewal rate be, the last subscription (NAPP) to expire, or the first one I signed up for (KelbyTraining)? Because when I rerew, I will only be a NAPP member. So confusing, so frustrating, and for those of us who had both NAPP and KelbyTraining, a feeling we have been overpaying and will continue to overpay! Why are you not treating your best customers with respect!

    1. Why not just cancel the KT and continue with the NAPP? That way you would only pay the NAPP for $99 (or $179 for two years) and still get it all? At least you get two years more at reduced price. When time to renew … they probably will have folded like Adobe CC and just have one price for all. (I think they are doing the same thing as Adobe here – maybe on purpose???)

    2. Reading the Q&A, existing members of both will not have to pay for both, just whichever one you signed up for first and your combined subscription ends when the later subscription ends.

      So from your description you’ve got $199/yr and your current combined subscription ends when your NAPP ends.

      1. The KT site doesn’t exist anymore. I redirects to the new site. When you log in to the new site, it only shows one subscription… not both.

      2. Now I just got redirected! Looks like they are changing stuff around as everyone is blasting the site!

  38. I have NAPP and Kelby Training and I just extended Kelby Training out through the end of 2015. Will my remaining time of both be added together or am I being screwed our of half of my paid subscriptions for being a loyal customer of both? Also, I’m not sure which I joined first but we’re going to have an issue if you don’t renew me at $99 since I’ve been a NAPP member for years.

  39. I think people who are complaining are confused. If you thought that the Kelby Training was great and worth $199 a year then you still get the training for $199 a year plus the benefit of NAPP membership and more. If you wanted to be a NAPP member that means you joined a professional organization for the benefits of being in a group like that and you thought that $99 a year was a good price and had great benefits like discounts and perks. Your newest perk is that you are now a KT subscriber, plus more new benefits. You got the perks you were looking for as a professional association member. The training subscribers and the professional association members were two different, distinct groups. If you weren’t interested in being in a professional group then don’t get the perk of the $99 grandfather renewal like the loyal members did. Those people are getting what they paid for and so are you. No one is losing any benefit or having anything taken away from them. You may feel hurt that you didn’t think it was worth it to be in a professional association so you never joined and now you don’t get the $99 price, but there is nothing Kelby can do about that and they aren’t treating you unfairly — they are rewarding the members just like they are rewarding their training subscribers with a NAPP membership.

    1. I think people are having an issue with starting with Kelby Training, then joining NAPP. They’re locked out of the NAPP renewal price. I think most of the issues would be resolved by saying that you can renew at the lower of the two ($99) if you were subscribed to both regardless of which you started first at.

      I also disagree, a great many people use both sites. It was greatly encouraged through marketing and promotions. So they really are not distinct groups all that much. We will never see the details but I would suspect, based on following this for years, that the majority of members of KT also are NAPP members. The question is which did they sign up for first.

    2. My issue is that I’m a member of both sites but because I joined KT first I dont get grandfathered in at the better price.
      Yet someone who joined NAPP just a couple of days ago gets a renewal of $99!

  40. Joined NAPP in dec 2013 with a 40% discount and 1 month of Kelby Training for 19,99 usd for first month (just wanted one “trial month). How can I not love this new deal :-) 99 usd for ALL THAT!!!! :-))

  41. So, overall, this is awesome. One thing that isn’t covered in the pricing break down is this: I’m a monthly KT subscriber and a NAPP member. I think that I’ve been doing the monthly KT longer than my NAPP membership though. If that’s the case, where do I stand when it comes to renewing?

    2 other points. I’m so psyched to hear about the app being updated/fixed! That thing hasn’t functioned right in years! and maybe it’s just me these days, but I still prefer going to an app than a website for this kind of material.

    And lastly. Since it is barely over a month since all of your cyber monday deals where a lot of people renewed both earlier than they needed to in order to get in on deals, maybe you might consider doing some kind of reimbursement or extended membership for a couple of months for those subscribers only as a one time thing? To me that seems fair, and I’m not even one of the people who re-upped since cyber monday.

    1. one last thing I forgot to mention. I know nothing is working at the moment because of super high traffic. But, when I did get the home page to load, I noticed that the login button was dead and didn’t work. And that the old url was redirected to keblyone, as well as So, now nothing is working?

      1. never mind. the link is no longer dead it seems. Still waiting to login though! :-)

  42. This deal is fantastic!! I’ve done both NAPP and Kelby Training for years, and this year I just couldn’t afford to keep Kelby Training, but I couldn’t bear to see my magazine disappear either. I’m so glad I get to watch all these wonderful classes again!

    To all the haters out there about the “grandfather in” issue, there are so many people that love this deal we crashed their servers. Also, if you were happy paying one price, then you just got a lot more for that price.

  43. Ok you can’t get a Photography class for $250 at most
    community collages… what does a weekend workshop cost for some of the people
    you can watch on Kelby training? So far
    o-by being a NAPP member Thanks to a friend of mine and a Kelby Training
    subscriber. I have learned how to build
    a website, use word press, how to shoot and HDR images Thanks RC, master hot
    shoe flash from Joe McNally and how to light a Car from Tim Wallace… plus much
    more for me that’s worth the $250 price; happily I have been a NAPP member for
    a long time. My goal for this year it
    to watch all of the KT session I can this year, I always get solid information good
    tips from them.

  44. With this pricing plan I’m glad I was a NAPP member before subscribing to Kelby Training, still I wish I hadn’t recently paid and renewed the Kelby Training subscription. Better renew my NAPP membership so I can remain grandfathered and eventually get both for one low price… in a almost a year from now when the kelby training subscription runs out.

    Interesting pricing plan, but still nicer in the long run for current NAPP members.

  45. Ok…I get that they are now merged…but I have been a NAPP member since 2004 and a Kelby Training member for a couple of years. This means that I’m paying more than double for the service that someone else is getting for only the $99 NAPP membership fee ($179 for a 2 year membership). Actually, my NAPP membership expires before my KT membership because I subscribed for two years to KT. SO…how is this a bargain for me? Please help me do the math.

    1. Q. What if I have both?
      A. You can renew at whichever membership you had first. So, if you were a NAPP member, and you later joined Kelby Training, you can renew at the NAPP price. If you joined Kelby Training first, then you’d renew at the Kelby Training price instead.

      So it looks like you get to renew at NAPP price and your current membership ends at time your KT membership ends

      1. Lol, I don’t work for them, I just have both the subscriptions and actually managed to log-in earlier before the site slowed down to slug pace to see what it says on my account. Looks like they merged the two accounts ok, though purchases through NAPP prior to last year appear to not have made it over in the history. BUT the subscription info was right.

  46. Looks like you created your on version of the Adobe CC fiasco. I think the fair thing would have been to have split the difference with KT and NAPP memberships. Give it to existing customers for 149.99 per month. This may actually effect my renewal decission, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth since I paid for both and now those that took the cheaper road and only paid for the lesser NAPP membership get the best discount. Surley you had to think this was going to be an issue with people.

  47. Just like the Adobe mess… the customers will get the final votes with their wallets. Again you should have split the difference and gave it to current members of both for 150 per year and made everyone happy. You just aleinated half of your customers probally.

  48. Brad, you will not be able to explain this logically AND financially to anyone who has dual memberships.

    Tell you what. Give up and I won’t mention Kelby Media not being able to find a decent Android app programmer for at least 2 years when there are a few here in California in need of work.

  49. I was a member of Kelby Training until the fall of last year when it expired. My NAPP expired a few months previous to that. I had planned on renewing both at the beginning of the year but then saw the “big announcement” banners on Facebook. I chose to hold off on renewing in the event that something better was coming. Unfortunately, it’s the same content that I could have gotten at a much better price had I actually subscribed when I was about to renew. This pricing model would have been much more fair if everyone were going to pay the $249 when it’s time to renew. Like many people here, it just doesn’t seem fair that some people get everything for $99 and some for $199. Others like me who supported these sites in previous years and are coming back get stuck with a much higher price.I thought there was a lesson learned from Adobe but I guess not.

  50. When I do get logged on I can’t find the training videos. The sorting is terrible. You should be able to find by instructor or subject. I had to scroll forever to find a Jay Maisel video or one by Matt K or Moose. The old KT was really easy to navigate. With so much content it would be nice to get around a little easier. Hopefully in time the will have demos on how to use the site.

    This is a nice surprise and I’m sure it will work out.


  51. I’m ready to rent a training to see what this is all about before committing, but the site won’t allow me to finish the transaction…I’ve inputted my information several times and it doesn’t offer me a way to “close the deal”. Is this feature not available yet?

  52. It sounds like $149 would be a nice balance in price and value for the NAPP and KelbyTraining subscribers. I would likely stay a member for life at $149 and continue to spread the good word about Kelby Media to family, friends, and co-workers.

  53. Why is it unfair?

    1. You provided access to KelbyOne to everyone who has a membership to either. In the case of memebrship to both they now have 2 memberships to KelbyOne and there will be concurrent overlap. So now they are, by your rules, paying twice during the concurrency for the same product.
    2. When the first subscription ends, they still have access to KelbyOne thru the 2nd subscription. But if the first was NAPP, then they will have to pay a lot more to renew upon the end of the 2nd. If they choose to renew when the first (NAPP) expires then they are paying less but overlapping the KT subscription period.
    3. Kelby Media changed the rules. In doing so they lowered the price of NAPP + KT to $99 for some and more for others. It shouldn’t matter what you signed up for first, but only what you have when the rules were changed.
    4. The rule change treats people differently. If they don’t like being treated that way can they get $$$ back by cancellling. They didn’t change the rules, KMedia did.

    5. Everyone at KMedia should have realized the backlash that would occur. But you went ahead with it anyway (no Federal logic implied). Beaucoup trust issues are now running rampant from the feedback seen here as not everyone will benefit positively to your decision to change the rules. If you subscribed to both then ($99+199=$298), new subscibers can have it for $249.

    1. Why is it fair, because anyone who was a member to either service is not having their fees increased and are getting additional services thrown in to boot. If you are subscribing to both, guess what? You actually get a reduction in what you were paying per year. Yeah, that’s not fair at all. Damn you Kelby 1 for putting money back in my pocket.

      1. I think they are looking for a price guarantee, like many other places have. I think the whole kerfuffle could be resolved quite easily:

        1. If you have active membership in NAPP and KT then you get NAPP renewal regardless of which came first.
        2. If you re-upped/started a KT+NAPP where your purchase price > current KO price then your subscription is extended until the amount you paid per month average is the KO going price.
        3. If someone is a KT only subscriber, then no change.

      2. Dear Jeff, for the month of Feb 2014, I have paid for both NAPP and KT and in return will be getting K1 ($99/12 ==> their price rules). Therefore for a concurrent payment for both (($99 + $199) /12) I am getting K1. So how is this fair? No extension was offered; no rebate offered.

        Thus my subscription to both has been devalued using their rules of change.

      3. Have you talked to customer service because I think you are incorrect on your assessment of how your current monies will be applied. There was not any information given in the video or in the Q&A that addresses how your current monies will be applied so you should check with them before just assuming that you are losing out.

      4. OK Jeff, if a person subscribed to KT on Monday, but decided on Tuesday he might as well be a NAPP member too; his renewal, per multiple statements from NAPP or Kelby individuals would be $199.00, but if he reversed the order and had signed up for NAPP first, his renewal would be $99.00. Please tell me and everyone what is fair about that.
        This is the point you were missing all day. Most are not concerned about the cost difference if you belonged to one or the other, it is about the cost difference a small group of members of both services will see.
        Personally I believe they will address that issue, but it still throughout yesterday was stated more than once that the order in which you joined dictates the renewal cost. They have said what they said, but they can stop and like you certainly need to do, take a deep breath and say oops, we need to fix this.

  54. I have a monthly subscription, fortunately it’s not the last day, I have still three weeks left. Otherwise I would feel cheated if I couldn’t watch the last videos I planned to see before my subscription expired. I hope you guys get the site up and running again.

  55. Im a KT user since 2007 and LOVE this new Kelbyone, im not going to argue if I should pay 99 or the 199 im paying, im just glad that now I have access to all and can expand my skills to a new level.

    hope to see a lot more in this 2014


  56. I for one like the new merge. Been a NAPP member since 2005. That said, five minutes after the site went up my membership shows as expired even though I had just renewed on Jan 4, 2014. So much for being “grandfathered in”. Odd too because when I login to the site my memebership management page even shows the recent renewal (1.4.14) but also shows an expiration of 12.31.13. Anyone else having this problem?

    1. Hi THHulme – We’re sorry! You are one of the folks who is experiencing some of the effects of the overwhelming response to today’s announcement. Our team is working to resolve the issues. We really appreciate your patience!

  57. Count me among those disappointed with the change. I was a member of both, but let my NAPP membership lapse when personal finances forced me to choose between NAPP and Kelby Training. My membership to Kelby Training lapsed at the end of November and I was waiting until after the holidays to renew (again due to finances). Now I must pay more money to renew.

    I hesitate to state that the increase makes it unaffordable to me because of judgmental internet commenters who aren’t forced to deal with such issues and can’t fathom the authenticity of it. I don’t know why I’ve bothered to write this as I’m not sure Mr. Kelby gets the message either. He made snide comments numerous times during the Adobe Cloud issue and said things like “If you can’t afford $10 a month you have bigger issues”.

    Yes, Mr. Kelby, some are forced to deal with such issues and appreciate being denigrated in the process. I pray you never find yourself in my situation.

    1. Do you need to be a member for the entire year? How about subscribing for two or three months out of the year. That way you can watch and read all the training you need, and keep up to date. For three months, that would be $75.

    1. Charles, if you were an existing NAPP member, you will still continue to receive your issues of PSU magazine. If you are a Kelby Training or new Kelby 1 member, you will receive the magazine in digital form that is delivered via Zinio I believe.

  58. Any chance you’ll do like what Adobe did and have a window for everyone to get in on the deal (at a discounted price) if they act now (or soon)?

    I know you’d pick up at least one more customer :)

  59. You can’t give one price to one member and then another price to another member. 149 for everyone. You keep talking about the iOS app that now only works in portrait mode since the iOS 7 update. Apple gave all developers approx 2 months before the launch of iOS 77 to get your apps up to date, so don’t give us that rubbish.

  60. Hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, houses, movie tickets, heck even produce! There are many things in life we pay different prices for. I wish all the so called “professionals” would quit griping and be glad they didn’t wipe the slate clean and make us all start over. If you could afford both a NAPP and KT membership kudos to you. You’re obviously rocking at what you do to afford both. Some of us only could or needed or liked one verse the other. So why are you complaining about some of the most amazing instructors on the planet coming together in one location so we can all continue to rock at whatever it is we do.

    No one ever told me life was fair, I’d love to find the person that did tell some of you it was.

    Amazing. Rock on Kelbyone.

  61. I would think that $200/year for everyone is the most logical pricing structure for this new product. This way NAPP members are getting $200 worth of extra content for $100 more (a $100 discount), Kelby Training members get $100 worth of content for free (the same $100 benefit as NAPP members) and brand new users pay the same as everyone else. All equal all the way around.

  62. I’ve been looking through the classes listed on the KelbyOne website and it looks like some of the Design classes (Illustrator, InDesign) that used to be listed on the KelbyTraining website aren’t listed anymore. Are they going to be reappearing? Or did I just miss seeing them somehow?

    1. Hi Valerie-

      All of the classes and tutorials from both KT & NAPP will be on the site – we have had a few technical issues due to the overwhelming response today. We appreciate your patience. The good news it that we have some really cool new stuff for designers rolling out very soon so stay tuned – you will love it.

  63. Guys, this pricing is in no way unfair to anyone. Do the math….even if you currently have both kt and napp then your yearly grand total that you WERE ALREADY COOL with shelling out is $250….exactly what new members will pay. Do the discounts apply equally across the board? No. But that is the nature of special offers: THEY ARE SPECIAL. The bottom line is that NO ONE who was a subscriber to one or both yesterday will pay the same amount (after 12 months) for Kelbyone as anyone who joins from today and on. Is this unfair for future subscribers? Are we going to hear them complain next?

    1. “NO ONE who was a subscriber to one or both yesterday will pay the same amount (after 12 months)”

      Ummm … get your facts straight before YOU deem what is fair or unfair. Some subscribers locked in at a higher rate for MORE than 12 months.

    2. Lets see, if you were a member of both, but first a KT member your renewal is $199, but if a member of both and first a NAPP member your renewal is $99. Now lets take a probable scenario; MR A signed up for KT on Monday and then on Tuesday decided he might as well be a NAPP member. I think you need to do the math. Mr A gets to renew at $199 but only because he failed to join NAPP first. There is a disconnect here.

  64. I’ve been a NAPP member for quite a few years now. Promote it at all our local photography functions also for continued education. Didn’t care for the Adobe monthly program either but had to buy the 10.00 deal just to keep one system current. Figured it would fizzle out but many people jumped on the same deal so I suppose Adobe figures it will work, I’m sure more signed up than left. Same here how many NAPP members are there vs KT members?

  65. On the surface, I like the concept. Trouble is, reaching the website of KelbyOne is like trying to sign up for ObamaCare. The server keeps timing out. And once there, I can hardly read it as the font is so light I think the sections are “grayed out”. Yesterday, everything was humming along beautifully. Today, with all the extra bennies, I can’t even log in. Not quite ready for prime time.

    1. Very much agree on the light colored font. It’s not easy on the eyes – it makes them work harder. Please consider revising the font to something with at least a bit more contrast.

  66. I am a NAPP member, and paid in advance for extra time. Kelby Training pushed and pushed their special offer for Kelby training all Dec, especially around Christmas. So I bit the bullet, and also purchased a year of Kelby Training, and NOW you are saying I could have had it for free!!!???

    Why did you run those ads, knowing that this was coming?? I just wasted $$$.
    This really sucks. I will do something about this.

  67. I think the product is great and I can accept the differential pricing. What is disingenuous is offering a “Holiday Special” renewal offer with the knowledge that this change would be made one month later. No one with an existing (and not soon expiring) membership would have extended their subscription in December had they known of this impending change. The offeror (Kelby) had significant information that the offeree (subscriber) did not have and could not have obtained. No one will argue that extra revenue is nice, except when it is obtained via ethically questionable means …
    I can think of no deeper expression of loyalty than renewing a subscription well before it’s renewal date. And to then be penalized for doing so??

    1. HI Craig-

      If you renewed your membership (NAPP or KT) in December, you have locked in the current price, one less than the $249. If you have any concerns about your rate, please reach out to our customer service team in the morning and they will look into your account.

      1. I think you missed my point. It cost me $100 to take the “deal” in December rather than waiting to renew when both my subscriptions would have expired in May 2014. It would have been swell to know I could have waited to renew and saved $100. Nonetheless, I have taken your advice and sent a request for clarification to the CS team. Thank you for the personal response.

      2. The ethical, fair, good business practice, and RIGHT thing to do is to charge ALL the same renewal fee of $99.00, and to refund to NAPP members who subscribed to KT in December the remaining amount of their subscription. This is what other subscription businesses that
        close shop do. If not, Scott Kelby will never live this down and Kelby One will will suffer economically for it just as “The Susan G. Komen for the Cure” has yet to recover, and this will be unfortunate for all of us.

      3. Dear Mr. Kelby,
        Offering such a deal in December when you were aware of the changes coming in January is legally called “fraud in the inducement”. Please check with your lawyers.

  68. I have both memberships – KT came first, and it expires in May of this year. My NAPP membership doesn’t expire until March, 2015. Can’t I just let my KT account lapse, and then renew next March at the NAPP rate? I don’t see how they can NOT let me do that????

  69. WhileI am certainly interested in the pricing issues, I just wish that I could sign on to the system. Not sure if it is just server overload ala the Affordable Care website, but I have yet to be able to sign on since the announcement.

    1. Hi ARMO – The overwhelming response has slowed our systems and our team is working to overcome the problems. We are positive you will love the new site – we appreciate your patience while we resolve the issues.

  70. Let’s see …
    Those (like me) who only had interest in signing the KT now have a bundle that increases the price by 30%.
    NAPP members, who were apparently so keen to be able to access the contents of the KT get the benefit without any additional cost.
    Members of KT, which were apparently so keen to be able to access the contents of the NAPP get the benefit without any additional cost.
    In short:
    New customers pay 30% more for that existing customers have access to content, which apparently they value, but are made available to them at no cost. Sorry?
    And more:
    The NAPP members have an eternal discount of 60% and subscribers of KT gets 20%.
    Do you really want new subscribers to jump on board????

    1. Hi GG- While the price has increased, the offerings have as well. We have taken every customer into consideration and are rewarding our current customers for their loyalty. The Kelbyone offerings are an exceptional value. We hope you will consider a $25 monthly membership to try it out. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

      1. Thanks for you reply.
        I do not doubt that the contents are interesting but, being a purely amateur photographer, € 249 became a significant amount of money, especially considering the overwhelming amount of information that is available, for free, on the web.
        Best of luck.

  71. I was a NAPP member for several years, but my subscription just ended on December 1. I figured I would wait for the new year to renew when there was a bit more money to be had. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline, and can’t be grandfathered. What’s interesting is that NAPP usually sends me tons of reminders that my membership is about to end, but this time, I didn’t get anything from them. nada. I found out when I tried to log in mid December and discovered out my membership expired.

    Double unfortunate is that I can’t afford the $250/year.
    $99 was doable for me, but not more than that. You get a ton for your money and it’s a great deal, but the cost of entry is now too high for me. I’ll still follow this blog of course. I love it and all that Scott does for us! Keep up the good work!
    -Mark R.

    1. Hi Mark. We do have a $25 monthly subscription where you’ll have access to all the resources in one convenient location. And this is just the beginning. There’s lots more good stuff to come.

      1. Thank you for responding. :)
        I was aware of the $25 monthly, and maybe I’ll pop in for a month every now and then.

        Sadly, my favorite part of my NAPP membership was photoshop user magazine, and that is what I’ll miss the most. I love reading and re-reading those physical magazines. If I subscribe for a month, will I get one issue of photoshop user magazine?

  72. Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I don’t see my original one. I’m a member of both – KT came first, and it expires in May of this year. My NAPP membership is good through March 2015. Can’t I just let my KT membership lapse, and then renew next March at the NAPP rate? I don’t see how they can NOT let me do that – ????????

    1. Hi Judy,
      To answer your question your renewal rate will be at the regular price of the membership you joined first. You will not be up for renewal until the expiration of March of 2015, if that is the NAPP expiration.

  73. Would you pay $7 for $3.50 gas? We KT people are paying $199 for a $99 product. I love the product, service, and all that Kelby does and will continue. I’m just saying the existing customers now know the price of the combined product.

      1. By some people, the reality is that there were most likely many many more NAPP subscribers. I have no idea how many, but let’s say that 70% of existing subscribers fall into the $99 rate. Would you buy gas there if you knew 7 out of 10 people were getting it cheaper than you could EVER get it? Better yet, let’s say they now give out a quart of oil to the folks paying $3.50. Now imagine that you had actually been a loyal customer paying $7 for many years and had also been purchasing your oil from them separately as well. Since you filled up your car before you paid for the oil though, the gas station will never allow you to take part in the $3 gas special. It is great for the folks getting it cheaper than you and they now even get a free quart of oil, but I don’t imagine you would be happy with that gas station.

  74. I can’t understand the complains.The bottom line is that none of you will have to pay anything extra by receiving all the benefits of this new service. Why to complain then… just because somebody else it getting it for a different price? Get over it and mind your own business.


    I’ve been a member of both NAPP and Kelby Training for years. My current subscriptions don’t expire until 11/30/2014(not sure why they both expire on same date). I am pretty sure I was a member of NAPP first and then joined Kelby Training when it began, but no where can I find those dates. I would like to know what my renewal rate will be plus it seem like the expiration date should be extended in consideration of my dual membership from now until 11/14/2014. I know you can’t make everybody happy but this changes seems to be aimed at pleasing people who belonged to NAPP or Kelby training not those who subscribe to both.

  76. Funny the people that signed up for both get the worst deal (how many people talked about this one LOL) — seems like they should be treated the best…hmmm — idea for you guys — do the smart PR thing — extend dual members subscription for 6 months and take the hit.

  77. I was a KT member and let it expire. I had been looking at renewing that and also joining NAPP. Never pull the trigger on either, could have saved a little money $249 a year is a great deal for all the information that is available to you 24/7. I determine each year what I want to spend on education for my business as there are many options. KelbyOne is now a one stop shop, which will only get better I am sure.

    Yeah some people got a better deal by being a NAPP member at $99, people get better deals all the time. Stop whining and start learning. You either pay for it or you don’t.

    I think this is a perfect fit combining the two together and having the resources and education together. Thanks for all you do Kelby and staff to raise the bar for everyone.

  78. I’m assuming all the excitement over the announcement has driven everyone in the world to the site, because I can’t log in or access anything! I hope this is just a minor glitch and not a sign of things to come.

  79. ah so…what will my cost of renewal be if I subscribed to both Training and NAPP at the same time in January of 2013 and are up for renewal this coming week?

  80. I joined Kelby training on a monthly basis. This month’s payment has already come out of my account and I’m being told I can’t log in because my membership expired? What gives? Does that mean it’s $50 a month for Kelby AND NAPP?

    1. Not at all! The monthly membership to KelbyOne is only $25. Please give our Customer Service team a call in the morning and they will correct your account log in issues.

      1. |This month’s payment has already come out of my account and I’m being told I can’t log in because my membership expired? What gives?

        I’m getting the same issue. I tried to raise a support ticket but my browser alerts me to a ‘redirect loop’.

        My last payment was only on December 28th and suddenly my account has ‘expired’? Or not? My account page says ‘Current Membership Plan | Monthly Status | Active’ while *also* saying ‘Membership Status Expired | Renew Now’

        Which is it?

        Not impressed. Not impressed at all.

      2. Yes, I have the same problem. My monthly account now says expired. So I cant be grandfathered in and I also am losing days to access my KT account.
        I sent a ticket

  81. Scott and team obviously think this is a good business decision going forward and without members there’s no business so as a member of both I believe they will continue to give good value for money and an exceptional service. My only dissappointment is that one small point has been overlooked. When an interested party client or otherwise asks “how do you maintain current professional standards” I tell them I’m a member of NAPP and show my card and that usually leaves a credible impression. I’m not sure saying I’m a member of Kelbyone will have the same impact.

    1. You’re still a NAPP member…the only thing that’s changed is that both NAPP and Kelby Training are now housed under the Kelbyone roof….someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. We’re working on a lot of really great community features that will address your concerns. Stay tuned – there’s lots more good stuff to come!

  82. I considered joining Nappa few weeks back for 99$..sure wish I did.. I can now tell you I definitely won’t e joining napp or Kelby training…. While I’m sure the product is fantastic( I do love your lessons Scott) I simply cannot justify spending $249 for the same price others spend 99$ for…. That sir doesn’t make good business sense… Disappointing!

    1. If you weren’t purchasing at $99 dollars then I don’t think it would have really made a difference now. This is Napp and Kelby Training combined now so it is much more than what you looked at a few weeks back. You had the opportunity prior to yesterday and chose not to so don’t blame Scott, blame yourself. Scott and team have always cared about their members and should be commended for what they have done.

      1. Your right, I was on the fence… This just made it easy for me… And for all those loyal fans stuck paying 199.99, while the other half gets it for 99.00 I feel for you.

      2. I have subscribed to both in the past so I am used to paying the amount that new subscribers are being asked to pay.

  83. Good job – looking great so far but hoping some kind of dashboard comes back. I’m a bit miffed that the folk paying the cheapest rate got the most new content but I can understand the reasoning. Hopefully the regular discounts (Black Friday sales, etc.) still occur for those on the “grandfathered” pricing. :)

  84. While I love that both NAPP and Kelby Training are under one roof now (I subscribe to both), I think there is a glitch in the system for my renewal. It shows $199/year for me, but I was a NAPP member well before I was a KT subscriber (2009 or 2010, I believe). One of the reasons I joined KT was because I got it for $179/year with my NAPP discount! I’ve fired off an email to Customer Support, so they should sort it out. My purchases only went back to 2012 for some reason.


      1. Dan, after I logged in, I went to the bottom of the home page and clicked on “subscribe now – 1 year”. The cart shows $199/year for renewal. I know that ain’t right for me! :-)

  85. Fact of life is you can’t keep everyone happy all of the time and although change is hard to swallow at times, especially when we are disadvantaged, we all have a choice, that is to vote with our feet (or delete button) or climb on board, fight the good fight but one you have a chance of winning. Maybe with the number of disillusioned KT customers, and others, pricing may change to accommodate you, unlikely I suggest. If this is a completely new product then the pricing change is probably justified but if it is little more than a rebranding then maybe not, I guess those who have been members of both KT and NAPP can answer that question. An acknowledgement of good faith and customer loyalty would be the $99 offer for everyone for the first year and the offer open for a limited time, after the first year (for those who ‘climb on board’) then put a price structure in place. I’d pay $99 but not the $250(closer to $300NZ), I can find all the answers i need on Google or Youtube anyway but for convenience sake it would be good to have it all in one place.

  86. I’m reposting Terry’s comment, because he said it perfectly!

    “I think its a very generous gesture, the NAPP members may be seen as getting the better deal, but hey, everybody who is a NAPP member or a KT subscriber is getting more than they signed up for at no extra cost to them. If you signed up for either recently, then you must have thought it was worth the money, and now you are getting more!”

  87. This just isn’t about Kelby Training as there are many extras now added and as Scott said they were adding more. Everyone now gets Photoshop User magazine, access to the community, and discounts. The discounts alone can help you recover some of the subscription costs. Check out the subscription at another popular education site and you will find that the new pricing is a better deal at Kelbyone.

  88. I think it’s great that you finally combined both. My only gripe is for those that were subscribers to both KT & NAPP like myself (both accounts expired Dec 31 2015).

    I’m not going to go into a big rant, but I think combining / extending the new, overall renewal date for those who were subscribers to both would be a good thank you to those that supported both of your amazing platforms.

  89. I’ve been a KT member for a year and took advantage of the recent discount offer and renewed. So I am satisfied with the present payment structure for KT only customers. We now get the advantages of being NAPP members without extra cost as a bonus. I joined solely for the training experiences offered by Kelby Media Group. However, I can see the where if you’re a subscriber to both KT and NAPP, which product you subscribed to first greatly effects your ongoing yearly grandfathered subscription fee. IMO, some compromise should be reached for those loyal customers who fit into this particular category. Would I like to pay less than my present KT subscription fee? Hell, yes. Who wouldn’t. But I think no matter what Kelby Media Group offered, in trying to expand their services and reward their loyal customers, yet try to maintain a good viable business model, there would inevitably be some unhappy people. Let’s not forget, this is a business with overhead costs, payroll expenses and the ever increasing cost of doing business. As a small business owner, I can appreciate some of the hard decisions that must be made. The balance between offering a great product, trying to keep customers happy, yet paying the monthly payroll, payroll taxes, healthcare benefits, electricity, and multiple other overhead costs that are part of any business, there NEEDS to be some profit for those who are paying ALL of the bills. So count me as one satisfied customer and thank you for offering me this expanded service that I can choose to use as I see fit.

  90. While I think this is a great thing that you did – I do have to agree with being disappointed with the pricing scale. I actually did a monthly subscription because of my hectic schedule I know certain months I can’t watch it. But in all I ended up spending 200 this year alone anyway. It is kind of a kick in the gut that only NAPP or annual subscribers are grandfathered in and that the price point is different. I know you want to reward your loyal supporters but those of us who have supported you in different ways rather than the annual plans kind of are falling between the cracks in my opinion. Either way, it looks like if I want to join I will have to pay full price – a bitter pill to swallow. Also I think my subscription this month was cut a week short? I may be wrong but my subscription now says expired?

  91. Congratulations, much continued success! You have been inspiring designers and artists since I can remember, your instruction, format and content make it a pleasure to learn and grow! Thank you!

  92. Both NAPP and KT have always been ‘Free’ for me! Every year since I first joined I’ve saved more off the member discounts than I’ve paid for both sites combined. If you’re grumbling about the cost or which renewal price is fair you’re missing out on the benefits of your membership. (But I’m expecting my renewal to be at the NAPP price when it does come since I joined NAPP before KT even existed).

  93. Just an idea, but I think it would be fair to see a pricing structure like this:

    Subscribers of both NAPP and Kelby Training should be grandfathered into the $99 regardless of which they signed up for first; because they have been loyal customers of both; some for a very long time.

    If you’re currently a NAPP member only, would pay $150/per year for after your current NAPP membership expires. If you’re currently a Kelby Training member only, $150/per year (or even $125/per year) for after your current Kelby Training membership expires. That would still be half off the new pricing structure at $25 a month which is equal to $300 a year. New subscribers pay $250. ($50 off the current monthly subscription price).

    These are just some of my ideas…

    I’ve been a loyal member of the NAPP and Kelbytraining since 2008. And I completely understand that it would be frustrating to see someone who just signed up for NAPP last month, get all the benefits of Kelby Training thrown in for free while the Kelby Training subscribers who paid more to begin with had to continue paying higher rates for renewal for Not cool. (This is coming from a guy who has paid for both individually since 2008).

    I’m sure Kelby Media will come up with something that works. Scott is a great guy, he reads all of these comments and concerns. I’m sure he will address all of this tomorrow.

  94. Boy ‘O Boy… And you thought the CC thread was going to take heat !

    Well Scott.. Nice job overall. Kelby Media will consolidate costs and reduce internal redundancy on this move, and lower the bottom line.. And thus, bring us all under the same roof to enjoy all of the benefits we’ve had for all these many years. I’m sure there will be some people bailing out due to the NAPP vs. KT costs thing.. But, times, they are a chang’in.

    As a small request. Could ya have a poll or inter-office pow-wow and see if that color scheme on KelbyOne is really…. working? At 52 years old, a 32″ monitor, I’m having a time of it with gray on gray and skinny anorexic fonts. Just my cuppa tea.

    Mazel Tof !


  95. I for one, don’t really care if other people get the same benefit for less than I paid. I renewed both memberships during the Holiday deal and will end up paying less next time……What’s not to like ?

  96. Scott, I am SO sorry that this is happening.

    This is great news and I for one am happy to hear it. It reminds me of the parable of the vineyard workers in Matthew 20:1-16.

    I am sure that Adobe and the Creative Cloud are somehow behind this all you poor demented puppet Scott. They played you well because you probably THINK that you did this. Alas, it was evil Adobe all along :)

    Again, I am sorry that you are having to take this. This deserved celebration, not what you are being subjected to.

    I am not sure what my renewal rate will be but I am sure that I WILL be renewing again and again and again.

  97. I didn’t even realize until I visited this site that they are going to ‘grandfather’ everyone in at their current level. I am elated to find differently. I am a subscriber to both NAPP and KT (NAPP member for years but only just joined KT a few months ago) and thought that compared to what I am paying currently, the new fee is a discount; the only difference is now everything is in the same spot.

    I do, however, agree with the argument that if someone is a member of both NAPP and KT, those people should be rewarded with the lower price because those are your most loyal and invested customers; it shouldn’t matter where they subscribed first.

  98. Feeling cheated right now.
    I am sure Kelby knew this was coming when all of the Black Friday specials were posted…
    Folks like myself who renewed both NAPP and Kelby Training have essentially paid twice!!!

    Should i call the credit card company and cancel the kelby training charge but not the NAPP
    Renewal? I also feel for those folks (now second class citizens forever) that were kelbytraining only.

    I like the idea of kelbyOne but the pricing has really tainted it for me. They’ve made quitw the marketting and publicity mess here.

    Wake up kelby! You need to figure out how to make this right.

    1. Absolutely agree! I renewed my Kelby Training early with the Black Friday special…and could have saved myself $179 if I hadn’t as I’m also a NAPP member with a renewal in Jul.

  99. I signed up for Kelby Training in December 2009 and twenty days later for NAPP. I’ve faithfully renewed both memberships ever since, though frankly I haven’t used the Kelby Training nearly as much as the perks from NAPP. However, I renewed both services/subscriptions now in December, as I have done for the previous three years. I have also accompanied Scott’s speaking out about airline and storage solution companies that provided less than equitable solutions to problems he himself faced. I agree with Brian Clark in that I still think Scott is a man of integrity and I don’t think anything here gives anyone cause for questioning his character. I do feel though that there was a huge marketing and to a certain extent social blunder made with this pricing structure.

    Obviously, I’m miffed about the fact that, just because I signed up for NAPP 20 days after Kelby Training I’m (in my opinion) penalized by having to pay twice as much as I would if the dates had been reversed. In the absence of a persuasive explanation that to me is what I call wholly arbitrary. Do Scott and Kelby Media have the “right” to structure their charges that way? Of course they do, it’s their company and their decisions to make. Does that make it fair or equitable? Not necessarily.

    Judging by the number of reactions here, I’d say there’s pretty good evidence a lot of people feel they’re being treated unfairly, especially those who signed up for and paid for both services over an extended period of time.

    One of the arguments that’s been raised in defense of the new pricing structure is that those being charged what I’ll call the Kelby Training rate ($199) are actually now getting a NAPP membership thrown in for free. There’s some logic to that, but it’s also true that, to my recollection I never renewed at the full $199 price, it was always with a hefty discount, so I don’t think I ever really paid $199 for my Kelby Training subscription to begin with. And, if I had and was told at the time of renewal there was another group that was getting the subscription for half that price just because they had previously signed up for another service Kelby offered costing half as much, I would definitely consider it unfair.

    Another argument that’s been raised is that with the joining of the two services we’ll be offered a “larger community”. I don’t think the best way to build community is by alienating people into two groups, one of which gets the same service for half the price the other group gets it, just because of the date they signed up, or, even more unfairly (to my thinking) because they only ever signed up for a less expensive product. They paid Scott Kelby / Kelby Media half or one third what I did and now they get the same product for half what I have to pay for it. Is that fair?

    Scott has questioned the fairness of other company’s practices in the past, so, I think he’s a man who values fairness in business. I close by asking, where is the fairness in charging me twice as much for a service just because I signed up for one of your products 20 days after another, especially considering I’ve paid faithfully for both products over the past four years? Now someone who only ever paid for one of the products (NAPP), or happened to pay for that product before the other (Kelby Training) gets the product for half what I will have to pay.

    Scott, whatever your decision, I appreciate you leaving a forum like this open for our questions and opinions. I trust you’ll do the right thing. Best regards, Dennis
    opinions. I trust you’ll do the right thing. Best regards, Dennis

  100. Scott, whatever happened to your regular announcements that NAPP be $99 every year, and you will only add content to make the value even better? You were devoted to providing quality for the price. Why just bail out all of a sudden? Now there’s no option for under $100 each year, and you’re forcing people to change. Bad form.

    1. Wally, you do realize that if you are currently a NAPP member you will still be paying $99 a year for everything. He is essentially keeping his promise to current NAPP members.

  101. I just dont get this pricing. The people paying more continue to pay more and the people who paid less and made them less money get to continue paying less? Who thought of that and thought it was fair?

  102. I’m so EXCITED Scott. I’ve already started to share on Social Media! I’m embarrassed to say this, but it made me a bit teary (REALLY) ~Roz Fruchtman

  103. I applaud the Kelbyone move and going forward I think this is a good deal. As an existing Kelby Training subscriber I can even see the logic of paying at that level upon renewal. I know some aren’t happy with that ‘two-tier’ approach but I can see the logic.
    But what concerns me (and clearly many others) is that for people with pre-existing dual
    membership (i.e. Kelby Training and NAPP) there is an anomaly with the current pricing approach in terms of not giving ‘credit’ to existing dual membership subscribers.

    I’m in my second year of Kelby Training but just two days ago I added NAPP for $99 so for 24-hours (prior to the Kelbyone launch) I was paying for both, which was fine, that’s what I expected and signed up for. Now I find that if I hadn’t paid that $99 two-days ago I would still be enjoying both packages (although as Kelbyone now). The Q&A’s advise me that when renewal comes round I’ll pay whatever rate I joined first – Kelby Training for $199 – fine, I get that as I said above. But what about getting credit for the $99 just ‘wasted’? To me that’s the anomaly, the unfair point and it’s obvious that a lot of people added one or other package in the pre-Christmas sales push when the Kelby Group would clearly have known about the impending Kelbyone package. So during that period they were taking new subscriptions from people in the knowledge that those new subscriptions (if they were in addition to an existing one) were unnecessary. Does that seem right? Is that the type of customer focussed approach that Kelby aspire to?
    I appreciate that is maybe an extreme example – i.e. paying just two days ago – but reading other comments above there are clearly many people in a similar position. I’ve raised this concern by email in response to a ‘welcome to NAPP’ email that I received ironically just hours before the Kelbyone announcement. Will see what type of response I get from that but so far not impressed and not what I expected from the Kelby Group – don’t think they fully thought these sort of issues through.

    1. Gary–
      Get in touch with customer service, they may be willing to work something out for you. In the past when I’ve asked nicely, they’ve been more than happy to help me. The excellent service is just one more reason I’ve been a NAPP and KT member for years.

      1. Thanks Janine – I’ve sent an email and a ‘contact form’ in the last couple of days, no response as yet. Busy I presume. Difficult to phone due to time difference.

  104. Looks like Kelby is Pulling a ADOBE CC on them selves, they better look at the pricing?

    So if you are a Member of both , will the overlapping subscription fee be used to extend your subscription because you paid for something that doesnt exist anymore, or is this just bad luck?

  105. Thought I would give it a day, to reflect, before offering my thoughts.

    First off, good luck to Kelbymedia group, on this latest adventure.

    If you’re a current NAPP member, whoa what a great post Christmas gift! If you’re an existing Kelbytraining subscriber, ouch that’s got to hurt. Not necessarily because of the price of the KelbyOne package, but rather that you’re seeing another group get a much more attractive deal.

    Personally, my Kelbytraining subscription expired late December and I haven’t renewed. Not because I don’t believe it’s a wonderful package, but rather that it will (for me at least) make more economic sense to “pop in” every few months using a month’s sub at a time.
    One thing I’m sure off, given recent history, is that Scott and his staff do listen. So by all means, let Scott & Co. know how you feel, but remember this is about a business decision and should be treated as so, i.e. no personal attacks. The market will dictate if Kelbymedia group have made a wise move.

  106. Hi Scott, I know you read all the comments here but you may not read all the inquiries sent to the Kelby Training (now Kelby One) site. Here is one I posted moments ago.

    The light colored text against a light background is too hard to read. It takes great effort. If Scott was doing a live critique of web pages, he would surely point this out as a negative. Please consider using a darker type for the body copy. It may look beautiful on a business card, but it’s HARD TO READ on a computer or tablet.

  107. Seems like a lot of people here feel that they should not do business with a company that can charge one group of people one price for a product and another group of people another price for that same product. If you feel that way, please never rent a car or pay for a hotel room. I was recently checking into a hotel and was behind another guy checking in. He worked for the US Government. His rate was about HALF my rate. It was a Marriott Hotel. I think those that are blasting KelbyOne need to head right on over to Marriott’s website and let them know that you will never again stay in one of their hotels.

    While you are at it, stop by Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hertz, National, Avis… Let’s not just limit this list to hotels and rental cars, there are all sorts of companies that do this exact same thing. Any photographers out there that have charged different prices for providing the same basic services????? The list of companies that do this goes on and on. If you are a smart business person, you understand that different people get different prices this and accept it. The FACT is, that anyone that had any membership at NAPP or KelbyTraining is going to start saving money the next time they renew. I am thankful that I will be getting both services for less than what I was paying for both services before.

    1. All valid points Steve. But it shouldn’t exclude people from airing their opinions about this new pricing structure.
      If people are happy with the new structure, fine, but if people are unhappy they should say so and why.
      May not do any good, for their particular circumstance, but I’m sure Scott and his company want feedback, both the positive and negative, otherwise how are they to gauge the opinions of their customers, past, present and future.

      1. I agree John, I just ask that people be consistent. If you want to blast Scott for giving one price to one group of people and another price to another group of people feel free to do so. But you also really should blast Marriott, Hilton, Avis, Hertz… and on and on. Companies sell products to people at different prices all day long. Would you prefer they be deceptive about it and not tell you?

      2. Those travel related analogies are not the same thing. There are typically two reason why people pay different prices in those situations.
        1.) They are utilizing a previously negotiated group rate which is based on an expected volume of business larger than any one individual. The analogy for KelbyOne in this regard would be if someone wanted to negotiate a lower subscription rate because they wanted to purchase let’s say 20 memberships of KelbyOne. This is a completely justifiable business practice.

        2.) The travel industry and many other charge different prices based on supply and demand. That is why some pay higher prices than others. As the available supply decreases, the price goes up. However, they don’t price discriminate against any one individual. You are free to book your travel sooner or on a different date and they will give you the same price they gave anyone else who booked at the same time (assuming the supply threshold is still there). The supply and demand model is not a driver behind the KelbyOne pricing model for existing customers. A similar scenario here might be if a subscriber had to pay more to log in or watch training videos during peak hours.

    2. This is faulty logic. A better comparison under the example businesses you’ve stated follows. You are a Hilton customer paying more money for a suite while others pay for a basic room. The Hilton then decides to make all rooms suites and those who always paid the suite rate continue to do so while those who paid the basic room rate get a suite for less money than you. Similarly, Avis begins offering only luxury vehicles and charges those who always paid for that class the same rate while giving the vehicles to those who paid for sub-compacts a much lower rate for the same product.

      I don’t see anyone questioning the value of the product/service being offered. What I see is customer feedback as to the pricing structure and its fairness. Yes, Kelby Media Group is free to set their pricing as they see fit and no one says it has to be fair, but a business’ success is often determined by the customers it has or hopes to have and what the market will bear.

      1. Really? His comparison is hardly apples to apples. Big difference between memberships, products, and services (which here include hotel/motels/airlines/car rentals) and their real world pricing.. Kelby Media to some degree is a service, but defined by them as a membership.

        If you signed up for Kelby Media on Monday and decided to join NAPP the next day, how would you feel about be charged $199 vs $99? Taken their own words literally, the same could happen for same day sign ups.

        I believe a normal person would see that as a legitimate beef. If you are talking belonging “only” to one or the other, then their really is very little to fuss about. But for those who belonged to both, to say they do not have a gripe is a huge stretch. It is a issue they need to address and or clarify. Before jumping on me, my renewal will be $99, but it would be small of me not to see the point more than a few are making.

      2. I think you’re thinking of someone else in your reply. I’ve been very consistent on all my messages on this thread (read them all) . I was agreeing with TJ who articulated nicely how the comment he replied to was using faulty logic.

      3. My apologies, I somehow missed your reply was to TJ, not Steve Wetzel, whose logic I find faulty. The issue is fairness in the pricing structure for those who are members of both. No excuse because your reply was under TJs..

      4. No problem. :) That’s why I assumed you were misdirected. I’m still curious if all this will be addressed. I haven’t yet bought into the $9.99 Adobe deal. Still not sure if I will. I hate “rewarding” them with my money for a product I can’t easily get around for some key things.

      5. I may not renew NAPP, yes now I can get all their training free, but what counts is already free. I have nothing much against them, but for me personally the value of membership has decreased with time. I can renew for $99 but I need to feel I am getting value for my money.

        I did do the Adobe deal, 10 bucks a month to me is pretty cheap and face it, everyone is going to use the same or similar pricing model eventually. We are already doing this with security software and Microsoft is in the early phase of it. If you already use both Photoshop and Lightroom and upgrade on the normal 18 month or so cycle, the math is on your side, but if you upgraded every other upgrade like so many, then the math favors Adobe.

    3. …and would you be happy if you had to pay $199/yr instead of $99 because you happened to have signed up for KT first? Or if the situation were reversed and KT members got the $99/yr renewal? While your analogy is flawed, imagine you also became a government employee, but Marriott wouldn’t give you the government rate because you had already stayed there at a higher rate. As I said though, the analogy is flawed because the employee actually isn’t paying for the hotel. The government (or similarly business) is actually paying for it at the end of the day and they give better rates because of the volume of business.

  108. This is what would look fair to me:

    1- NAPP only members can renew at $99
    2- NAPP and KT members (whichever was first) can renew at $99
    3- KT only members can renew at $99 FOR ONE MONTH (let’s say February), after that they pay $199. So if they already renewed in december 2013 they would get another year for $99 (>dec 2015) and keep that $99 price for the future.
    4- Completely New Members (never had NAPP nor KT) would benefit from a $50 discount for ONE month (february) and enter at $199. In March they would pay $249
    5- After 3 years of consecutive membership whatever the price you’re at, you switch to the $99 price as a reward for the 4th year and the next.
    6- Bringing a friend in as a new member make you switch to the $99 price.

    I hope these ideas are helpful. NAPP, KT and PSW have brought a lot to me and improve my photographyin a great way and I have a very positive image of them, I’d really appreciate if they could be fair to everyone.

    PS: I’m hoping That Apple quickly approves the KT app! i’m really missing the videos on my ipad

  109. Q. What if I have both?

    A. You can renew at whichever membership you had first. So, if you were a NAPP member, and you later joined Kelby Training, you can renew at the NAPP price. If you joined Kelby Training first, then you’d renew at the Kelby Training price instead.

    Scott, Imagine the scorching blog post you would be writing if you received this letter from your cable company:

    Dear long time cable, internet customer,

    We have good news for you. Your internet price of $99 now
    includes all the major services we offer – internet, telephone and cable TV
    subscription. All for $99! You should be doing a happy dance.

    In other news, if you signed up for our cable TV service
    later than you did for our internet service, you will pay $199 for all our
    services, a savings of $50 off our $249 regular price.

    Since you paid more for our services in the past, we will be
    charging you more for the package price. You obviously can afford it.

    Thank you for your loyal patronage.
    Your Cable Conglomerate

  110. I posted this earlier in response to a response, but I’ll flesh out my idea here:
    My favorite part of my NAPP membership was Photoshop User Magazine. That is what I’ll miss the most now that I can’t afford to renew.

    Can you find it in your heart to offer a magazine subscription option? I would gladly pay $25-$30 or so for an annual subscription to the print version of Photoshop User magazine.
    A digital subscription would be a nice ‘plan B’ if the print subscription is not viable.

    Most months, I don’t have time to sit on the web going through online classes and tutorials, but there’s always a few moments here and there to read an article or two in a magazine!
    Thank you for listening!
    -Mark R.

  111. I am one of the unfortunate ones, who, because of unforeseen circumstances, didn’t renew my NAPP subscription. Before I plunk down $25/month, I have a couple of questions. In the past Kelby Training’s courses were more in an ala carte sequence. You picked and chose the course that was of interest to you–rather than a prescribed sequence where each course would build on the other ( How will this now be set up? My second question is regarding the Photoshop Magazine. Will I have the choice of print–or will it be strictly digital? Thank you for any information.

    1. I doubt it, but do you get the magazine if you subscribe month to month and not annually? Also do you get access to the discounts…. Btw, some of the discounts seems really out of date, i thought nik software is now called nik collection by google? Could be wrong on that.

  112. Although I love that everything will now be available in one place, I’m not too happy with the way this is playing out. I renewed both subscriptions in November, but I only got credit for the NAPP renewal. As it stands, I just gave Kelby Media a $179.00 gift! Merry Christmas!

    I contacted Kelbyone on the matter. Here’s what I wrote. I guess it remains to be seen if anything comes of it.

    Hello Kelbyone. First off, I love the new format. Having everything in one place is awesome!

    Here’s my question: I recently renewed both my NAPP and Kelby Training memberships in November. Looking at my account, I see that I am active with Kelbyone until 01-30-16, which reflects my NAPP renewal, but that doesn’t give me any ‘credit’ for my Kelby Training subscription. At $179.00, the KT subscription cost itself should be good for almost 2 years of Kelbyone subscription, give or take a month or two. ($99/year for Kelbyone X 2 years= $198.00.) As it stands, I am getting the same offer that I would have had I let my Kelby Training subscription expire.

    Surely, Kelby Media had plans for this merger long before they sent me a reminder that both of my accounts were up for renewal and enticing me with Cyber Monday and “Last Chance” deals. After reading through the hundreds of comments posted on Scotts blog within the past 24 hours, I can see that I am not alone. Will I be given an additional 20 or so months of Kelbyone subscription, or should I expect a refund for my ‘overpayment’?

  113. I inadvertently let my subscription to NAPP expire last year and failed to renew it until a couple of weeks ago… but I never did. That’s because I read that a big announcement was going to be made this week by Kelby Training. So I figured I would wait and see if I could get something bigger and better for my $99. Well, I should have gone ahead and renewed. The new deal is bigger and better, but not for the $249 I would have to pay now. I guess I missed my chance. Oh well, goodbye Kelby Training.

  114. While I can’t necessarily comment a whole lot on the site since the intro video pops up on every single page for me with no way to get rid of it (and yes, I did file a bug), I will have to say that with all the talks about “community (and it being mentioned on the Features page)” the only community is through Facebook or Twitter. When I first joined NAPP, I fell in love with the NAPP forums, and I met A LOT of people through there. Those same people whom I talked with online, I then ended up meeting at PSW (during my first PSW when I went alone), and have maintained friendships with all of them through the last several years.

    The forums became a backburner completely during the NAPP website redesign, and now are completely gone, and it’s a shame. Facebook definitely does not have the same community aspect for groups like this, especially since the only interaction can be done when the KO admin on FB posts something. Nobody else can start conversations, so interaction between people is essentially gone. It’s disappointing that this aspect of NAPP which was so important to so many isn’t there any more. Please consider bringing this back.

  115. Between this and Adobe, I’ve learned alot by how people reacted to change. Regardless of what is fair, it’s too easy to compare when pricing is tiered. I’m a PSWorld alumni and was a NAPP member for 8 years before switching to KelbyTraining in 2011. After another two years of that, I recently allowed that to expire too so I’m no longer a customer and have no case to argue anything. However, offering something like Adobe’s Photographer program and launching KelbyOne at $99 (or another common price to prevent comparing) for the first 30 days for everyone would have been a reason for me to join and become a member again. And I hope, a clear price direction that would have avoided the negative reaction from many here. You owe me nothing and I realize that. In the battle between keeping customers and gaining new customers, there is no immediate need to come back after my break – if anything – it’s now more expensive to return.

    But I do love the simplicity of a single service and product now. Even if I’m not a current paying member, I’m still a fan of the product.

    1. I am in the same boat as you and feel the same way. I left half a year ago, at 250 now, its a bit high. I spend most of my free time photographing than watching training videos so i Wasn’t getting the value out of it. I may sign up for a month or two out of the year during down time.

  116. I thought I posted this earlier today… So, if it’s a repost, my apologies.
    Like alot of you, I renewed both my Kelby and NAPP subscriptions right before this announcement, and I’m not too happy with the prospect that I’m out $179.00.
    I sent this to Kelby this morning. I guess we’ll see if anything comes from it.
    Hello Kelbyone. First off, I love the new format. Having everything in one place is

    Here’s my question: I recently renewed both my NAPP and Kelby Training memberships in
    November. Looking at my account, I see that I am active with Kelbyone until
    01-30-16, which reflects my NAPP renewal, but that doesn’t give me any ‘credit’
    for my Kelby Training subscription. At $179.00, the KT subscription cost itself
    should be good for almost 2 years of Kelbyone subscription, give or take a
    month or two. ($99/year for Kelbyone X 2 years= $198.00.) As it stands, I am
    getting the same offer that I would have had I let my Kelby Training
    subscription expire.

    Surely, Kelby Media had plans for this merger long before they sent me a reminder that
    both of my accounts were up for renewal and enticing me with Cyber Monday and
    “Last Chance” deals. After reading through the hundreds of comments
    posted on Scotts blog within the past 24 hours, I can see that I am not alone.
    Will I be given an additional 20 or so months of Kelbyone subscription, or
    should I expect a refund for my ‘overpayment’?

    1. Value hasn’t gone up for those that were subscribers of both already. Price hasn’t gone down either for that group – ok, perhaps list price has, but how many pay list price. Those complaining are not NAPP only subscribers whoa re getting a great deal. Operating costs go down, prices go up for new subscribers who only wanted either NAPP or KT. Your comment is a bit misguided.

  117. Hi Scott,
    As a long term reader of your blog, I’ve never normally had anything negative to post or complain about in your comments section. Us Brits have a natural reticence and desire to avoid confrontation and this makes complaining challenging, so posting this comment regarding my disappointment on aspects of the NAPP/KelbyTraining “merger” is something I don’t do lightly, having taken much time to mull over whether to post here or not following the announcement.

    From a commercial / business perspective having this new combined single KelbyOne entity
    makes perfect sense and allows efficiencies in areas such as marketing,
    branding, operations etc . I absolutely get that. Existing NAPP only or KT only
    members benefit (to a greater or lesser degree depending on which one you are) from
    extra perks. I get that too.

    However as a dual NAPP & KT subscriber I’m rather disappointed that having only renewed my annual KT subs some 5 weeks ago, I feel like I’ve paid for a 12 month service but only got 1 month before the KT service (as was) was canned. Being a long time UK NAPP member (with hindsight thankfully I took out my KT sub after I started with NAPP) I will benefit from the implementation changes in the long term – I even get that too. But I guess I’m just a bit miffed that in the short term I didn’t take the decision to save myself quite a few quid, let my KT membership lapse and then feel completely overjoyed to have, just a few weeks later, got all the new perks through my existing NAPP membership which doesn’t expire until 2015.

    I’m not trying to flame you or the crew in these comments as others appear to be doing from their comments – that’s bad etiquette and ill mannered and you know us Brits are a polite bunch ;-) – but I’m just trying to make a point that rather than having the 100% ecstatic experience that many others now have, I’m left with a bad taste in the mouth. I feel like I’ve been let down by a photographic friend. It’s disappointing that a company which prides itself on understanding its customers and providing excellent customer service, seems to have scored an own goal that could’ve been averted. And by disappointing I mean not just disappointed for myself but disappointed for you guys too – it seems so unlike you guys to have misjudged something quite so bad, given the sizeable amount of negative comments here.

    One thing I do know however (as has been proven before) is that you are reading all of these comments and you will be taking on board the (constructive) feedback that comes out of this, so I look forward to seeing that response.

    Anyway that negative issue aside, I hope you & the K1 crew get back over here to the UK
    again soon – it’s been too long since the last UK event (see, I can put aside
    my grievance and still say something positive ;-) )

    1. David – Other than not being from the UK, I am in same situation and 100% agreement with you. Long time subscriber to both. Just renewed both in December.

  118. As usual, I’m late to the party, but here’s my 2 cents. I think Scott and his company have made a very wise and compasionate business decision. Let me explain: By moving both services together, they’ve become more of a one-stop-shop for creatives and probably streamlined some of their operations, thus reducing costs. They’ve also decided to honor the rates we were once paying. I can only imagine the marketing models they used to make their decisions. My back of the napkin math shows they could have made everybody move to the new $249 price point after current subscriptions expired and still made a profit if less than 40% of their current customers bailed. Clearly they’re decisions to keep rates the same indefinitely was not profit driven but rather customer focused. We may not like it when somebody gets a better deal than us, but happy people tend to focus on the positive. At the very least, current subscribers are saving $50 and getting much more content and discounts.

    1. Although just a guess, I think a lot more people are Napp member than KT members. If the rate jumped to $249/year, I think you would have seen a lot more than 40% of their current customers bail. A business is about profit, no matter what anyone says. Without profit (long-term), it would not exist.

    2. Not exactly. The decision not to raise rates for NAPP members was so that they would not loose any. There are over 70,000 NAPP members and I suspect the enrollment for KT is significantly less. NAPP members most likely will see a huge added value and may now continue to renew for a long time. I suspect the percentage of NAPP only members willing to shell out more money was low or else they would have been subscribers to both NAPP and KT. Folks paying only for KT also while paying twice as much, may continue their membership as they have some added value. Perhaps some may leave because of the fact that they will be paying more for the same service. NAPP and KT members who happened to sign up for KT first are probably the small minority of customers. If you have to loose some customers, you want the least impact to revenue. Although, I sincerely don’t think the intention would be to loose these customers – just what many feel is a bad decision. Let’s not forgot that at this time, it should get cheaper for the company to operate so it is not costing anymore to provide those same services. Having said that, I am sure Scott and team will look to provide an even better value and will continue to invest in the services they provide. Customer loyalty for KT only and NAPP/KT who happened to be KT first will no doubt be sour for a while. How KelbyOne chooses to address those customers will to some extent define the long term impact on the brand for this group of customers, but all companies who treat their customer differently than they did before a change like this will always face some sort of impact. How are they treating them differently you may ask? Quite simple – Comparative Value. Price is what I pay for something and what the company receives. However, value is what I get in return – per Warren Buffet as well. In the past, KT and NAPP/KT members who signed up for KT first were paying more, but they were also receiving more value than those paying for NAPP only. Under the new pricing model with the merged products, that is clearly not the case. For many, this will be a matter of principal. Netflix and JCPenny are two recent examples. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my membership trying to make the most I can out of it. If the issue isn’t resolved by time I need to renew, then I will have a tough decision to make based on principal vs. my need for KelbyOne’s fantastic training and appreciation for their team of instructors.

  119. Dear Scott,
    These type of changes are never easy are they? I know that you and your team view this change as advantageous to many that have been asking for it. I for one agree with Michael Weeks comments and have some of my own.
    If you check my account history I have been a NAPP member since around 2006 or 2007. I have also been a Kelby Training member since 2011 – love it. My 2013 subscription expired on December 31st of 2013. Due to year end activities I really did not remember I had to renew; so I went to renew my Kelby training today only to find out that I now need to pay $249 since I let my subscription expire. I hope there can be a grace period granted to those that had their subscription expired by a small amount of days (my expired 8 days ago).
    Thank you for your consideration.

  120. Thank you so much for Kelbyone. I love Kelby Training and I love being a NAPP member. Two for the price of one is incredible. I don’t understand how someone who has been given something for nothing can complain because he wasn’t given more. It’s very disheartening to read so many unhappy comments.

  121. Guess I made a bad decision going with the Kelby Training subscription last year instead of the NAPP. Would have loved to have locked in that 99 annual :/

  122. I’m confused. This seems like a savings to every member. Why are people fussy? Isn’t this the prior and current pricing structure?

    Regular Prices:
    NAPP Individual Membership: $99
    Kelby Training Membership: $199

    KelbyOne Prices:
    KelbyOne Price if current NAPP: $99
    KelbyOne Price if current KT: $199
    KelbyOne Price if current NAPP & KT, NAPP 1st: $99
    KelbyOne Price if current NAPP & KT, KT 1st: $199

    Price if everything is expired: $249

    No matter when you paid this year … if you have both, you spent more than you’ll ever pay again.

    So, net net. Everyone pays some amount less than $298 which is the MSRP.

    …And that assumes there wont be any deals or early renewal pricing etc.

    1. NO that is not correct. If you are subscriber to both services BUT signed up with Kelby training first you get to pay double what someone with both subscriptions BUT signed up for NAPP first.

  123. The new site is just horrible. It’s slow, there are classes missing, links not working properly and the new player doesn’t have a speed forward function so you just have to sit and watch.

  124. I am super excited about KelbyOne! I have learned so much from all that Kelby Media offers….Kelby Training, Kelby TV, NAPP, books, etc. I have been a member of both Kelby Training and NAPP and I’m thrilled that I will be saving some money each year. Thank you for this incredible update!

  125. Love the product, but not happy with the pricing. Two problems: 1. as a customer of both NAPP and Kelby Training, I’m paying $100 more per year in the future than if I’d just had one product (if I’d purchased NAPP first rather than Kelby Training). So “better” customers in the past are treated worse in the future. Would instead be fair to give customers who had both products the better of the two grandfathered prices. 2. For the next year, I have paid for both Kelby and NAPP – the Kelby Training was renewed as part of the Cyber Monday promotions. Agree with others that it wasn’t a great idea to push the products on Cyber Monday when the future changes were known by the organization. Also think that for those who have now “redundant” subscriptions – both Kelby and NAPP paid for time in the future – that they should extend the subscription time as if they were sequential rather than concurrent (e.g. if there is one year left on Kelby and one year left on NAPP, the subscription runs for 2 years).

  126. I had signed up early for a special Julieanne Kost lecture at Imaging USA, this weekend. A few days ago it was announced that there was now a sponsor who provided 15% discount for late enrollees. Am I upset? No. I am still going to hear a wonderful speaker and learn some great things. Same goes for this change. Not everyone can be happy. I personally think it is a smoking deal – everyone gets something additional! Thanks to Scott and the crew for this added benefit!

    1. Not exactly the same thing. The same thing would be paying 15% more for all time because you signed up earlier. And if you missed a lecture then paying even more. Many people can handle single time events where they missed out on a deal all the time. Just bad luck. But never having the *opportunity* for the deal for all time is what these people are having issue with in the discussions. Not sure why that’s hard to understand for some people who have posted here.

      And I’m speaking as a person who was a NAPP first person so I have the maximum benefit. I just have empathy for those who don’t.

  127. I’m not a member of either NAPP or Kelby Training and but want to start a new monthly membership – but can’t sign up! Billing information won’t accept Canadian postal codes for a start. Form then asks for you to log in to complete order. Trouble is I don’t have a username and password! Try to get one and it kicks me back to the online order form so I can fill in my details all over again. Going round in circles here!

    There are obviously some pretty fed up NAPP and Kelby Training subscribers by the sounds of it. I just want to become a KelbyOne member and the website won’t let me join!

    1. KelbyOne home page also offers a “Try It Free Now” link, that takes you straight to the Membership pricing page, click on the option you want, then start your journey in circles (see above). So I can’t try it for free, can’t even pay for it as I can’t sign up. First impressions count my first ones are not good :(

    2. Some progress, but STILL can’t join!

      So, finally they have allowed you to choose a username and password when signing up for KelbyOne. BUT you provide and email address, password and password confirmation as requested, fill in the billing information, payment details, click “Place Order” and a red banner comes up and says that you have NOT provided your email address, password or password confirmation! BUT I”VE PROVIDED THIS! Please someone at KelbyOne sort this out – you obviously have not checked this works.

      Just about given up. Thinking of buying a couple of good books and using the many FREE courses and videos offered from Adobe TV and YouTube.

  128. Pricing aside, I think the change in branding will have an impact, as well. Currently, I have the NAPP logo on my business cards. The name “National Association of Photoshop Professionals” definitively says (said) something. It implies that I am a member of a specifically-purposed fraternal organization and that I already have skills in a very complex and powerful piece of software directly related to my photography.

    Now, I could see being asked, “What’s ‘KelbyOne’? Is that some sort of a Facebook club you belong to?” With the new branding, the immediate identification of already having any skills with the Photoshop and related applications is lost.

    1. It is a shift. The earlier name was centering everything around the premier product Photoshop. Now the branding is around the person/celebrity. Nothing wrong with that, It’s all great marketing and branding.

      But that is something I suspect wasn’t considered. Easily solved, though, by having KO do something like a simple test and “certifying” people ala the ACE exams. Maybe it’ll be called Certified Photoshop Professional or something.

      1. Ironically, I also have the Adobe Photoshop ACE logo on my business card which I acquired largely through knowledge (and inspiration) gained from NAPP!

  129. Well, I’m a bit disappointed with my status as a NAPP member/Kelby Training subscriber. I signed up for NAPP in November 2010, and joined and paid for a year of KT in June 2011. I’ve been with both ever since. However, I went to a David Ziser seminar in October 2010 before I became a NAPP member, and all the attendees got a free one month pass to Kelby Training.

    Since I activated it after the seminar, before I became a NAPP member, and even though I never chose to continue the subscription after that one free month, I became a KT subscriber at that time! Even though I never paid for anything?! I feel that I actually became a subscriber when I made my annual purchase. So now, to renew, I pay $100/year more than I would have if I never took that one month look at the site. This was all explained to me by a Kelby One Customer Service rep who was a bit short with me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I realize that paying $199 for both is $100 less that the going rate before the changeover. I never paid the full $199 for KT, as I took advantage of my NAPP member discount and any promotions that were offered. I’m very happy with all the knowledge I’ve gained from being a part of NAPP and KT, and I’ll continue to enjoy the knowledge that I’ve gained or will gain, but this just left a sour taste in my mouth.

    I hope that Scott reviews this situation with dual subscribers and comes up with a solution for us. After reading the majority of all the comments, it seems that those of us with dual subscriptions are the ones griping the most.

    Just my .02……..


  130. Personally, as someone who was just about to sign up for the NAPP yesterday, this price jack up doesn’t sit well with me. Missing being “grandfathered in” for $99 by a day or so may just be the breaks, but $249/yr is too much.

  131. Hi Scott,
    could you explain honestly why KT-only customers pay twice the amount than NAPP-only customers for the same new service? I still don’t get it.
    Please don’t come with “everyone gets more” what we already know and appreciate. That’s not the point here. That is a well known marketing technique to avoid addressing the real reasons for such a move.
    Shouldn’t you treat all your existing customers the same way, like your own kids ;-) ?
    I really like what you do for the community and appreciate the enormous effort you put in each class. They are first class quality!
    Maybe you will find a way to regain existing customers confidence and make them feel being treated equally.
    Thank You.

  132. Hope this isn’t a double post but I don’t see my previous attempt to make this comment here. I just tried to join NAPP yesterday and ran into this. $249/yr is too much, very disappointing. There are alternatives.

  133. Embedded this post as a reply in my original comment from yesterday; but then I thought I’d start a fresh comment. How many other people out there wanting to join KelbyOne as a new member is being prevented from doing so by this buggy website?

    Some progress, but STILL can’t join! See earlier post.

    So, finally they have allowed you to choose a username and password when signing up for KelbyOne. BUT you provide and email address, password and password confirmation as requested, fill in the billing information, payment details, click “Place Order” and a red banner comes up and says that you have NOT provided your email address, password or password confirmation! BUT I”VE PROVIDED THIS! Please someone at KelbyOne sort this out – you obviously have not checked this works.

    Just about given up. Thinking of buying a couple of books and using the many FREE courses and videos offered from Adobe TV and YouTube.

  134. I’m feeling rather miffed that I let my KT membership expire at the end of Dec with the intention of renewing at end of January and saving a bit of money. It was to be a birthday present from my wife … so Ive now had to tell her it’s going to be 50 dollars more! As I’m only interested in a subset of the courses and don’t consistently watch courses each week or month, I was already feeling that the original 199 price was quite expensive.
    I guess my plan now, rather than to renew for a year at an increased price, is to just subscribe to the odd month here and there when I have time, and save a whole heap of money. I’m afraid that the inequitable pricing and the price hike has lost one annual subscriber now.

  135. We have called your customer service phone line to discuss our Nov. 28 payment and were denied any solution to this payment. I believe our subscription should be extended for one year since when you promoted so heavily during the holiday period, you provided no information on these changes which were about to happen. I feel this has not been in good faith to your good customers.

  136. I have been few days seeing what people wrote because I just wanted to see where the dust settled.

    I think this is one of the funniest launches ever. It wasn’t so long ago when it was Mr. Kelby complaining about Adobes pricing and the fact they there wasn’t any choice anymore. Everyone had to go to CC. Now with the merger of KT and NAPP Mr. Kelby did the exactly same thing himself. Removing the possibility to choose we end up in same result. For new costumer it get’s hugely expensive. If you are only interested on NAPP you are still going to pay close to $250 because of content you do not care. “Everybody gets more” was their slogan but the fact is that only old NAPP members get good benefits. Even old KT costumers are paying twice as much as NAPP members. Why? There actually isn’t any valid reasoning, except the fear of losing costumers if the prices go higher. Now resulting that half of the exciting costumers feel scammed because of double price for being KT members and already been paying more. On the new costumers it even more absurd.

    For someone like me, who has only occasionally taken month here or there and was thinking of joining KT it’s a deal breaker. My work was extremely hectic last year so I don’t have had the time to subscribe. Now that my working hours are improving and I was thinking of joining, I have no desire to be punished for not joining earlier. Now the punishment is $150 per year compared to NAPP members or even $50 compared to KT members how signed in December. Of course it’s only little over $10 a month but treating costumers unequally is not the way to go. Grandfathered price is nice idea but not if you get huge difference between costumers for good. I could get the idea that after year or two everyone sticking around gets the lower price. It rewards costumers who stay along and keep paying.

    Mr. Kelby and whole Kelby Media is making great service. Their services and products are best there is but their costumer policy is something completely different. Still I wish that this thing gets going on and can’t wait to hear all the other big things coming. I will keep taking the month here and there, if feel it.


  137. I only have one question: I really liked the training dashboard that was part of Kelby training and it appears to be gone. It was a great place to quickly see what is new and what my history has been in terms of classes viewed. I know I still need to explore Kelby One some more but is this something that might be considered adding?

  138. I think
    it’s great that both Napp and KT are on the same site and having great Training
    resources in one place!

    I really don’t mind paying for good services, but the price difference between
    being a Napp member first or being a KT member first is not a good solution. I
    think having one price somewhere in between for both Napp and KT would be the
    better solution.

  139. Scott, first of all thanks for all the cool stuff you guys do at the Kelby Empire … you guys rock. I love Kelby Training and all of the great classes, learned a ton. Also love NAPP with all of the discounts and training. GREAT STUFF. This is part of the reason I signed up for both KT and NAPP a long time ago and recommend both to people all the time. Can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with. Keep up the good work!There is no way that you can get this much quality stuff anywhere else on the planet for the price. I signed up for KT first, then NAPP. I appreciate the $99 LESS offer. Thank you! As a duel subscriber it would have been nice to just offer KelbyOne at the $199 price, as all dual subscribers would have gotten the $99 savings … an equal win for all dual subscribers no matter when they signed up. I’m gladly willing to pay the previous KT rate of $199 for more, rather than $199+$99 I was paying previously for both KT and NAPP (still totally worth it at $298). I’ve been monitoring the comments since the KelbyOne announcement and it appears that one rift is whether or not you signed up for NAPP or KT first. Now that the cat is out of the bag, people feel a discrepancy of price depending on which one, KT or NAPP, you signed up for first. Yeah people pay different prices for the same thing all the time, but you still feel miffed if the guy sitting in the seat next to you got his seat for half the price, or if you just paid full price for that lens and the next day it goes on sale for $200 off. Bummer … but you’re still miffed. I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to get anyone “miffed”. In this case the only difference is timing of which one you signed up for first gets you the better deal. I’ve been racking my brain to figure out how this makes any sense. I’m sure the number crunchers figured it out, but for the life of me I’m lost. Gladly willing to pay the $199, and appreciative for the $99 “gift”, looking forward to “more to come” at KelbyOne, but still miffed. Thanks again for what you guys do … awesome!

  140. I didn’t have time until last evening to read/watch the announcement and some of the community conversation. I’ve been a NAPP member since at least 2003 (my records don’t go back further) and signed on for Kelby Training 5 or 6 years later. I’ve always told photog friends that my NAPP membership was the best $99 that I spent on photography each year because it seemed like there was always more benefit than cost (i.e., practically free).
    The big promotions around Cyber-Monday got me also and I paid for another year of KT on December 2nd. Would I have waited if I had known what was coming? Sure, who wouldn’t? But, I still got an extra year of KT at a fine price. And, now I don’t have to pay to renew NAPP in March. C’est la vie.
    For me, NAPP and then NAPP + KT has been an awesome source of tutorials, help desk access, discounts, online classes in PS and LR and general and specific photography education and inspiration from some of the best in the biz. Again, what’s not to like?
    Anytime a company changes up the product line and pricing structure, there will be some short-term disruption and unhappiness. Kelby and crew are not just a nameless, faceless corporation to many of us who follow them (thank goodness – that’s one of the benefits). I suspect that more personal connection is one of several reasons for the outcry from some members. Adobe is only one example and not necessarily a great one, IMHO. SmugMug also dealt with a big pricing flap about a year ago – best I can tell, they’ve done their best to invest in the business and make it better. I have no doubt that Scott and the gang will do that also.
    Scott, all of life is a work in progress. Tweak where you might have made a misjudgment, but get on with rolling out the promises of KelbyOne to those of us who are waiting for the next chapter. Rock on.

    1. Once again well said by someone paying half what other are for the same product. People’s legitimate complaints has nothing to do with resistance to change. It has to do with inequitable renewal rates and with having their loyalty and support being taken for granted or ignored.

  141. The player does’t work properly. I can’t watch a course without having the player controls when I’m in fullscreen mode on Safari (HTML5 mode) or Firefox, if I switch to Flash mode the video is all black. It seems there are courses missing. The site is very slow. There are a lot of bugs, did you tested before released it? It seems not. I can’t download the NAPP magazine with my kelbytraining login. It’s not clear how to download a course on iPad to watch offline, bad design in other words. Please fix those issues. Thank you

    1. I have the same trouble with the player. Contacted them via the help/support on the website but never heard back. Is this working OK for other people. As previously mentioned you cannot fast forward or rewind the videos either.

  142. All I can say is that I’m super excited about the change. I’ve been a NAPP Member for years as well as a KT subscriber on and off. To move forward as a Company, I think they are heading in the right direction and had to make a move at some point. They would never make everyone happy, it’s impossible, and I’m sure they were expecting some frustration. All I can say is that the money I paid in the past as well as what I will pay in the future is worth every penny compared to how much I have learned, the discounts I took advantage of, the quality of the training and the support from all those guys. You will not find a better deal anywhere. I’m sure they would have loved to have a flawless website at launch too, but I’m positive they’ll work out the kinks. How much of us would pay 150 – 300 for a Photoshop conference, or other event, once or twice or more a year? So $249 for a whole year of NAPP this training/forums, etc., as well as all the other perks, plus a magazine is a great price, and I know most of us will be paying less than $249. It’s a big change, some people don’t like change, but as far as I can tell, Scott/NAPP has always been about the members/customers. They’re not perfect, but hey, that’s why we have Photoshop!

  143. I have to agree with many on here who have expressed disappointment in the new combination of services as it relates to those of us who are members of both NAPP and Kelby Training, especially those of us who “thought” we were getting a deal by purchasing the Black Friday special. Those who were only members of one or the other groups are getting added benefits through the combining the two into Kelby One. It is those of us who spent more to be members of both groups who are getting the short end of the stick.

    1. I couldn’t agree more.
      First off, let me say that I think this is a great move and look forward
      to utilizing KelbyOne this year. However, I feel completely
      disenfranchised over the pricing model. I have been a member of both NAPP
      and Kebly Training for two years. I signed up with the 2012 BF deal and
      then again renewed this year. I honestly don’t know which came first
      since I paid for them both at the same time as a package. However,
      judging by the fact that KelbyOne has a renewal price of $199 under my account,
      I am assuming they picked Kelby Training as my first product. I could
      probably argue that the actual invoice lists NAPP before it lists KT in the
      bundle line. Many people are upset because they just renewed at the end
      of the year. I am willing to let that go as end of year sales happen all
      the time. I am not willing to let go of the fact that I had subscribed to
      both services for 2 years at $199/yr and you are offering me no more content
      than I would have previously had and no discount on pricing. You are
      pretending that I am getting a better deal, but the reality is I am not.
      I can even somewhat rationalize the decision not to increase the pricing
      for NAPP only members, although I think a small increase would have been
      justified over the next few years. Similarly for KT members only, I can
      rationalize why you made that decision. Although, I don’t think it is
      justified to offer two groups of people the same product at double the price.
      If there were membership tiers, then that might makes sense and the NAPP
      only members would be rolled into a lower tier pricing and product offering.
      The decision on pricing for both NAPP and KT members is irrational
      though. Why should it matter what I signed up for first – why not just
      flip a coin for all that matter. The fact is that I am a NAPP member and
      therefore NAPP members have been grandfathered in at $99. That I am also
      a KT member has been a bonus for KelbyOne and don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the
      content. I have never heard of a company charging the higher of two prices
      to its subscribers in a situation like this. Hopefully you will
      reconsider before I renew next year.

  144. I have been a NAPP and KT member for years but I must have signed up for KT first because when I tried to extent my KelbyOne membership I was quoted $199. So Scott please let me know if I am correct in my assumption that I have to pay $199 for my KelbyOne after many years of NAPP and KT membership but the guy who just signed up for NAPP over the holidays gets it for $99.

  145. This news is as good if not better then when you announced that PSW was coming to DC back in 2012. My only complaint is that I’m sad I had bought the Black Friday deal like I have for the last few years because I wanted the deal. Thank god I was still a NAPP member. If I hadn’t seen this blog post I would of thought I would have to pay $249 when my NAPP membership ran out in march of 2015. Like I said kind of sucks that I ended spending that little bit of money that I could of saved if I just renewed when my membership expires in March of this year.

    Also I love using the app on my iPad. Being able to download will be that much better when I’m out practicing and need a quick refresher.

  146. I’m a long-time member of both NAPP and also of Kelby Training. My NAPP membership was good through Sept 20, 2014 and I just renewed the Kelby Training membership on Cyber Monday through Dec 19, 2014. So now my KelbyOne membership only goes for one year to Dec 19, 2014, which is the same one year as anyone who had just one of the memberships. Seems to me my subscription should go through Dec 2015. I was really hesitating on signing up again for the Kelby Training and now I feel I wasted my money in December. Will probably ask for it back.

  147. I don’t understand the fuss about the pricing. We are grandfathered in. I’ve been in situations where I have been grandfathered in and it is a good thing. We get to learn more at the same prices we’ve been paying. We are not asked to pay more let’s enjoy the experience. If you don’t like it you don’t have to renew. If you let your membership lapse and decide later on that you want to join the community again you’ll pay the new membership fee.

  148. Congratulations to all of the NAPP members! You are receiving a very generous gift from KelbyOne. What I don’t understand is why a person who just signed up for NAPP say, in December of 2013, therefore a one-month member, will receive the current benefits for $99 for the foreseeable future. On the other hand I, along with many other loyal Kelby Training subscribers, will pay $199, twice that amount, for the foreseeable future. I just renewed my KT membership last month for $159, but my renewal price will now be $40 more. I read that we would not be paying more. Understood that more content is available, but I apparently could have joined both last year for about that $199 had I chosen to do so. Not such a great deal here. I’m not sure what I’ll do when renewal time comes around again, but I do know as a small business owner myself, we would never alienate a portion of our customers in this way. I hope KelbyOne is listening and will offer an acceptable solution where ALL current customers receive the same excellent product for the same price. And now I’m off to watch Cinderella. J/K. Oh, and congratulations to KelbyOne, and best wishes for great success!

  149. I don’t understand why Kelby Media are not responding to our concerns. Sadly The Grid last week with Karen Hutton was bombarded with questions in the chat and Brad Moore threatened to ban people asking about the stupid pricing. Perhaps this weeks show will hopefully explain what is going to happen (if anything) remember the pricing with Adobe was unfair, come on Scott look at our comments and don’t hide. No i have not renewed and wont when others are getting half price for the same product.

  150. What’s happening?

    Let me go back to a very recent order I made from a company that makes albums. Their web site states that they will turn-around any order within two weeks. They shipped in just under four. A problem occurred during the order and I had to follow up numerous times to get it followed up. When my album arrived I found that a printing error occurred. I had to call and follow up again. Problems occur in any business. The thing that made me second guess the company was the service. Vital to any business is communication with its customers. I had promised my clients certain things along the way and now I wasn’t delivering. Embarrassing? Yes. Through communication, me explaining to the clients exactly what I was running into, allowed me to keep the trust and business of my client. Even though I didn’t deliver as promised, letting my customer know what (or what wasn’t) happening was vital for future business.

    What’s with the lack of communication here? Scott had plenty of times to respond to other posts from later blog entries but has not addressed the complaints lodged here. I had all the respect for Scott and his crew and know he tries to be “up front” and honest in past dealings. I wonder what is going on. I’m left to guess and that is never a good thing. Are they reading these and understand there is an issue to address? Are they coming up with something new based on what they read? Are they just going to let it go (ignore the issues) and hope for the best? Are they hoping that by not responding it will just disappear? Maybe a combination of some of these or something else. I certainly don’t know because I’m only left with guessing. Like rumors, guessing is never a good thing.

    On the new KelbyOne site they actually have an area dedicated to “business” videos. Ironic that a company that would try to teach others about business does not understand the importance of communication. Even if you would have came out and said that we are looking at these posts and will address them at a later time would have made more sense than no response at all. I have to agree with others, after the Adobe thing has Kelby Group learned nothing? With each new blog entry by Scott/Brad/Guest, I find this getting more and more bizarre. What’s happening?

  151. I have been with Kelby since Scott started his seminar in Fort Lauderdale. A member in Napp for about 15 years. Kelby always treated everyone fairly, but not now. I renewed in late November and a week later got Kelby training. I called three times and they flatly told me there is nothing they can do when they can extend my membership for another year if they want to play fair. They knew Dec 2 that Kelby one was in process and it was a trick to sign everyone up and renew. Scott, not nice. I tutor photoshop and I have recommended Napp for years. No more warm and fuzzy feel….

  152. This is a quote from Corey Barker on PlanetPhotoshop:
    ” KelbyOne will carry the same benefits offered previously from NAPP and Kelby Training, but now it’s just one product at one price from one source.”

    It’s NOT one price.
    If you signed up for NAPP recently it’s $99.
    If you’ve been a member of NAPP and Kelby Training for years, it’s $199.
    If you sign up from scratch, it’s $249

  153. Well after 9 days still no comment from Scott Kelby or his staff about this stupid new pricing. As you can clearly see only NAPP members are happy. Just look at all the negative stuff on here Scott. Last week as i said in an earlier post Brad Moore was going to ban people who kept talking about this pricing on last weeks The Grid and now this week another guest is on the show, so again i doubt no resolve. You were great when Adobe changed their pricing. There is a lot of great content on the web for Photoshop and photography so why would you pay a stupid and wrong pricing system. I will now no longer be looking at anything involving Kelby media for tutorials or inspiration etc and all the books i have now been thrown out. If you can’t even be bothered to do a Q&A even on your blog and look after your customers, then sadly shame on you. Don’t forget a lot of people look up to you guys as heroes and would love to be as good as you guys one day. Yes i have emailed your dept, who said as my membership had only just expired 2 weeks ago i could have a deal at $199 yes thats $100 more than just a NAPP member, sorry not fair at all.
    Sorry i have just had a gut full and now moving on.

    1. Wow. It is sad to watch years of well-earned goodwill slip away simply by refusing to communicate with customers. And very hard to understand. Silence really can be deafening …

  154. Not one word about the renewal rates on The Grid even though they said last Wednesday that KelbOne would be discussed this Wednesday. Their response is no response. What a wonderful way to treat customers who have been paying for both NAPP and Kelby Training all along. I would still like to know what damn difference it makes which one you started paying for first.

    1. All Scott said last night was the people keep coming up to him and say its such a great thing you have done. Sadly Scott or his staff don’t seem to have been looking at these posts or even replying. If you going to blog at least reply to some of the posts.

  155. Wow – what a total rip-off. Kelby could have at least split the difference between the two groups instead of double-charging Kelby Training subscribers. is looking better and better

  156. I just came to the new site and I don’t like it. I went to look for my
    favorite tutorials and other videos I had in my favorite and their not
    there. In fact it is a mess to navigate so far. I have no favorites
    anymore. And so far I find it hard to bring up the photographers on here
    that I want to watch. I didn’t get a membership to napp because I
    wasn’t interested in photoshop. That’s what made me be a member of KT. To have to do this all over again makes me a very disappointed member of KT. Where is the photographers directory? My renewal is in March and I must say that as of right now I will not be renewing my membership.

  157. I’d like to also air my frustration. I am long loyal and faithful time member with NAPP first, then with Kelby Training for the past several years and kept renewing each year. My current expiration is in August for Kelby Training and September for NAPP. I don’t see why you can’t give members who are dual members with both subscriptions an extension (e.g. add on an additional 8 months in my case with the subscription. I feel cheated that I paid for two different services. Can someone please look into this and respond to me. Seeing 435 other comments, I know a lot of other people are upset and if you value your loyal and faithful customers, I’d appreciate an extension. Thank you.

  158. This 2 tiered approach to a membership is bizarre. What other company would reward it’s best customers by saying you now have the privilege of paying the higher price from now on ? I know the purpose was to make things fair for existing NAPP members. The best option would be to grandfather them in until their subscription expires. Then have everyone (new and existing members) pay the same price for the combined NAPP and Kelby Training membership. Otherwise everyone but the NAPP members feel cheated. I thought the Adobe subscription model was a lousy idea but the KelbyOne membership is far worse. At least the Adobe CC subscription model is consistent. If you want only Photoshop and Lightroom you pay one price. If you want the whole bundle you pay another price. I hope KelbyOne reconsiders and comes up with one subscription price at renewal time and also gives that same price to new members. .

  159. I’m a Kelby training member and when I try and login with Kelbyone the screen greys out I can’t access it. I thought all Kelby training members had access to Kelbyone. What should I do?

  160. I’m also very disappointed in the membership plans. I was a NAPP member for several years and when I couldn’t afford both, payed the high price for Kelby Training. Felt like it gave me more bang for the buck. I always renewed when there was a special offer to save some money. Now I feel like I’m being punished. I’ll continue to pay more money while NAPP members pay less and get more. Why not let us all pay the same. Either $99 or split the difference at $149. Thanks for listening.

  161. I was a subscriber to Kelby Training for a year. It was well worth the money, but towards the end of the year I felt I had gotten what I wanted from it and didn’t have the time to keep looking for videos and watching them. I had originally planned to sign up for NAPP for a year and see if that was worth it to me long term. Now it looks as though I would have to pay significantly more to get what I originally wanted, which I don’t plan to do. I don’t know how many people are in the same boat, but it’s unfortunate that you don’t have various plans, or that there wasn’t some way to give people a heads up ahead of time (I get why you didn’t) that the change was coming. Good luck with all this “feedback” :-)

  162. A business is free to use any pricing supported by it’s customers and NAPP certainly has high-quality training. But NAPP is (was) promoted as a member organization, and so I believe members–especially long-standing ones–should have been brought into the loop on this change. The new policy doesn’t take into consideration long-standing members (as I was) that may have been put into a position of having to discontinue temporarily during a difficult economic year (in my case, in 2013 with an intention of renewing once things got better in 2014). If we were better informed as to the upcoming change, we could have made better business decisions regarding renewals. As a result, the new higher pricing is simply more than I can afford. I’m sure others may be in similar positions.

  163. I can’t decide how I feel about all this. Part of me feels ripped off and the other part of me sees I’m getting more content for no extra.

    The one thing I am disappointed with was the Black Friday/Cyber Monday (can’t remember which) deal to join NAPP only to find out a month later that I could’ve not taken that deal, not paid a cent and end up with all the NAPP benefits anyway with the KelbyOne launch as I’m already Kelby Training member.

    That part doesn’t sit well with me at all.

    PS: NAPP members pricing vs KT members pricing stings too!

  164. I understand your need for change, but I feel past NAPP members should get some consideration also, because I took a year off for financial reasons I am really penalized finacially, you seemed to have priced me out of the market, even when I supported you for several years early on. I guess that is what happens when you get really big. Best of luck to you and your organization. Maybe sometime I can pull 2 and a half times what I used to pay together to enjoy this again. Seems like I remember you saying it is 99 and always will be 99, oh well my rant is done.

  165. I was a NAPP member on and off during the past decade. I always wanted NAPP to be more like Kelby Training. I guess that wish came true. I don’t see the equity in people getting the same service for half the price though. Will I sign up? No.. I’ll continue to a la carte until this change over makes sense.

  166. I agree with some of the other in that I wish that I had not gone for the Black Friday extension if I knew I could get it for free in another month it does seem if we pay for both services we should get some kind of extension on our membership. I still uncertain as to which plan it shows I joined first, I know I have been a member of NAPP for a long time except for a few short periods when I only had a Kelby Training membership. For a amateur I am constantly having to juggle expenditures between classes photoshop world and kelby training, NAPP and actual photography equipment.

  167. Have you noticed that there is not one word of explanation concerning the renewal rates between NAPP vs Kelby Training subscribers vs Subscribers to BOTH. 450 comments most of which are concerning this issue and not ONE word. I received an email from Kelby Media Group telling me that they understand how it’s not been easy to change to KelbyOne and said they are extending my KelbyOne subscription six months then after that the renewal rate is STILL twice ($199) what a NAPP only ($99) subscriber is paying. I asked for an explanation and told them I didn’t want the extension. Gee guess what. NOTHING, not a reply , not ONE word. For an outfit so well suited for teaching photography and related software they are absolutely apathetic toward their customers. Unbelievable.

    1. Like you, I submitted my comments about ten days ago to the Kelby Media Group’s contact form found here:

      A few days ago, I received a response from the VP of Operations for the group offering to grant me a modest, one-time credit to my account extending my account. I was a KelbyTraining – THEN NAPP member prior to the announcement so I am one of those that get’s to continue paying $199.

      I responded to their email explaining how their account credit offer really only added up to a one-time net value of $40-45 because I had recently renewed NAPP and KelbyTraining. At best, it would offset the monies I would have otherwise lost on my NAPP renewal, of which the value did not actually extend my subscription length after the KelbyOne announcement.

      I suggested that above anything they could do as an organization regarding this, they should at least read all of the now close to 500 comments on this blog post and respond to them with something other than a representative reiterating the new pricing terms the day of the announcement followed by silence. I stated that I did not care to have an extension of my subscription as you have, but rather for them to address this publicly.

      It’s been several days since I sent my reply… deafening silence. Pretty sad.

  168. Last thing I will write here on this subject. It’s a small factor and has no influence or effect on anything, but my decision was to stop following Scott Kelby and Kelbyone on twitter. I unsubscribed all their channels on YouTube and will stop reading this blog.

    I think it is a disgrace how they are ignoring all comments people are writing here or twitter etc… That is the worst kind of business. I have been looking up to Scott as a photographer, instructor and businessman. The fact is that that image has been shattered. He is great photographer and I like the way he teaches. The businessman side is something I don’t really care so much anymore. He showed his true color now. It’s all about money and the fact that they don’t even bother to comment is just sad. I hope they are pleased with themselves.

    I think it was fun as long as it lasted.


  169. In total agreement Mikko. The silence is telling. Extremely telling. When my current subscriptions (both NAPP and Kelby Training) expire I will not be renewing them. I am going to utilize what I have already paid for if I can stand to go to the website. Like you Mikko mine is a small blip on the grand scheme of things but I will no longer recommend anything Kelby to my customers and will explain why if they are interested. I have no desire to support an arrogant little man who bites the hand that feeds him.

  170. OK, my last comment on this as well. KelbyOne is yet to respond the the message I sent them about the issues I was having signing up as a new member. So not only are they not listening or responding to existing Kelby Training and NAPP members about their rightful concerns on the new subscription model, but they’re also not getting back to prospective new members as well.

    I finally managed to sign up after many struggles that I had to work through myself, so perhaps they’ve noticed that, but a simple response would have been nice. I’m glad I signed up to the month by month plan rather than stump up a years subscription as I’m starting to get sick of the slow and buggy website. I’m likely to watch the videos I want, then cancel my subscription unless things improve quickly.

  171. Called NAPP to express my disappointment about the new pricing policy. Been a NAPP member for some time and switched over Kelby Training where the promotions and content was. Can someone at Kelby Media comment about the fairness of this new policy?

  172. I am left with the impression that what was once NAPP is in the process of dying. There is a small link on the new site colored dark grey and placed on a black background named “Member Community” which, I think, is the only rabbit hole to the former NAPP. There hasn’t been a new edition of PhotoshopUser TV in five weeks. All of the emphasis of KelbyOne *appears* now to be placed on training newbies who are still struggling with Microsoft Paint. And if that is not the way it is, it *appears* to be the case to this longtime member of both organizations and a proficient user of Photoshop (largely because of NAPP). Sad.

    (Note to the KelbyOne webmaster: please reconsider such things as dark grey links on a black background, the extraordinary overuse of thumbnails, and 90% of the other HTML5 tricks used on the new site. When I visit the site, don’t make me think. Maybe concentrate on navigation from a user’s perspective. Just give me a quick path to get where I want to go. Thanks.)

  173. I agree with most posters here. Every existing customer should be grandfathered at $99 or even $119 (<$2 pm extra for great content). Otherwise it leaves a bad taste in the mouth for KT-only, and worse still KT-first, customers. Yes, I understand that this is more envy than a fair assessment of value for money – KT users get $50 off for life. But it's human nature – e.g., no fare paying business class passenger likes to hear that the guy sitting next to them got a free upgrade, even if their own ticket is being paid by their employer!

    BTW, I don't believe it's a question of lack of integrity on the part Scott & co. I do put it down to poor planning and understanding of customer behaviour. If they don't fix it soon they are likely to lose a of photographers, who I would guess would be the majority of KT customers.

    1. Ganga the outrage has not one d*** thing to do with envy. It has to do what is right. I would call not replying to over 450 comments most of which are about this very topic a sign of little or no integrity and a high quantity of arrogance. If a person was paying for both NAPP and Kelby Training what possible difference does it make which one was paid for FIRST? This very question has been asked many times right here with no, absolutely NO response. The Kelby business model seems to be to ignore their best paying customers in hopes that they will just shut up and pay up or just go away.

    1. Sure is. I just asked Amex to get my unused, pre-paid KT funds back for the coming year. I’ll let the balance of my NAPP subscription slide. I also asked for my admission to PSW back. And in case you are wondering, my motivation was not financial, it was ethical.

  174. When two magazines merge, if they have people who have one year subscriptions to both magazines those people have their subscriptions extended by another year. They don’t pay for two one year subscriptions and still just get one year of the new magazine.

  175. I’m still waiting to hear the official KelbyOne response to all of this. Why was there recently a video explanation made regarding Scott Kelby’s switch from Nikon to Canon and no response here regarding NAPP and Kelby Training membership pricing? I could care less about the camera Scott is using. I enjoy the training and resources from KelbyOne, but it’s disappointing that the whole pricing issue hasn’t been addressed properly. Scott, please cover this topic and be done with it…the silence is not appreciated by many.

    1. They are never going to respond to the disparity in renewal rates because they have no reasoning behind the policy. They could care less what you or anyone else thinks about it. I have several months left on my subscriptions (was paying for both and get to pay double because I signed up for KT first) and have no plans to go to KelbyOne unless it’s for something spectacular like Joe McNally classes or a Jay Maisel video. is good and have more selection of tutorials on a multitude of topics. Have already learned more about textile and clothing photography than I ever did on Kebly. A bonus is I’m pretty sure is not going to urinate down my back then try to convince me it’s raining.

  176. I feel really truly screwed – first Adobe CC and now NAPP! I did not renew NAPP membership due to my serious health issues(did not have chance) and now I really cannot get my price of $99 as I had before. $250 on top of the Adobe CC (yes i guess I have to get that one) subscription is really too much for me!!! And I even do not remember seeing notices about renewal – but that I cannot vouch for as I was not able to check my mail too much. I am very, very disappointed and sad that NAPP did this. I’ve been member NAPP for several years, and I am really feeling betrayed!

  177. Darn, if the app had offline viewing I would sign up now, but as I tend to use the iPad as my primary internet access, and the fact that I am in Australia with relatively slow internet speeds, the quality will suffer. Once the app as offline viewing, expect me to sign up. I actually wanted it for an upcoming trip, but alas that won’t be happening, unless the app is updated in a little over a week lol

  178. I am a long standing NAPP member (almost from it’s inception). I see that most people responding here have concerns with pricing. My main complaint is with the decision to cease the use of the NAPP identity. I’ve tied my business to this moniker as it has always added a sense of trained professionalism (which is true). The association had a prestigious nature about it. That is all lost now, the name “KelbyOne” cannot be used in this same nature. To some degree, I joined BECAUSE of the name. Well, I guess I’ll go remove the NAPP window stickers from my windows/doors.

  179. I just signed up with KelbyOne but the app wont take my username. Isn’t your user name just your full name? I am going a little off topic but I am really stoked to get going on my ipad on this.

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