Dan Margulis On Lab Color and Shakespeare (I’m not making this up)

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As promised, here’s the full intro to Dan’s new advanced Photoshop Lab Color Frontier online class, and I posted the full intro for two reasons:

  1. Dan’s the real deal. He’s brash, outspoken, and he “calls ’em like he sees ’em.” You’ve got to hear it in his own words. Plus, you’ve got to love any class intro that’s rated PG, and I particularly enjoy the way Dan both scares you away, and then at the same time nearly dares you to take his class.
  2. You’ve got to watch the full intro because at one point not only does Dan somehow manage to draw a connection between Shakespeare and Photoshop Lab Color, but he actually kind of acts out a scene from Shakespeare’s King Henry IV, Part One. But here’s the most surprising thing; he does it so darn well (and knows the topic so well), that it’s really captivating (in a “Shakespeare goes to Brooklyn” kind of way). I promise you—you’ll love it. It can only be hours before this winds up on YouTube.com because it’s really, well…you just gotta watch it. Only Dan could pull this off.

So, lower the lights, hit the play button above, sit back and just watch. Oh yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to grab a glass of wine first. Or two.

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