Tuesday News Nuggets


Hi folks: here’s what’s up:

  • Photographer Alan Hess from ShotLivePhoto.com sent me the photo above (click for a larger version) which he took of Nikon shooters on the sidelines of the San Diego Chargers vs. Detroit Lions game late last year. Thanks Alan, for sharing your photo with my readers (and check out Alan’s fantastic concert photography if you get a chance–here’s the link).
  • When I was checking out Terry’s video on Elements 6 for Mac yesterday, I wound up over at Terry’s Tech Blog, where he’s got a great in-depth review of Wacom’s new lightweight 12″ Cintiq 12WX and if you’ve ever dreamed of having a Cintiq, this is your chance. By the way, Corey Barker’s been using one here in his office, and I got to play around with it, and I’ve got to tell ya—it absolutely rocks! Here’s the link to Terry’s review.
  • Want some Tuesday photo inspiration? Check out the photography of UK-based photographer Tim Wallace. Make sure you visit his Automobile portfolio. Amazing stuff. Here’s the link.
  • This is a bit off topic, but if you’re thinking about whether to go BlueRay or HD-DVD, check out DV-Confidential’s report on the topic right here.
  • “The Blog Critic.com” did an in-depth review of my new book, “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2” and you can read it online right here.
  • Looks like it’s going to be a big day for Apple, as Steve Jobs kicks off the Macworld Expo out in San Francisco with his highly anticipated Keynote presentation. Should be a fun day!

Have a great one everybody. See ya tomorrow! :-)

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