Wedding Photography Guru David Ziser Live on Location!


The amazing David Ziser has been in town since last week working on his on-location wedding shoot for, and I stopped by and crashed their shoot yesterday at a local church. I stayed just long enough to take a few quick shots (as seen above), but while I was there I watched him tape a short segment and I have to tell you—David Ziser flat out rocks! He is, without a doubt, one of the best teachers out there, and the stuff he imparts in his teaching you just don’t find anywhere else. He makes it all so clear, so simple, and it just makes so much sense. I can’t wait to watch his entire class when it goes online (should be within just few weeks).

Besides traveling the world shooting high-end weddings, and teaching both the photography and the business side of wedding photography, he has one of the most informative (and active), blogs out there (called ““). I know I’ve mentioned it here before (I even talked about it in my latest book), but even if you’re not a wedding photographer, you’ve got to add to your daily list (David posts numerous times each time. He even makes me feel like I’m a slacker). Here’s the link to his site, and I’ll let you all know as soon as his first online class goes live.

One last thing: David’s Photoshop World pre-conference workshop (and live on location wedding shoot) is one of the very first ones to sell out (he’s sold out every single one well in advance), so if you’re planning on going—make sure you snag your spot right away.

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