Three New Cool Flash-Based Web Photo Galleries Adobe Snuck Into Lightroom

In the last free update to Lightroom, Adobe did something very cool; they snuck in three very slick Flash-based web site templates (which are completely customizable), designed by the gang over at Airtight Interactive. In Lightroom, these three templates actually appear in the Gallery Panel on the right side, and they’re called:



Airtight Postcard Viewer (shown above top), which arranges your photos like they’re on a Light table, and when you click on any one, it zooms into a large size (seen in the image right below it). Click on either image to see larger versions.

Airtight Auto Viewer (shown above–click for larger version), which gives you a row of interactive panels, and the center panel displays your full color image while the panels on either side are dimmed back. People viewing your Web site have the choice of clicking the play button to watch an automated slideshow, or they use the arrows to scroll through the slides at their own pace.



Airtight Simple Viewer (above above top), displays your images as tidy square thumbnails on the left, and when you click on a thumbnail the larger version is displayed with a white Polaroid border around it.

flashpal.jpgWhat’s so cool about these (besides the way they look), is how incredibly customizable they are, and how easy they are to customize. There’s a panel (shown here) where you choose how many thumbnails, how large they are, if they have a border, and how wide it will be, and a dozen or so customizations specific to each template. It’s very, very well done.

Kudos to Airtight Interactive for such well thought out design and especially for letting Adobe’s Lightroom Team share it with us Lightroom users.

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