Drew’s Guest Blog Prank

Like many of you who left comments, I thought Drew Gurian’s Guest Blog this week rocked, and it was both inspirational and informative on so many levels, and my hat’s off to him for a such a great post!

Now, some of you may know that my assistant Brad Moore used to be Joe McNally’s full time assistant before Drew, and both Brad and I have known Drew for a while now, and we both totally love the guy, which is probably why I jumped right on Brad’s idea to prank Drew about this guest blog.

I guess Drew really worked hard on his guest blog post, and he was kind of sweating it a bit, so Brad had me call Drew’s cell phone late Tuesday afternoon and leave him the message that “I needed to talk to him about his Guest Blog post.”

When Drew called back, I told him that I had read his guest blog, and was kind of disappointed with it, and that it was too fluffy and didn’t have any “meat” to it. Worse yet, I really needed him to rewrite the whole thing tonight to make it “more interesting.”

Well, I was really pouring it on (while Brad and my assistant Kathy were both sitting on my office literally turning red holding back their laughter), and Drew was just absolutely silent. So much so, that I finally had to let him off the hook and tell him I was totally just kidding (and then I did what any good photographer does—-I blamed it all on my assistant Brad). ;-)

After a few choice sentences which included several colorful phrases, thankfully Drew himself started cracking up. He told me he was freaking out while I was telling him, because he already had an incredibly busy night planned, and now he was looking at rewriting this post that had taken him days. Ahhh, it was a magic moment.

But beyond just pranking Drew, I think there’s a lesson in here for all photographers. When in doubt, blame your assistant. ;-)  Thanks again Drew—–you handled the whole thing like a pro! :)

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