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OK, I’m Kinda Psyched
I mentioned earlier in the week that I had shot the Honda Grand Prix Indy Race on assignment for wire service Southcreek Global Media, but I was totally psyched when I saw that one of the Indy Car images I shot that day was featured on their Home Page in their “Recent Coverages” section (as seen above). Hey, it’s a start. :)

Camera GPS Smackdown!
My buddy Terry White did an in-depth review and look at the different devices and their specs for embedding GPS data into your DSLR photos, and you can check it out right here.

Neutral Day Reviews My Photo Recipes DVD/Book Combo
I just found this in-depth review of my Photo Recipes “Behind the Scenes” DVD, and while they say “it’s not for everybody” they do a really good job of explaining who it is for and why. Here’s the link. In semi-related news; I just heard from my publisher, and this combo has been such a success, it’s going into its second printing, so if it’s out-of-stock at your local or online bookstore, they’ll have new stock soon.

Brian Bloom’s Photography Rocks!
I learned of Brian’s work through a blog post on Seth Godin’s blog, and his stuff totally rocks. If you want to be inspired going into the weekend, click right here.

David Ziser captures “Big Electric Cat” stills & video with his Canon 7D
“Big Electric Cat” (featuring Kalebra, Felix Nelson, Tony Llanes, Scott Stahley, and yours truly) played a gig at the Photoshop World Attendee party at B.B. King’s Bar & Grill, and photographer and author David Ziser was there taking photos and video with his new 7D, and then he used Animoto to combine the two seamlessly into one video slidesshow, and it really came out pretty cool. Here’s the link to watch it online over at David’s “Digital Pro Talk” blog.

Seth’s new “Fire & Ice” Workshop in Iceland Sounds Amazing!
If you’re into shooting extreme nature, and want to do it with a fantastic photographer/instructor, check out Seth Resnick’s “Fire & Ice” Workshop coming up April 28th to May 4th in Iceland, as part of the Focus on Nature Int’l Photography workshops. Here’s how they describe it: “The majority of the workshop will be spent shooting the dramatic volcano eruption in the south of Iceland and the neighboring area. Also the icebergs on the glacier lagoon on the south-east coast. Finally ice caves if approachable.” Wow!!!! Here’s where to go for all the details.

The iPad’s Here on Monday and….
…..I’m waiting for the Wi-Fi + 3G model, which I already ordered, but I’m going to Best Buy this weekend just to check one out. From what I hear, the App’s are just amazing. Can’t wait (but I’ll have to—-until the end of the month. Ugh!).

Have a great weekend!
Hope you guys have a great one, and I hope to see you back here on Monday. :)

  1. Congrats on the car images being on the front page.
    Speaking of car images, your guest blogger Stephan Cooper was really cool. Not something I shoot but made me want to.

    I watched David film / shoot his video, glad to see it on his site. It looks good. Now all you have to do is send him a good recording of B.E.C so he can actually use your music in it.

    I tend to live and work in a wifi environment and opted to get the wifi only version of the iPad. Looking forward to delivery on Saturday but fear that my wife will be the one using it while I work on book deadlines.

    1. Hi Jared:
      Actually, it’s both. Once you’re working with them, you can send in a proposal for an event you want to cover, and if they don’t have anyone already covering, and they think it’s worth covering, and they can arrange media credentials, then you’re in. Then in some cases, they’ll contact you and ask “Can you cover this event for us?”

      Hope that helps.


  2. Scott, Hey dude that means some $$ from Southcreek (or does it). One of my employees shoots for them and does all the ACC games. I wonder If Apple checked the calendar before they promised an April 3rd date for the IPad. I got my confirmation and it said “you will get your IPad on April 3 unless UPS does not deliver on Sat in your area” (I think that is everywhere). I talked to a retired driver of the 24hours racing yesterday (Roger Mandeville) and he is going to check out your photos on this site, do you have any others posted anywhere?

  3. I stopped reading your DVD review when the reviewer wrote “It’s not that I necessarily have a lot of learning left to do”. With all of his knowledge, maybe he could do a guest blog.

      1. Speaking of not thinking, I believe Scott is upset about my comment on his KISS make-up, he hasn’t answered one question I have asked since.(what was I thinking) :(

  4. Scott,

    Will Kelby Training videos work on the iPad? I thought those were flash based…. and since the iPad doesn’t support flash… well I guess it won’t work on

    I sure hope i’m wrong! How cool will it be to watch kelbytraining classes on the ipad!


  5. That’s totally awesome about getting featured Scott! I guess a good photographer translates to many genre in photography. (this is not a kiss up to Scott) Cause when I saw that picture I thought it was just an attention grabber. The angle and the richness in color = Scott Kelby = great eye candy.

    Nice work

  6. I liked David Zisers’ still/video shot of your performance but what really amazed me was a shot of another photographer using a Pentax! I thought I was the only one! WTH!

  7. Wow, the picture is amazing I love it!! I’ll have to look at the other pics on that site! And its really cool because I LOOVE Indy Car racing! I go to Watkins Glen with family every year!!!
    And I also have to say, that I love you as a photographer so much. You are my insperation and mentor. I have the series of the “Digital Photography Book” 1,2, and 3. I looooove them. I am 17 and really hope to be a pro some day. I just bought my Canon rebel eos xsi, 450/D on Feb 7,2010, I looooooooooooove it. I am also and christian and it was wonderful to read in your book that you are too. I also go on your blog all the time, but this is my first time commenting. So thank you so much, for you are such an insperation to me!

  8. Well this is the first comment from an iPad…maybe? OMG this thing is awesome type on. WOW! Anyway, the photos appear fine but the featured section at the top of the website does not. The d-town video does not appear.

    I am totally stoked on this. Also I am typing this on a mifi card from verizon. Speedy!!!!!!!

    Tom Q.

  9. Hi.
    Loving the Indy-car shots!
    I know this is totally off-topic, but I tried to google this and I couldn’t find a thing about it:’ Why do some of the tires have a red line on the outside, and some don’t? I noticed that the #46 car had 2 diffrent sets on your images in the post below.


  10. Saw an Ipad and while it looks great and browses the web with elegance, many sites I visit regularly such as yours and kelby training cannot be done on an Ipad. Any plans for making kelbytraining compatible with the devices you use and like; knowing Apple will probably never support Flash???

      1. Not talking journalism at all here. It seems to be done quite often in car ads, but ‘truth in advertising’ has been a slippery slope for the ad people.

  11. Scott, I know the feeling of having your shot on the front page of Southcreek’s site. I was ecstatic when I got my first shot featured on the homepage. Hopefully we’ll get to shoot something together for Southcreek at some point.

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