Hey gang – this quick little video (below) is about an awesome portfolio feature that already comes with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (even with the $9.99 a month photographers bundle). It’s called “Adobe Portfolio” and it’s so easy to use that you can have your own custom online portfolio up and running in about 10 minutes without any additional fees (or any web programming experience whatsoever – anybody can do this easily). Check out the video below to see how this works:

Hope you found that helpful — it’s one of those things that Adobe kind of snuck in there and it really adds value to their subscription (especially if you’re just paying the $9.99 a month, because you can pay more than that for a portfolio alone).

Hope that starts your Monday off right. :)



P.S. In 10-days I’ll be in San Diego with my new seminar (on Thursday, May 12th) – hope you can come by. Also, a big shout out to all the photographers in Seattle & Portland who came out to my seminars there last week. Really enjoyed getting to meet so many nice folks. Thanks for making me feel at home so far from home :)

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  1. That was awesome, had no idea that feature existed.

  2. Love that! Now if I can get photos like that :-)

  3. I can always use a new avenue to display my images. Thanks!!!

  4. Hey thanks Scott, I had no idea.. I really should get out more ;) Looks like something I could use for showing a clean view of my portfolio to clients, especially since my website isn’t as shiny and pretty as I’d like.
    Thanks for this, awesome!! :)

  5. […] NOTE: If you’re not familiar with Adobe Portfolio, I did a post and short video about it at this link. […]

  6. […] NOTE: If you’re not familiar with Adobe Portfolio, I did a post and short video about it at this link. […]

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