Here’s a Cool Photo Tip Friday on what Focus Stacking is (and a really helpful tutorial)

Happy Friday, everybody. First, we’ve got a killer Focus Stacking tip, in this case, for food photography, from top food photographer Aaron Van, but after the tip, I’ve got a link to a tutorial I did on not only how to shoot for focus stacking, but how to compile the multiple images into a single stacked image in Photoshop. First, the video:

OK, if that sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, if you’re a food photographer (or want to be one), here’s the link to Aaron’s awesome course, but I also did a step-by-step tutorial here on the blog for using Focus Stacking in Landscape photography. Here’s the link to that one.

OK, everybody. Stay healthy, safe, and warm out there and have a kick-butt weekend. I would say #GoBucs, but…well…ya know. ;-)


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