More Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Photographers (and a super yummy food thing)

Stop snickering about the ‘glorious’ part — I’m trying to make the best of this funky, funky year. Anyway, lots going here — here’s what’s up.

One of my all-time favorite ballheads is on sale for $20 off

This Oben BE-117T is one bada@# little ballhead (and plenty big enough to hold my Canon 5D Mark IV or my EOS R, even with a 70-200mm attached. Holds up to 17.5 lbs. I believe), and right now B&H Photo has it on sale for $20 off (just $69.95 which is just insane for this quality a rig). Also, a perfect match if you use a Platypod Ultra. Here’s the link.

Go vote for Tim Wallace’s Awesome Images

My all-time hero of automotive photography, UK-based photographer Tim Wallace, has had 2 pieces of his work shortlisted by the judges of the British Photography Awards. Public voting is now open and if you dig his shots like I do, please give one of his images a vote at

This has nothing to do with photography, but you’ll thank me…

These frozen White Castle sliders you get at the grocery store are pure magic, and so much better than you’d ever imagine (if you follow my careful instructions below). Plus, they are super quick to make, and I don’t know how they do it because they’re frozen, but once you heat ’em up, the bread somehow tastes soft like they’re fresh like out of the oven.

OK, here’s all you do: After 60-seconds in the micro, take off the top bun: add regular ol’ French’s mustard, and just two dill pickle chips, then reheat for 15-seconds. Don’t add ketchup. Don’t add extra cheese. Don’t add anything else. Shockingly yummy and fresh-tasting. If you deviate from these instructions, they will be totally average, and you don’t need average sliders. They are super sliders (like you went to White Castle in person).

NOTE: Just eat two sliders (they’re more filling that you’d think, and if you just stick to two, they’re not too high in anything. Eat four and well…things get out of hand fast). I promise, you will love these!

Want a perfect Holiday Gift Idea for the Photographer on your list?

Get ’em a signed edition of Moose Peterson’s groundbreaking book “Takeoff” which teaches you how to take incredible aviation photos. This is a genre people are still shooting a lot these days at outdoor airshows and they will love for you getting them this awesome book. Here’s a link to pick up that autographed copy directly from Moose. Order your copy right now!

I wish I had included this one in my Holiday Gear Guide

…but I didn’t know about it until Wednesday, when Terry White showed the “Pocket Tripod” — an incredibly small (business card size), brilliantly designed tripod for your iPhone (or whatever phone). It’s really just so clever, and so useful, and…if you missed Part 2 of my Holiday Gear Guide on The Grid, we posted it here on the blog yesterday so make sure you see it in person — it is just too cool. Here’s the link.

There ya go. Hope you have a fantastic weekend; a safe, happy, healthy one. :)


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