How About a Massive Photo Gear Giveaway (and some other Monday stuff)

Hi Gang, and greetings from Sacramento where I’m wrapping up my “Shoot Like a Pro” tour today. Here’s what’s up:

Massive Photo Gear Giveaway
Two awesome photographers, Elia Locardi and Ken Kaminesky, have joined force to form “Dream Photo Tours” and to kick things off they are doing some insane giveaways. Here’s the link to enter for your chance to win (and see a list of all the prizes they’re giving away this week).

I’m off to Dubai next week!
More on the whys coming up soon, but Brad and I are heading there next week, and I need some awesome ideas of where to shoot (It’s been 6+ years since I’ve been there and can’t wait to go back, but I want a plan this time, instead just going around kinda blind, so if you have any ideas, let me know).

It’s “The Lightroom Show,” Episode #4
We’re cranking’ ’em out every week. It’s 12-packed full minutes of just wall-to-wall Lightroom tips and tutorials. Here’s the link, or you can subscribe for free on iTunes (here’s that link).

OK, I gotta hit the sack! (big day tomorrow!).

All my best,


P.S. I’m kicking off my all new tour, “Shoot Like a Pro: Reloaded!” in April in Salt Lake City, and then Los Angeles. Here’s the link with details. Hope I’ll see you there!


  1. Wow, it’s been six years since you were in Dubai? I remember you blogging about trying to get that hotel shot above while dealing with the police on the beach. Time flies. Hey, don’t you have an advance scout there right now in RC? He should be able to give you some ideas!
    Enjoy your day in CA, and remember to come to Boston with the new tour! ;-)

  2. My favorite photo spots in Dubai:
    Along Khor Dubai (be sure to eat at Fetafeet on the khor, it’s an Egyptian restaurant).
    The souqs; the gold souq, the electronics souq.
    When you’re at the gold souq, if you talk with one of the salesmen and ask, they might take you back to the shop where the jewelry is made. It’s a very candid photo op of the craftsmen working in a shop that’s about half the size of Brad’s office.
    The fish market.
    There’s a smaller shopping district near the embassies, it has some great photo ops.
    Anywhere downtown among the skyscrapers.
    If you’re bold and daring, you could arrange to go to one of the Bollywood dance clubs, but you’d have to make arrangements ahead of time to take pictures in there.
    Indoor ski resort.
    Always be careful though, if someone doesn’t want their picture taken, you can be arrested.
    Have fun!

  3. Would love to visit Dubai, hey Scott, be sure not to be engraving name in any important structures.PS, we want a shot of you’re shoes from the top of the Burj Khalifa :)

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