I Snuck Into Jeff Revell’s New book!

Jeff Revell sent me this chapter opener from his book on Exposure (I mentioned it yesterday), and I was psyched to see that it including a shot Jeff had taken of me playing keyboards with my band “Big Electric Cat.” I think this one was taken at the House of Blues, and although it’s just about impossible for me to find a photo of me that I actually like, I kinda like this one (which is high praise indeed Jeff!). ;-)

Thanks for including me in your new book, and thanks for letting me share it with my readers.

  1. It reminds me that I saw at Laurie Excell’s book, the same photo that I saw in your book (The Digital Photography – Vol 1), of a small salmon boat against the blue water, and when I asked her about it, she said that she even lend you her 200-400mm lenses, because you didn’t had one!!

    You high profile Nikon shooters are all over the place, I thought it was really funny that the “same” shot was in the only 2 photography books I own! hahahahaha

  2. As a photographer, what advice to you give to a subject who says ‘I don’t like any photographs of myself?” (not being snarky here — serious question, as is the followup “and do you think that would help you?”)

    And an extra thank you for letting me photograph you signing your CS5 book in London

    Happy New Year in due course.

  3. Hey Scott,
    I don’t see enough shots of me to really judge. (I’m always looking through the camera) However, I know you must see tons of shots of you. I’ve got several shots of you playing a guitar and a keyboard that I like.
    See ya buddy and you guys have a safe New Year,

  4. Hmm…..this sounds like another poll question in the making! I have few shots of myself, because, like Mike, I am usually the one taking the pictures. I don’t care for many of the pictures that have been taken of me, either.

    I do like that shot of you on the keyboards, though. The lighting is really terrific! I had no idea that you played keyboards. Did you learn them before or after you picked up guitar playing?


  5. I think it could be a self-portrait challenge. Using either self-timer or remote, shoot yourself using all of your know-how on photography and photoshop to create the most appealing photo. Actually, this should be a great challenge for everyone with people linking to their results. Hmm…

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