The Fisheye Face-Off Results

At the end of last month I did a post about my fisheye shot of the Miami Dolphins stadium called “To correct or not to correct” (link) and although I made a few comments about the results on my Facebook page (link), I didn’t really share the results here, so before the year runs out, I wanted to share them here.

(1) 83% like the un-corrected original Fish-eye image

(2) 17% like it corrected in Photoshop CS5

However, some folks mentioned what bothered them about the corrected version is that the horizon line (across the top of the stadium) should have been straightened. I agree, so I straightened it out a bit just so you could see it (above), but even after the straightening, I personally still like the uncorrected version.

My favorite comment from the post was from Chase at, who wrote:

“Whatever photo brings the most “tension” and to me that is the uncorrected image. Tension and drama always create better photographs.”

Well said!

Thanks to everybody who participated in the discussion. Everybody kept it totally civil (which is awesome), and at the end of the day, neither answer is wrong, which is what I love about photography—it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  1. But the best thing about the fish-eye is the distortion!!! I mean, the distortion is what gives a more “natural” look to a fish-eye shot, I felt kind of uneasy with this corrected shot, it felt awkward.

    The lens distortion of the fish-eye, is the only reason I might ever buy one.

    1. I agree 110%. What is the point of the fish-eye if you remove the distortion? To me though, that is why I have a fish-eye, for something totally different!

      Oh well, like you said, “it’s all in the eye of the beholder.”

      1. Ok, the Fish here. I only want to say that if 83% like the uncorrected version and Scott himself likes uncorrected too then why is he correcting it? Note: I liked the corrected version to begin with.
        Ken “Fish” Toney

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