If You Missed The Photoshop World Conference Last Week…

..well…it was kinda like this! :)

Here’s are some short video clips we played at the “Wrap Up Rally” at the end of the conference in Vegas, to give everybody a look back at the week that was. If you’ve got a quick minute, they really give you an idea of what it’s like actually being at Photoshop World:

Above: That’s a video from the in-depth “Pre-Conference Workshops” the day before the conference begins. (1-minute, 44-seconds)

Above: This one’s a look at day one and the opening keynote (1-min, 38-seconds).

Above: A look at the conference sessions, portfolio reviews, the Expo floor and some of the vendors who were there exhibiting. (3-minutes, 3-seconds).

Above: Some clips from Midnight Madness, the parties, and Matt, RC and the crew doing goofy things as usual. (1-minute, 42 seconds)

Hope you all enjoyed those clips, and a big thanks to everybody who came out to Vegas and made this year’s show such a resounding success!

Today, I’m off to the shoot the US Open Tennis Championship Men’s Finals, so I’m pretty psyched (and pretty tired after shooting the Bucs/Panthers NFL game yesterday in the sweltering Florida heat), but hey â” rust never sleeps â” gotta keep movin’ :)

Hope you all have a rockin’ Monday, and make sure you stop back here tomorrow for an announcement of something really big, super cool, and I want you to be a part of it.



  1. Wow, three days wrapped up in 8 minutes and 7 seconds! It was fun to see some of the things that I didn’t see in Atlanta. What kind of car was Tim Wallace shooting in his class?
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s announcement!


  2. I hate I missed it. Anyone who has been to them in the past knows how great they are and how hard it is to miss. I loved Atlanta just for the one day shift earlier in the week, it’s so hard for me to be gone on Fri/Sat from my restaurant!
    I got to the part in video that showed Moose at the Hoover and my heart sank. Will see everyone at next one hopefully!

    1. There isn’t going to be an east coast event in 2015. There will only be the one in Las Vegas, Aug 11-13, 2015. At least that’s what I was told last week and that’s what’s currently on the Photoshop World website. But, as far as I know, they didn’t openly announce this last week, or if they did, I didn’t hear it.

      1. HUGE Bummer I received a grant to go to the spring event. It expires and cannot use it after July. I will have to return the grant.
        Who goes to Vegas in August its hotter than hell there then.

  3. As always, I enjoyed PSW.
    Can you give us some info on how next year’s PSW will be bigger/better since there’s only one event and the price is increasing?

  4. Many thanks to you and your team, Scott. & Again, thanks for getting me into Midnight Madness. I can’t wait for PSW15, and am saving now so that I may also attend an Alan Hess Pre-Con Class. Fingers crossed you bring it back! :D

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