Only 10 Days Left To Save $100 On Photoshop World Vegas!
Photoshop World Vegas is coming up quickly, and there are only ten days left to save $100 on registration with the Early Bird Special!

Plus, if you register now through Sunday, use the code PW12-SPEEDLV to get a free Speed Pass, which lets you take advantage of priority seating in classes and the opening keynote.

And, leave a comment for your chance to win a full-conference pass for Photoshop World Vegas!

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Tour
TOMORROW, Scott Kelby is in Philadelphia for the latest stop on his Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Tour!

After Philly, Scott’s headed to New York City on Monday! There’s still time to sign up for both of these… Just head over to for all the info.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to one of these seminars. I’ll check in later today and choose one for Philadelphia, then tomorrow for NYC!

Nik Color Efex 4 Webinar with Alan Hess
On Tuesday, July 31 at 6:00p ET, our buddy Alan Hess will be hosting a free webinar with Nik Software on Using Color Efex Pro 4 with Night and Low-Light Photos! Using Lightroom and Color Efex 4, Alan will show you how to bring out detail and add finishing touches to make your images sing.

Only the first 1,000 people to register will be able to participate in this webinar, so head over to to register now!

Moose Peterson Workshops
Short Lens Wildlife Photography Course is for anybody with any brand and any focal length lens. But the goal is to teach basic and advance wildlife photography techniques and strategies using lenses no longer than 400mm. Just how do you fill the frame with your subject with just a 200mm or 300mm lens? That's one question we'll answer in this two day class. In that answer is such information like finding the critter, light, flash, biology, approach and a few other essential pieces of the puzzle. August 18-19

Photography Biz Course - The business of photography, it seems to mystify, frustrate and baffle most. I can understand why, there is a ton of really bad information out there! For a long time, we held a business course in our office but the response died so it stopped. Then with the web getting hot, the "need" seemed great again so we offered a class but it too soon died off. Now in the first half of this year we've been pounded with the question, "DO you offer a photography business course?"  November 17-18

To register, call 760.924.8632, and leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of Moose’s book, Captured!

Last Week’s Winners
Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers
– Mobafoto
– Anthony Nguyen
– Randelm

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Seminars
– A.J. Borromeo
– Ken Lager

Roberto Valenzuela’s Picture Perfect Practice eBook
– Shawn Highfill

Bert Stephani’s Motivational Light DVD
– Meghan Molin

We’ll be in touch with you today to coordinate your prizes with you. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Cool, definately signed up for Alan’s webinar on Color Efex 4 (my favorite plug-in). The 2 presets Matt K has on his website are great, I’ve used them several times already. Put me in the hat to win please!

  2. Photoshop World Vegas pass please!!

  3. Can’t wait for Photoshop World Vegas! The free Speed Pass offer is sweet. This might have to be the week to step up.

  4. Would love the photoshop world pass! Is the free speed pass offer good for students too?

  5. Please oh please oh please. Send me to Vegas! :)

    Good luck to all – someone is going to be very happy! :)

  6. A full-conference pass to Photoshop World Vegas would be terrific!

  7. If you give me a full-conference pass to PSW Vegas I will autograph one of Scott’s books!

  8. Photoshop World pass would be awesome!

  9. A full pass would be welcome! I havent had anyluck lately. Fingers vross

  10. Photoshop World passes….oh yeah! Vegas Baby!!!!!

  11. I’ll actually be in vegas these dates on a huge coincidence… fingers crossed, you never know.

  12. This will be my 4th year! Can’t wait!

  13. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I would love a PSW pass! Please!


  14. I would love the Photoshop World pass!!  <3

  15. Always wondered how my 80-200 could help me in wildlife. Hope Captured can throw some light on it :)

  16. We will be there for the open expo but it would be amazing to be able to send my wife to the full conference.

  17. Would love a PSW pass! 

  18. I would love a copy of Captured…

  19. I’d like to be Captured…

  20. Photoshop World in Las Veagas sounds like a great time. I would love to learn new skills for some of the top teachers in the industry. Great blog Mr. Kelby!

  21. I guess I should have started out by spelling Las Vegas right oops. It’s late and I’m typing on a cell at 1AM….and yes I would still like to go to Vegas Photoshop World. Thanks Scott and Brad!

  22. Good stuff as usual Brad.  I’d be interested in Scott’s NYC class on Monday.  Thanks

  23. I would like to see business courses on Kelby Training. My email is full of offers to sell me on how to sell

  24. I’m sad I can’t get to Photoshop World. A copy of Captured would cheer me up immensely :)

  25. Nice gifts. The Moose Peterson’s book is my choice :)

  26. I’d love to attend PSW in Las Vegas.

  27. Captured, I wanna be captured.  Thanks.

  28. A free ticket to see Scott in NYC would be great! I also wouldn’t turn down a free conference pass to Vegas!! ;) – just sayin’

  29. Captured would rock!

  30. Hey Guys,  I love reading your free stuff Thursdays.
    Thanks Mike

  31. Scott, you guys are so generous! I’m sure everyone here is so very thankful for things you do to help us become better photographers. Thanks!

  32. I like free stuff because I’m too cheap to buy it :(

  33. Photoshop CS6 in Philly sounds great. I would love a ticket!

  34. I would love a chance at the free Photoshop World pass.

  35. Captured looks fantastic.
    I would love to see Kelby Training offer a photography business class (please).

  36. Can’t go wrong with free stuff!!  Thanks for doing this!

  37. Thanks!  PSW Pass, CS6 Book or NY Class would be awesome!

  38. If only I didn’t have two trips planned… I’d go on that one with Moose! But I hope he’s doing some stuff next year because I’ll plan to go. :)

  39. Moose’s stuff is always great, I’d love to have his new book

  40. Brad, your photos of Scott playing the “It’s not my reunion tour” were fun.  I’d love to go to Las Vegas or anything else.

  41. I want to go in Philly! I would love it!

  42. I am ready for PSCS6fPT in NYC :)

  43. Hey, Brad, would love a full conference pass to Vegas.  We are heading to Vegas that week and that would be great. 

  44. I’ll challenge Scott in foosball for some free stuff! He wins he can have all his books I’ve already purchased back and I’ll even sign them for him.


  45. Photoshop World Full Pass Please! It would be groovy to get my learn on… to the Nth degree! (whatever that means…)

  46. Would love to win Moose Peterson’s book!

  47. Photoshop World Full Pass would make my year!  Just what this girl would need to make her business boom.

  48. I just wanted to say that Scott’s course “Crushing Composition” inspired me. I have been struggling to improve my % of “Keepers,” but now realize that my approach and “Working a scene” are just fine. I’m free to shoot, shoot, shoot!

  49. Hey Baby – Let’s go to Vegas!  Would love to go to PSW!

  50. I love this site! I am new to the Kelby training but have learned tons of stuff already.
    Winning any thing here would be awesome!
    Martin in Indiana and cyberspace

  51. What a great bunch of prizes, you guys always have some awesome giveaways!

  52. Hey Brad, I’d love to attend Scott’s seminar in Philly! Thank you for the opportunity!

  53. Full-Conference Pass for Photoshop World Las Vegas!! Best Photoshop Learning Experience ANYWHERE. Please, please, please and THANK YOU!

  54. Already signed up for PSW Vehgs, but I could always use that cash for something else photography related if I won a pass! Pick me!

  55. Moose’s Captured book would be excellent addition to my photography collection. Love to win it..

  56. Keep the good stuff coming. Oh by the way, I would love to win that full-conference pass  ;-)

  57. Photoshop World!!!! Yeah!!!!!

  58. The Nashville CS6 seminar was great so I imagine Photoshop World will be ridiculously awesome.

  59. Thanks for sharing all the helpful tips and giveaways. It would be nice to attend PSW in Las Vegas.

  60. YES!!  Me!!  Me!! I sooooooooo want to go!!!!!!  full-conference pass for Photoshop World Vegas!

  61. Big fan of your Crush the Composition seminar and Brad’s appearance. Had no idea he worked for Joe McNally, too! BTW, I’m surprised the Grid episode with Joe McNally doesn’t have more views. It was mind blowing!!!

  62. Yeah for free stuff Thursdays!!

  63. Hope to make it to Photoshop World one day.  For now, another chance to win!

  64. Check out the CEO of Drobo Tom Buiocchi in his own blog not able to respond about standard performance numbers of the Drobo Thunderbolt.  Sounds like another SLOOOW product coming up – for $850 empty with 2 year warranty so they can still charge the add-on

  65. I’d love to go to Photoshop World!

  66. If it is not too late, please put me in the running for Philadelphia.

  67. I’d love the Photoshop World pass. I went last year for the first time and it was great. Funds are a little tight this year so it would be very much be appreciated!

  68. I’d love to win a PSW pass, and then figure out how to get there.

  69. I keep hearing wonderful things about PSW, but haven’t had the opportunity to attend one yet.  To go Vegas would be great!

  70. Would love a free pass to PSW…..

  71. Vegas PSW is the best! I went last year and was blown away. I came back with so much amazing information that really advanced my photoshop and graphic design skills. I would LOVE to go back for free this year!!!

  72. Someday, I’ll win one of these prizes. :)

  73. I already bought my ticket for PSW, but would love to bring my husband too….

  74. Free stuff Thursday rocks. See ya in Philly.

  75. Full-conference pass, please.

  76. The full conference pass would put me over the top and get me to Vegas in time!

  77. A free pass to NYC would be great.

  78. Can’t go to Vegas but would love Moose’s book!

  79.  Conference Pass would be lovely..

  80. Comment – please let me win Moose’s book :)

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  82. Thanks Brad! You guys are the best!

  83. Man, how I need to get that pass to Photoshop World!  Would love a chance to go to that.  Thanks for all the other great information!

  84. I would love to win any of these prizes!

  85. Hey Brad, I won the photoshop conference pass at the Nashville Scott kelby live tour. They said I could use it for Vegas in september or Orlando in march. Do you have dates for march? Orlando is much better for me but I have some prior commitments in march and want to make sure there is not a conflict. Could you email me at
    Krisna Goodwin

  86. Would love a copy of Captured!

  87. Fingers crossed for Photoshop World!

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