Quick Update From Philly

Hi Gang: Greetings from a rainy night in Philadelphia (iPhone photo above was taken pressed against my hotel room window right before a huge rain storm hit last night), where today I’m doing my “Photoshop for Photographer’s Tour.” Here’s just a few quick things:

(1) Dave Black’s class on Shooting High School football is absolutely getting just rave reviews. I see incredible comments daily on Twitter, Facebook and G+, and if you’re a kelbytraining.com online subscriber, even if you don’t think you’ll be shooting high school football, I guarantee you’ll learn great things for any sports from Dave’s online class. He is truly a gifted teacher.

(2) I’ve made my transition off my Drobos and I want to do a full blog post on it, but I’ve got so much on my plate right now I won’t be able to do it justice with just a quickie post, but I’ll have something detailed within the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

(3) I’m trying out my new MacBook Pro (with the Retina Display) today in Philly. I’ll let you know how it goes (but I can tell you this — it’s my first Mac with SSD drives, and MAN does it scream!!!!).

(4) Matt Kloskowski runs the popular LightroomKillerTips.com blog, but he wanted a place where he could talk about more than just Lightroom, so he recently launched “The Ski Report” (a play off the last syllable of his last name) and he’s got some great stuff already on there (including his first thoughts on the new MacBook Pro). Here’s the link.

(5) Do you live in New York? Do you live near New York. Do you want to hang out with me on Monday and learn some cool new Photoshop stuff? Cool. Here’s the link. (I have a video there that explains what I’m teaching in the tour). 

(6) I still don’t know who sent me that picnic basket.  :(

(7) Today is a great day to back up your photos (especially if you haven’t done it in a while). Don’t forget to back up the photos on your cell phone!!!

(8) This weekend would be a great time to gather up your photos and submit them online to the copyright office. You’ve been putting it off long enough. :)

(9) We have a ton of cool video stuff at our Kelby Media Group YouTube channel, including lots of classes from the Google+ Photographers conference, and sneak peeks at classes, tutorials, episodes of “The Grid” and a bunch of just fun or funny stuff. Here’s the link (you can subscribe for free and then you’ll know when we post new stuff).

(10) If you’re going to Photoshop World in Vegas in September, you oughta stay where we’re staying (by we, I mean me plus all the staff and instructors); at the Mandalay Bay resort, seeing as we’ve got a discount for conference attendees, but it runs out pretty soon, so if you’re going, snag your room now!!!!! Here’s the link with details and how to get your discount.

That’s it from a rainy night in Philly. If you’re at the seminar today, or in New York on Monday, and you read this blog, make sure you stop me and say Hi. I always get a kick out of meeting folks who read the blog. Have a great weekend and here’s hoping you take your best shot yet! :)

  1. Scott, see ya in Charelston! Make sure you go get a REAL Philly Chesesteak sand. I just finished your new Paris shoot and process classes and they are great too! Can’t wait to see the Maisel class!! Anything with Dave Black in it is always awesome and entertaining!

  2. mmm Philly cheese-steak. Have only tried it once whilst in Hawaii, and have been unable to replicate it. I sit at home watching Man vs Food and drool. Side note, item 7 above, Matt’s website is http://www.mattk.com/

  3. Hey Scott,
    I’ll 2nd Ken’s comment…the Paris KT videos are superb, and you’re French language has come on leaps and bounds :)

    Very interested to hear what you’re doing in place of your Drobo as I’m moving away myself too having had and heard of more than enough ‘issues’.

    SSD drives make such a difference huh :)

    Have a great trip,
    Catch you soon,

  4. I have yet to watch Dave Black’s course.  I did watch 2 courses yesterday.  The black & white prints and portrait with Calvin Hollywood.  I also began with your travel phototgraphy.  I really liked both of the ones I watched all the way through and the tips you gave on the second video you did.  You are right 100% about leaving after good morning light and getting back before good evening light.  One thing on the black & white course though. I send all my printing to mpix so the printing part was not needed by my even though it was really great information.
    See ya in Vegas Scott

  5. I was at the tour stop in Nashville this past week and what a great show it was. Scott surpassed all of my thoughts on how this would be. He is not only our Guru on PS but also one really great presenter. Putting the subject matter and adding a light amount of comedy to it made the day go by very fast.
    One thing he did really impressed me in that before the presentation he asked that ALL questions be held until either the breaks or the break for lunch and of course someone just had to blurt out with a question that didn’t even have anything to do with PS CS6. The way he handle it shows that he is someone that loves to be in charge and deserves it. He did not put the man down but put the situation in it’s place by asking the audience should he stop the presentation and answer this question, of course we said “NO”. He then made the offer to the man about talking to him during the break. Scott stayed there during all the breaks and half of the lunch hour as well answering personal questions.
    This was my first time seeing Scott or anyone from his team and I sure hope that it isn’t the last.
    If you can go then go as I highly recommend it

    1.  Phil, I agree!  I’ve been to five of the Kelby Training seminars with four different instructors, and each of them were excellent.  It’s great that the instructors make themselves available on breaks to answer questions (and they really show a lot of patience with some those questions!).  I always learn something new, and have a lot of laughs along the way.  Hands down the best live Photoshop/Photography classes offered anywhere.  Now go become a NAPP member if you aren’t already! :-)


    2. Hi Phil: Thanks so much for the very kind comments, and for being a part of the day. I hope to see you again sometime, too! Just a fantastic crowd in Nashville — incredible nice folks, and lots of fun folks, too! :)

  6. Scott, I watched some more of your travel photography class last night, and it just gets better and better. The editing work by your video team is excellent, as well.  I like that it’s not just you talking to the camera, but video of you walking through Paris shooting amongst the masses intercut with your lessons.  I can’t wait to see the Jay Maisel class!

    Have a great time in Philly today.  Hope you make it to Boston this year, but I will see you in Vegas for sure.


  7. Hey Scott, If you are going to still be in NYC on Thursday, I have a ring side spot for you to shoot a Kick Boxing event on the pier next to the USS Intrepid. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. Oh man I wish — I would have totally been there with you! I’m heading out right after the seminar. Thanks for the invite though. Sounds like a blast (and I’ve always wanted to shoot boxing!). :)

  8. “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”! Your plate is full, yet you take the time to keep us posted, what a guy! Love the iPhone photo and I’ve just recently started using our Droid’s camera. It uploads photos/video automatically to my computer for backup – great feature!

    1. El Conde: Cell phone cameras today, and the instant uploading, has forever changed the photography landscape. I couldn’t imagine buying a point-and-shoot, because I’ve got an 8-megapixel camera with me, with editing software built-in, and an internet instant uploading, already on me. Amazing times we live in. :-)

  9. See you in NYC on Monday Scott Kelby! Many thanks for picking me to win a ticket to your NYC leg of the Live Photoshop CS6 tour from Free Stuff Thursday! Much appreciated and I can’t wait. Between NAPP and your Portrait Retouching Techniques book my Photoshop skills have come a long way. Looking forward to learning even more. 

  10. Enjoy Philly Scott, i just left there 2 hours ago. Tried to get out last night to take some pictures in and around City hall and got poured on! 

  11. It was great seeing you in Philly, Scott. I really enjoyed the class (and the new CS6 for Photogs that I picked up while there). 

    Thanks for the great day!

    DarrenP.S. I was the guy who stopped you in the hall and mentioned the Grid critique with Joe McNally.

  12. Scott – just wondering when you’ll have a full writeup on your new backup solution. My Drobo has been starting to act up (not recognized until you cycle the power) and I’m very interested in your new solution! 

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