Greetings from New York City!!!!

Got in yesterday afternoon for my seminar today, and spent the day with my buddy RC Concepcion goofing around in Manhattan (RC used to live here, and he knows all the great restaurants, the history, where everything is and such). We went to the Intrepid museum (built on a World War II aircraft carrier), which was just fantastic (I had been there about 15 or so years ago, and it’s just gotten that much better over the years! Even saw the Space Shuttle Enterprise).

The video clip above is about the seminar I’m teaching today, but if you’re not here in New York today at my seminar, you can catch either me or RC as we take the “show on the road.” The next stop is RC’s in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 15th, and then I’m out in Sacramento, California on August 22nd, and then in Denver on August 29th. Here’s the link for details and/or to sign up. Hope to meet you in person!

Here’s some other quick Monday stuff:

(1) If you’re into seeing the Olympics from a photographer’s point-of-view, our good friend Bill Pekala from Nikon Professional Services is out at the Olympics in London, and has been posting a great series of images on his blog from a different point of view. If you’ve got a minute, it’s worth checking out (here’s the link) and he posts new stuff about every day.

(2) My buddy RC bought a Nexus 7 tablet and I am just really impressed with it. For $199, it is really amazing. WAY better than I ever thought a $199 tablet would be. Love the small size and the way it feels in your hands. Very quick and responsive with a nice crisp screen, and pretty lightweight. I have to say, if a new smaller 7″ iPad wasn’t just six weeks or so away (rumor), I’d probably get one.

(3) If you’re into HDR, you’ve gotta check out Nik Software’s newly updated HDR Efex Pro 2. This is the tool a lot of pros are using and they’re raving about the new version (I just started taking it through it’s paces, and it already looks really cool). You can download a fully-working demo from their site (here’s the link).

(4) MPIX (just the coolest online photo lab ever) is having a “Hip My House” contest where you can win $5,000 worth of prints (RC talked about this on his Guest Blog post a couple of weeks ago), and if you haven’t entered….why not? This contest is really clever, and you’ll love the results. Here’s the link with all the details.

(5) I mentioned that I’d let you guys know how I’m liking my new Macbook Pro. Well I am absolutely super-digging it (as my wife would say). This thing is just screaming fast (I had no idea how big a difference the SSD drives would make) and while the display looks great, neither Photoshop or Lightroom has been updated to take advantage of the Retina display yet, but outside of that, the rest looks wildly crisp (in a good way).

Lastly, if you’re here in New York at my seminar, make sure you come up and say hi. I always get a kick out of meeting folks who read my blog, so track me down so I can thank you. Here’s wishing you a Monday that feels like a Friday! Cheers.


      1. Hi! Super anxious to hear what ssd drives you are using to replace your Drobos! Please post about that soon! I’m about to purchase 4 drives and a hard drive enclosure and am worried this is the wrong replacement for my Drobos too!

  1. Hey, Scott…you’re going the wrong way after NY! You forgot us New Englanders! :-) Here’s hoping you find your way to Beantown soon. Your class looks rockin’!

    I need to check out one of those Nexus 7 tablets. Too cool.


  2. Scott, Tell those folks “Hi” from one that was at your presentation in Nashville. They are in for one great day, and I can tell them that 1st hand. I absolutely thought it was the best presentation I had ever been to. I do have a question, where would one (me) send a critique to. I did fill out the yellow paper at the end of the day but I thought of something else on the way home. It is a positive critique of course. To be truthful I couldn’t find any fault at all. I especially liked the way you handled the person that asked you a question about Wacom tablets in the middle of you give a presentation, very professional!
    Ok, have a great day training and I hope that the New Yorkers are as friendly as us down here in the south
    phil b
    benton, ky

  3. Just wondered if you knew that a few days after your Sacramento seminar the Indy Cars are at the racetrack in Sonoma. If you have a few days to spare it may be a chance to cover the race. If I could help just let me know. Cliff Mills NAPP member

  4. Didnt get a chance to meet you today Scott but totally enjoyed the seminar.  Nothing like a front row seat!  Couldnt believe how fast you sold out of your book.  I didnt even get a chance to get one so you could sign it but my backorder should be coming shortly.  

  5. Looks fun, but when a musician like you screams “Greetings from New York City!!!”, the first thing that comes into my head is Joliet Jake and Elwood. (obscure album reference).  Good luck on your tour!

  6. Had a great time with you and your team Scott, acant wait to see you again here in NYC :)…thank you for your inspirational advice and the web gallery services…safe travels


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