Update From New York (and save $100 now on Photoshop World)

What as awesome day yesterday in New York!!!! (and thanks to RC who took this pano of the crowd from behind me while I was teaching how to shoot and stitch panos. LOL!).

Thanks to everybody who came out — one of my best crowds of the year! Great to see so many familiar faces and getting to meet some great new folks. I love NY! Just some quick things before I board my flight home:

(1) The deadline to save $100 on a full conference pass to the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo (Sept 7-9) is this Friday, so if you wanna go (and I know you wanna go), go sign up right now (and save even more by reserving your room at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino — that’s where I’m stayin’).

(2) A guy came up to me yesterday at my seminar and he was absolutely raving about Light It magazine (which, of course, had me smiling from ear to ear). He was in the magazine business, and he said he thought it was the best designed and implemented digital magazine he had ever seen, and I was just thrilled). If you haven’t seen Light it (our hot shoe and studio lighting magazine for the iPad), you can download the first issue free from the App Store (we’re working on an Android version now).

(3) If you are going to Photoshop World, don’t forget to enter the Guru Awards. The prizes are awesome, and winning a Guru Award has been a career springboard for a lot of folks (the competition is only open to registered Photoshop World attendees, but entry is free to those folks).

Gotta run —- they’re boarding. Hope you guys have an awesome Tuesday, and we’ll see you here tomorrow for Guest Blog Wednesday. Cheers.



  1. Scott, can you send me a pick looking down into your Think Tank Retrospective bag with stuff in it? I’m trying to load mine, need ideas. I got the one you talked about in the Paris class on kelbytraining.com.

  2. Sure pays to sit in the front row in front of the podium.  But was RC really doing the shimmy shimmy shuffle with his feet when he took those shots?  Its either an excellent crop or he did it right and kept the bowing out of the pano.!

  3. Hey Scott Kelby, that was me who raved to you about Light It!. Here’s a link to the digital news magazine I helped to launch 4 years ago for the sporting goods trade, if you’re interested. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/4f23c2ed#/4f23c2ed/1. 

    It’s more news and copy-focused and a weekly so it’s supposed to be a quick read for our audience. But there’s no print version and we created it for reading on computers and laptops and not as stylish as Light It! but then again, we’re a bit more utilitarian. 

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