It’s Lame/Late/Light Blog Tuesday

Hi Gang: I just got back from the Bucs vs. Colts Monday Night football game (it was awesome!), but I just walked in the door and it’s 1:24 am in the morning. I’m downloading the images from the game in the background, because no matter how tired you are, you must always at least take a brief look at your images to see if you really did capture that touchdown pass in the end zone, or did the ref walk right in front of you.

(Above: Our good friend Ken Toney snagged this image of me on TV, right behind the word ESPN on the left, shooting from the end zone. Man was it hard shooting over those letters). ;-)  Sadly, Ken did not win the Spot Scott Competition, because others beat him to it. I’ll determine the winners later today).

The post that was not to be….
I had grand plans of writing a blog post when I got home showing a more personal side of my Tampa Photo Walk, but sadly that will have to wait until Thursday or Friday, as I’m whipped from a whirlwind day at work, and the game tonight, and now (well, a bit later today) I’m flying to Houston, Texas for my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch It” seminar there on Wednesday (hey, if you’re not signed up yet, it’s not too late to go—here’s the link).

I guess the reason I’m telling you all this is that I’m not doing that really cool post I had planned, and instead I offer you “Lame/Late/Light Blog Tuesday” which I realize is both light and lame, but I really don’t have a great back-up plan (plus, I’m battling a mosquito that snuck in the door with me when I came in a few minutes ago, and that’s not making things easier).

I do, however, hope you all have a magnificent Tuesday filled with all the joys only a Tuesday can bring (I have no idea what that means. Can you tell it’s really late at night?).


-Scott, the Sleepy Bear, Kelby
Red ballcap, yellow monopod, jeans and kneepads. It’s what all the cool kids are wearing. ;-)

P.S. Stacy Tuggle, who follows me on Google+, totally nailed the High Def shot, and posted it on G+ (it’s shown below). Thanks Stacy! That’s worth a signed book! :)

Here’s one more for the road (well, three really), from Kirk Howard on Google+:

  1. Whats it like having to shoot behind that “ESPN / MNF” sign. Couldnt you just have moved to the right a bit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    LoL I just couldnt resist. I knew someone was going to ask that lol.

  2. Hey Scott! Good that no player hit you this night ;-)

    This comment is more to tell you, or Brad, that either Google Reader got crazy or your RSS feed did it, but I’m receiving notifications for each comment in old posts from your blog (just from your blog).

    Don’t tell me about rushy week hehehehehehe

  3. Hi Everyone – We’re aware of the screwed up RSS feed, and the Photo Walk 404 Not Found errors that are happening right now. Our web team is on it (or will be as soon as they get to the office in a couple of hours) and will get them fixed as quickly as they can. Thanks for the heads up on both :)

    1. And I was so tempted to post a sarcastic comment on the troubles the site was having while Scott was away at the game. You must have gotten more than a few emails to be posting at 5:00am….

      On a serious note, thank you both for this resource. It is valuable gift to the photography community. I also thank you for not embedding it in flash or doing some other nonsense to keep the full posts from displaying in readers such as Google’s.

  4. WHAT!!!!! I demand a recount! Did you not see the pic I posted of you on your Facebook page, wearing the very outfit you had demoed in yesterday’s blog? I had that shot up hours before anybody else spotted you! ;-)

  5. Thanks for the fun with MNF! I usually watch to see how my fantasy football players are doing, or watch for the love of the game but since you gave us a challenge I watched for finding you (primarily). It was a great game very exciting for a TB fan I’m sure, or any football fan that likes to see a balanced game.
    I tried my best to find you in every corner shot, side line pass etc. I was starting to get a headache viewing the blurry photographers looking for that one with a red hat! lol I will say this – I can’t watch a highlight of LB’s last TD without seeing you! Every angle there you are in your fashionable knee pads & tan vest. :)
    I know you have to have taken some killer shots since you were so close to the action – can’t wait to see them in your MNF blog. Until then, thanks for the fun Scott!

  6. Wow what a game I sat there all night with Iphone in hand pointed at the screen looking for my photo hero.. black jacket yellow mono pod and red hat… all night never seen him feeling tired and cheated I could have been a winner but now I seen you didnt even take the time to wear the jacket. I wasnt thinking look for someone in a red hat with pastey white arms.. I could have learned alot from that book and not had my wife and kids asking daddy why are you holding your phone up to the tv still..
    it was a good game..

    1. I’m guessing you are joking…at least I’m hoping you are.
      Scott can’t where the Fonzie jacket in humid Tampa Bay on a hot Monday night – that’s just Brad being silly, he doubles as Scott’s fashion guru when he’s not being a photo assistant! ;)

  7. Scott, Thanks for the shout! You know I have all of your books anyway, I am much happier with the blog post of my awesome Iphone pic. 8-)
    I figured you were hiding behind the letters to protect your gear. I KNOW you got some awesome TD shots, can’t wait to see them!

  8. What a great game! Scott Spotting. Almost as much fun as the football game.
    I learned a few things watching the sidelines on DVR in super slo-mo replay:
    1. There are a LOT of people on the sidelines
    2. Pro photographers have really large lenses
    3. Pro sports photographers are not fashionistas
    I guess I missed Scott while switching between the Rays and the Bucs games…when did the magical moment happen?

  9. Hey Scott,

    Dwayne here dropping by to show the blog some love and see what you’ve been up to. Good luck out their in Texas; I’m in the Bahamas right now but I’ll be back in Miami mid this month. Keep on hustling I still look up to it!


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