It’s Make a Print Monday!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Today is Pre-Conference day at the Flash Photography Conference, and I’m kicking it off this morning with a “Flash For Absolute Beginners” Class at 11:15 am ET (even if you miss it, you can watch the archive of the live class for six months after the conference). It’s not too late to join us today, or for the official start tomorrow — Tickets here.

Want to do something for your photography journey that will absolutely, positively make make an impact? Stop what you’re doing, and right now take two minutes and make a print.

If you don’t have your own printer, send it to an online lab (I use both BayPhoto Lab and — both make great prints and both have world-class customer service, and if you don’t already have a lab, try either of these — you’ll love them). You just open an account, upload your image, choose your size and they take it from there. In a day or so, your print arrives. Couldn’t be easier.

Make it a large sized print

You can get a 16″x24″ print from or for around for $24. There are few ways you can spend $24 today and effect you or someone you love (a gift?) that can have a bigger impact than a print.

If you’re not sure how to print, this can help:

Here’s a link to that course. You’ll get a lot out of it (I promise).

If you’ve ever wanted your work to live on, to have a bigger impact than it does by just sharing it on Facebook, and if you want those pixels on screen to become something real, something you can hold in your hands, something that will make you feel great inside, make the most of today. Make it “Make a Print Monday” :)


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