It’s Official: Adobe launches Creative Suite 6 and The New Creative Cloud

Today’s the big announce day at Adobe, and I’m out here in San Francisco for the CS6 launch event, and everybody here is really psyched.

Of course, for me it’s all about Photoshop CS6, but obviously for a lot of folks that’s just one part of a big Creative Suite package that was made much bigger by today’s launch of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Get the full scoop on the Creative Cloud right here (it’s cooler than you’d think, and Adobe really reached out to those folks still using CS3, and CS4 with a special deal for them, which I thought was really cool on their part).

First go here
David Wadhwani over at Adobe did a really great, to-the-point, quick summary of what the Creative Cloud is all about, and who it’s designed for (and why), and it’s definitely worth checking out. Here’s the link.

Next go here
Your next stop should probably be Adobe’s own Photoshop page (they would probably want you to visit their Creative Suite page, but hey — I’m a Photoshop Guy). Here’s the link.

Then go here
If you want to know about the other suite stuff, go check out Terry’s Tech Blog, (here’s the link) as he’s got lots of cool videos and stuff on the rest of the suite products, like InDesign and Illustrator (among others).

I’ll have more news tomorrow, after the event, but when I get back I’ve got a lot to share (and some stuff in Photoshop CS6 I’m really, really, psyched about but that isn’t getting the attention it deserves because everybody is still blacking out about Content Aware Move). ;-)



  1. Scott,

    Do you know how creative cloud works without a persistent internet connection? In other words will I still be able to use it on the road when I don’t have wifi access? Does it check your subscription every time you launch an Application that’s part of the suite? It’s a bit confusing and they don’t seem to have any info on how it will work on the Adobe site

    1. FXGeek,

      I’m going to a Sneak Peek of CS6 in Seattle tomorrow, and I will take your question with me to ask and come back with that information.  It’s an important question and deserves an answer.

  2. Hey Scott ! Having been lucky enough to have seen the suite being demo’d at Adobe HQ I can say that this version of Photoshop and indeed the suite really is the most creative inducing version. More hidden gems than a pirate’s cove !!!!
    Have fun !!!

  3. I’ll probably still pay the $200 Photoshop upgrade price because over the 18 month cycle, it’s about $12/month but the ability to subscribe to individual apps for $20/month (or $30/month without a contract) is very useful. Especially if you’re not eligible for upgrade pricing or only need an app like InDesign once or twice a year.

  4. Hey Scott,
    I’m really excited about this release as well.  This makes me extremely happy that I have already signed up for Photoshop World in Vegas too!  I’m sure you guys will cover all of the new stuff the suite has to offer. 
    Thanks for all you do for us

  5. Interesting but I won’t be upgrading for the first time in many years. Lightroom + Nik + onOne + CS5 is still mighty powerful for a photographer-centric workflow. Is there any killer feature for photographers in this release?

  6. Hmmm, yeah, I was wondering about the Adobe/NAPP discount code as well. Unless I’m doing something wrong, it looks like the code is not working for the Photoshop CS6 preorder on Adobe’s website. I logged into my NAPP account, went to discounts and clicked on the code for Adobe but it still says the same price of $699 for the full version.

    1. I have an open ticket (several actually, the online support is obviously foreign) and they keep closing it saying “follow the instructions in the email” or some variation each time. Adobe online support is absolutely and 100% a complete waist of time. They are all idiots.

  7. I did the pre-order this morning for $29 per month for one year…….now that I have done this, I may have  screwed myself……..I was thinking I have all the apps to use, PS,indesign,etc etc, to use, the more I read, it looks I have to buy these the full version of PS,Indesign,etc, then I can access them in the cloud for $29. per month…….Have I got that right??? confused in Kentucky

  8. Well yes,
    Photoshop Guys, that’s what we are. Or, somewhat more to the point,

    Adobe might
    open a new cosmos to us with the new pricing models. A lot of Adobe’s applications
    would already have been useful for us in the past, for example in presenting
    our work in print or via electronic channels. But due to the high prices of the
    suite applications it was out of discussion for many of us. This is changing
    now with a more affordable pricing plan, spreading the cost in time and giving
    sudden access to the whole world of Adobe, the traditional world AND the new
    cloud spaces at the same time. Thrilling!

    question now, however: How do we gain speed, how can we build knowledge as fast
    as possible in using applications we never dared to approach up to now? To make
    use of them in our photography work? I am eager to see what the training
    industry will offer for that.

  9. I wonder on what basis they’re pricing the Cloud access $14/month higher for UK users than for US users on the special rate. It can’t be about delivery, postage, packaging etc. so why (other than “because they can”)?

    1. I wasted my NAPP discount code for Adobe on LR4 upgrade since I did not think I was going to upgrade my CS, and now I’ve decided I probably will.  15% of $1k is much better than 15% of $150 or so, does anyone know of a way to get an additional discount code?

  10. The problem I have is while the creative cloud price is nice (I have CS4 Masters so only $29.99 for me), at the end of the year if money is tight and I cannot afford to renew my membership, I now have 0 access to any adobe products. That is really bad. If I upgrade via the normal way, I always can use my existing version, even if I can’t afford the upgrade to CS7. I’m really scared that I will not be able to open any of my adobe files or projects if I ever can’t afford to renew my membership. I asked if they would allow upgrade or special pricing of the boxed retail (non subscription) products for creative cloud users and they said no. I don’t think I can ever go the subscription route because of this. I simply cannot risk not being able to open my adobe files when I can no longer afford/justify the $70/month pricing once the first year is over. I have skipped updates several times (skipped CS3 & CS5) before because business did not justify the cost of upgrading but I was still able to do business as usual. I’ve been on CS4 for over 2 years and non of my clients could care and I know I can always upgrade to the latest version at a discounted upgrade pricing should a client request it or the need for certain features arises.

  11. Really can’t wait… I’ve got Vuez running already in preparation for the torrents to appear online…
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to pirate software and Adobe is the only company that I do download from (I’ve purchased every other item of software on my machine, and there is a lot), but when they insist on charging such a ridiculous premium for UK users, I just refuse on principle.
    Anyhow, bring on CS6 :)

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