Hey gang, we thought we’d try something new this week, so check out this video for a rundown of everything, then hit these links:

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! with Scott Kelby
Photoshop World Vegas
Dave Black’s Action Sports Photography on Kelby Training
“Beat Pete” T-Shirt Design Contest
– Springs of Hope Guitar Raffle
The Grid – Live at 4pm Every Wednesday!
– (One more) The HDR Book Webinar with RC Concepcion and Matt Kloskowski

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Hey Brad, cool stuff.
    The Grid was a blast!
    By the way… What did you nockover during the show? ;)

  2. It’s almost 2am but I’m glad I caught this, I almost missed the guitar raffle!

  3. Fun Video Pimpy :-)

    I hope you enjoy Cologne and Germany. Great place! Too bad you’re not coming to Munich!

    Still hoping to get a ticket on the Grip contest hehehehehe

    Enjoy the trip!

  4. Good scheme, shame you had to end on the downbeat about The Grid Live in North America – Europe can catch the repeat later.

    Used to enjoy it. Till next week in Amsterdam.

  5. Love This !
    Great idea guys

    Bought RC’s book on HDR and it rocks, so I’ll definitely check out his webinar

  6. From now on only video pimpy thursday, please. :)

  7. I like the quick video. I’ve already been through the Dave Black videos and went out with my son and let him throw shotput and discus at me, applying concepts from the training and the results were awesome.

  8. Love the video-PT, Please make it a regular!!

  9. Hey, I like this idea! Nice to see Brad in front of the camera for a change. Where the heck was Grip Tips on DTown this week? Brad’s been doing an awesome job with that.
    Poor Pete……

  10. You guys should get some of those Halloween “playa” hats for the Pimpy Thursday videos!

  11. OK, you faked me out. I thought I saw Matt’s new book on the desk between you, but you never pimped it. That’s OK, I covered it on my blog today.

  12. Loved the video pimpy Thursday. Thanks for the raffle reminder and Dave Black’s class.

  13. It would be great to watch Dave Black’s new Sports Photography session except that Kelby Training has been DOA for two days now. Scott, how about posting a Twitter or Facebook note on when the site will be back up.

  14. Brad, cool stuff, my undercover weeklong photo assignment with law enforcement is over, now I can get back to twitter and Kelby posting! :-)

  15. KT site looks like it’s back up and looks great, but the raffle page is coming up as “page not found.” Assuming it’s not really back up right now then.

  16. For those of us who don’t want to endure another video, please include a regular Pimpy Thursday posting (words on the monitor screen) in addition to any video postings.

  17. I for one really like the idea of Video Pimpy Thursday! Brad has a nice “video face” to watch, unlike that Matt guy! J/K Matt!!!

    You guys have set the bar for future Thursday posts, so now we expect the same each week. Brad, we don’t care if you have to use your iPhone to post video, just keep doing it!

    Is it just me, or have the new Kelby Training classes been coming fast and furious lately? Seems like everyday when I open my inbox, there is a new one announced. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!!! 8)


  18. Hey Scott and Brad, nice job on the video! Great format … I like it!

    Oh, by the way, I can’t log on to the KT or NAPP or Matt’s Lightroom Killer tips site. Both KT and NAPP give me a down for maintenance page and NAPP site keeps telling me my password is wrong! It been this way since 10:00 am MDT and it’s now 4:45 am. Just thought I’d let you know. As you can tell, Scott’s blog is working okay.

    Again, great video guys!


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