Just Announced: The New Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – It’s Finally Here!


Canon just announced perhaps one of the most anxiously awaited new cameras in years — the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I got a chance to do a shoot with it (see the video below), and I have to say, it’s not only probably the best camera Canon’s ever made, it’s arguably one of the best cameras ever made, period. I just fell in love with it!

First, check out the video where I go over all the main specs (and I share a few shots from my first shoot with it).

That video covered all the really big features, but…
there’s all sorts of other cool stuff in this camera, so head over to Canon’s site to read the press release about all the other stuff, like built-in light flicker correction and a new noise algorithm, and enhanced scene recognition and face detection capabilities, and all that type of stuff.

In the meantime, here’s some more picture of the body, which look astonishingly like the old 5D Mark III body!

Mark4 Backb

Above: The back view which look very familiar. 

mark 5 side 1b

Above: Side view with lens attached (seriously, where you would be without these helpful captions)?

Mark 5 topb

Above: What could this be? Wait! Wait! I know! Is it — the top of the camera? Yes, you are correct (said the council on the glaringingly obvious. So why did I make these captions at all? Because it looks better!). 

Canon also announced a couple of new lens (one that I am particularly interested in is the newly updated 16-35mm and they also announced a 24-105mm. Both expected in October I believe).

OK, that’s the big news today. I’m in Indianapolis with my seminar today. I expect to meet a bunch of very excited Canon shooters there today!




  1. So… When the 7D Mark II came out you were very high on it for sports photography. Now that the 5D Mark IV is out, would you choose it over the 7D? Especially considering I don’t do much with video?

  2. Very disappointed in the 5D mkIV. The least they could have done was implement a “tilt-able display” on the back, so very lame. I have been a Canon customer with thousands of dollars in my canon system. I love my 300 f/2.8. I have been sitting on the fence to see what canon had up their sleeve. I, like many people are moving to sony. Can’t believe the lack of innovation by the crew at canon.

  3. Just got mine on the Thursday quite pleased. It is not compatible with photoshop, LR or the DNG converter. YET! Had to use the canon software to convert the raw images. The canon software is junk

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