Well, the images are mostly from Norway’s Lofoten islands, but if you’ve never been, I hope this makes you add them to your travel list. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen without a doubt.

Here’s the link to my Adobe Spark photo story (with behind-the-scenes stuff, too) if you’ve got a sec: https://spark.adobe.com/page/UfdOthc5pG4MS/

Thanks for giving them a quick look. :)

Have a great Monday everybody — it’s going to be an awesome week!



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  1. Awesome photos, and great tips for future visitors, as always, Scott!

    I so appreciated your Venice Spark, as I was there in May, and took advantage of many of your location recommendations – and made my own Spark of it! Thanks!

  2. Scott this is some of your greatest work. Love the shots and post processing. Would love to see you do a webcast on your processing for these shots.

    • Hi, Dave: Thanks for the kind words. I might have to do a Webcast on the post – most of it would be pretty boring routine stuff, but there were a few challenges that I had to overcome on a couple of them that night make for an interesting Webcast. Thanks for the idea. :)

  3. I follow Kalebra on Insta. I checked it often as she was posting constantly one amazing image after another. The seagulls were wonderful! Living vicariously! It seems like such a magical place. Thanks for sharing your Spark story. Gorgeous photos!

  4. What time of year did you visit the Lofoten islands? I assume May, June?

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