My Missing Answer From Monday’s Mirrorless Q&A

There was something super important I left out of Monday’s Q&A post for those folks still holding out on making the jump to mirrorless (here’s a link in case you missed that post), and I talked it about yesterday when I was the guest on Vanelli’s Skylum Coffee Break podcast, which I embedded below (you can just listen to the audio if you want – let it run in the background). But, I wanted to include the missing Q&A here today, and that all-important missing Q&A is:

Q. I haven’t considered going to mirrorless because I don’t want to struggle learning a new camera system. Is it hard to learn the new mirrorless way of shooting?

A. If “learning a new system” is what’s holding you back, you’re in luck because it’s not really a “new” system – it’s a camera with changeable lenses just like you’ve always had; there’s just no mirror now. It’s a surprisingly similar system, and I think that catches a lot of people off guard when they first make the switch. I think they were expecting a very different experience when in reality, it’s very much the same (especially with today’s Mirrorless cameras). There isn’t a big learning curve because it works the same way as your DSLR; it even looks the same, with pretty much the same dials and knobs in the same place that all do the same things on a mirrorless that they did on your DSLR. 

Now, the latest mirrorless cameras do have more features available on them than your DSLR, but most of these new features are designed to make using the camera and shooting with it much easier – not more complicated, and you can just ignore those new features until you’re ready to learn them. Of course, you can just keep shooting as you did with your DSLR, but you’ll be missing out on some of the most fun and best things about shooting mirrorless from a usability standpoint anyway. So, I hope once you realize that, it’s really pretty much the same thing, and you’ll shooting along like always, that you’ll take a moment to start trying out some of those new features because it’s at that point that you’ll truly fall on love with mirrorless.

I hope that helps those of you out there with those same worries. I don’t think the camera companies have done a great job of communicating how “the same” these two platforms are, but maybe if they had, it would have slowed down the rush to mirrorless. Perhaps that’s why they made it all sound so new and intriguing when in reality, it’s a DSLR without a mirror.

Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you again right here next week. :)


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