New KelbyOne Course: Getting Super Organized in Lightroom Cloud with Scott Kelby

New KelbyOne Course: Getting Super Organized in Lightroom Cloud with Scott Kelby

If you’re using the cloud based Lightroom (or considering it in the future), then this is the class for you! Scott Kelby has adapted his SLIM organizational system from Lightroom Classic to work with the newer cloud based Lightroom with the same focus on keeping it simple. There are 5 key steps to this process, and Scott’s breaks down each one, teaching you the tools you need to know and providing a common sense framework that you can adapt to the subjects you photograph. Scott wraps up the class with a start to finish workflow that puts all the concepts together to show how well it works.

In Case You Missed It: Lightroom Workflow on the Go with Clifford Pickett

Learn how to use Lightroom Classic and the Lightroom cloud together for a streamlined workflow that you can take with you anywhere you go! Join Clifford Pickett as he takes you through his steps for automating your import workflow into Lightroom Classic, use keywords to help you find your photos, group them into collections, and set up your Lightroom Classic catalog to sync with the cloud. From there he walks you through the steps for importing photos into the Lightroom cloud app on your mobile device when you are in the field, and how to use the mobile app for making selects, editing, and sharing your photos from where ever you are. Clifford wraps up the class with a look at how to manage your Lightroom Classic catalog and cloud storage when you return home.

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