Guest Blog: Dave Williams of the Epic Photography Podcast

On behalf of Team Epic I, Dave Williams, would like to tell the world that the Epic Photography Podcast has officially become a ‘thing’ and we’re geared up to fire a whole pile of epic content at you from a lineup of rotating hosts with a wealth of experience in photography and the creative industry.

The hosts are: –

Cathy Baitson, Dave Williams, Erik Kuna, Fernando Santos, Gilmar Smith, Mimo Meidany, Peter Treadway, Roberto Pisconti, Scott Kelby, Sian Elizabeth, and Stephanie Richer

Epic Guests

This is the second podcast I’ve hosted and I’d love to share what goes on behind the scenes of a podcast for today’s guest post. I’ll begin by explaining that our podcast is one of a kind in that I don’t know of any other show out there that features such a large cast of hosts on rotation. This is an amazing thing for the variety and quality of the content we can deliver, in that there is unlikely to be any ‘staleness’ when it comes to the topics and opinions we cover.

I feel like tackling the risk of stale, boring content is huge to ensure the success of this venture. As a team our aim is to give our readers a decent dose of educational and informative information in each episode, mixed in amongst inspirational and entertaining discussion.

Organising and scheduling a weekly podcast with different combinations of hosts, each with their own life and business spread throughout various time zones is a huge challenge. Perhaps much larger than we anticipated when we first broached the idea of a podcast. Through those challenges we are persevering and our aim remains as it was from the start: to educate and inspire. We carefully plan each episode based on the value each host provides, as well as their collective value as a small group. The amazing thing about this podcast is that we can put together these valuable little teams from the larger, encompassing Team Epic.

If we were to talk about portraits, for instance, we can put Gilmar and Sian together for an amazing discussion. For long exposures, Peter and Mimo are an absolute mine of information. Stephanie and Cathy can lay down more information about wedding photography than you even thought existed, whilst Scott and I can give our audience a ton of knowledge about travel photography. Put that with Pisco’s boudoir knowledge, Erik’s nightscape knowledge, Nando’s inside-out understanding of Adobe Lightroom, there’s guaranteed to be a lot to learn from Team Epic. By the way, I know I singled out just one subject for each host, but rest-assured that each of us has knowledge and experience far beyond our ‘key’ subject.

We have Adobe Influencers, Adobe Certified Experts, KelbyOne instructors, authors, award winners, we seriously have an absolutely epic team. We would absolutely love for you to join us every Wednesday morning for our weekly episode, and we’d also love for you to join our community where you can give us your feedback and ideas for the show.

Being part of what Scott has dubbed ‘Team Epic’ is such an honour. The whole point was for us to meet in various places around the world to take photos, eat, drink, and just have fun together. It’s been a while since that last happened because of the global situation, and this podcast is something that gives us an opportunity to come together once again, and to bring you with us. We’ve launched on YouTube and all podcast platforms so that we can make it as easy for you to listen as possible, and we appreciate all your support in this new venture!

All the photos of the cast of the Epic Photography Podcast come straight out of my iPhone, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out, and I chose them because I feel like they galvanise who we are and what we do, and they reveal our true characters in pixel form. I can’t wait for you to meet everyone in the podcast! Our aim, of course, really is to make this thing epic!

Find out more about the show at, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, YouTube, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows, and keep up with the Epic crew on Facebook and Instagram!

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