My “This Weekend Only” Special Deals are Back!


They’ve been gone for a while, but now they’re back; the “This Weekend Only” Special Deal, and the first one back is a doosey! :)

Slickforce Studio is offering the biggest deal they’ve ever offered——$100 off Nick Saglimbeni’s Mastering Retouching DVD Series, but of course the deal is good for this Weekend Only! (they have told me you won’t find a discount greater than this one anywhere in the internet).

If you went to Photoshop World Orlando, you undoubtedly saw their booth, which was jumping the whole show, and their retouching series was definitely getting a lot of attention all three days.

The coupon code will work for the 7-Disc DVD Box Set, the Digital Download or the Bundle (DVD Box Set & Digital Download).

Special Coupon Code: KELBY100

Here’s the Link where you need to enter the with coupon code to automatically take off $100

Thanks to Slickforce for offering this deal to my readers!

  1. I wont recommend to much this video because it’s not the best photoshop tutorials.

    This guy works may be with 5-6 instruments – yes he does the greate job, but is’s just hard work and nothing creative..

    So if you are NEW in Photoshop you should watch it..

    If you know how STAMP,MASK’s and 3-4 FILTERS work don’t waste money)

  2. I beg to differ with you Alexander, I wasn’t new to PS when I first was introduced to what’s taught in this series, and I found it to be a game-changer. There’s a lot of things that are taught about color changing in channels, filters, blend modes, and a whole lot more than your description indicates, in all fairness. As far as hard work, I reckon it’s got to be the fastest way to get a retouch (full-body or otherwise) done and still have it meet press standards.
    I think this as as good a deal as Scott’s readers are going to find on this teaching series. It’s nearly seven hours of instruction, and is just very thorough, easy to follow and fun.

    1. Yeah, I have to agree with Matt T. here. The guys at Slickforce were nice enough to let me review the series and I have to say I think Nick did great with it. He’s down to earth, easy-to-follow, engaging and I thought he had a ton of great content/advice to share. Do most people probably already know the tools he’s using? Probably, but I can bet you don’t use them the way he does.

      – Matt K

      1. Matt, I think we’re all disappointed you of all people don’t have an avatar sent up. ;)

      1. @Bob- Ok, “Hey everyone, I was a beta tester on this DVD.” But please clarify your “vested interest” accusation for us all because I don’t get paid for any part of it. I’m standing by my statement- I checked it out, loved the techniques, and provided feedback. It’s a really cool series! No one needs to pay me to turn others onto it. In fact, I do a lot of contribution work for different people. You should try it.
        I guess you’ll want me to also shock everyone by revealing that I was a beta tester for CS5 too. Checked it out, provided feedback, love it and don’t get a dime for it.
        Look, all that matters when one purchases instruction is their learning and improving, not who’s earning what. I didn’t need to mention my involvement because it’s irrelevant; it’s not about me. Scott’s helping people save some money on it, that’s all. Lots of other people really like it as well.

        I’m not acting. No one cares, Bob. Get a life.

    1. Yes, it’s an extra $100 off. The regular price is $499, which is too much, of you ask me. The sale price is $349 ($150 off). Using the code mentioned in the blog post above, the price is down to $249, which is a bit more reasonable. If you follow the link above, the promo code is already entered for you.

  3. I met Nick at PSW Orlando, he’s a super nice, talented guy.
    I have been reviewing the DVDs myself and find them to be great!
    …AND I sell competing products!!!
    I even learned a few new tricks, that I’m going to steal ;-)

    I think this is a GREAT deal!

    Thanks to both Scott and Nick!

  4. It is true, Nick is super nice, easy to follow and all that… but, for the same price ($249) you can really get muuuuuch more elsewhere…
    the only pro that I found for Nick’s technique is speed, and as we all know, especially in retouching, faster isn’t always better ;)

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