Wedding Photographer David Ziser Like You’ve Never Seen Him

The Scriv (our Creative Director for Video), came up with a very clever clip to promote David Ziser’s new online wedding photography class at

The class itself is an on location wedding shoot, shot live during an actual wedding, and it all unfolds as it happens with David shooting and teaching as he goes, so you see it all from start to finish.

It’s an incredibly unique and fascinating way to learn wedding photography (and people are just loving this class), so The Scriv wanted to do something equally unique and different, and so…well….he did.

NOTE: It’s really cute, but it does help if you know up front that David uses the term “Floof” to describe the act of lifting the back edge of the bride’s train and letting it catch some air, so it resettles nicely on the ground—nice and flat and full (which looks great in photos).

  1. Wow! This ad is fabulous. This training video is even better! So great to see David as he runs through the day. Wedding photography is so much more than just the beautiful bridal portraits that we’ve seen in the other videos he’s done.
    Great job. Looking forward to this commercial sneaking it’s way in to shows like D Town TV!

  2. Love the video!!! Great attitude…”spoof on floof”

    Y’all should do more of this Scott to add some fun/attitude/sizzle to your training videos/offerings.

    I don’t think anybody else is doing it and it could really set you apart as this area gets more and more crowded with competition (ie, Creative Live, etc.)

    Just an idea…

  3. Many years ago in a previous life when I used to do weddings (back in the 70s) and also freelance for others in the Cincinnati area (David’s turf now) I too would “floof” the dress.

    One additional unmentioned advantage to the “floofing” process is the bride would usually like it, especially on those hot summer days, because it would send a cool blast of air all the way up to her derriere. Quite often they would comment and look forward to the next pose and the subsequent “floof”.

    By the way, great ad, even though I don’t really want to do a wedding ever again, I think I will go check out the video to see “what I am missing”.

  4. David’s seminars are great for anyone who has not attended one. I would love to know how to do the explosion cgi.

    Brad: Will you post on where to upload Photowalk photos at Flickr? I couldn’t find that instruction on the leader page.

  5. Hah, love it! Watched the class last week and loved it too. As someone who occasional takes on a wedding I’ve been a big David Ziser fan for a while. I think his blog and his training videos offer some of the best off camera flash advice around (and how to get away with on camera flash if you absolutely have to).

  6. I am not even a wedding photographer, but had heard so much about David, had to check it out. By the time I was finished, part of me was interested in wedding photography! Anyone who wants to know more about the business and how to do things and do them right needs to watch this video…Scriv did a great job on the compilation too. An excellent job all around.

    (Write-up on the blog today about it… :) )

  7. thanks gubys fobr da grebat comments. I’m reawy blebessed to worbk at this wonberful companaby wibith such coobl pebople.

    glabad you libike the bibeo.

    scriv, “in the dentist’s chair” video guy

  8. Scriv got the Hollywood going with that video..Captured the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible thang from David and ran with it. Now onto that training..let’s go learn on!! P.S..What is David’s favorite phrase to use to make the bride or wedding party give him the expression he wants in a photo???

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