My Tour is in New York City This Thursday. Come and Join Me For The Day.

My Light it, Shoot it, Retouch It Tour is in New York City on Thursday, with around 900 or so photographers who will be there and I want you to be there too!!!

It’s not to late if you want to snag one of the remaining seats. It’s only $99 for the full day, including a detailed step-by-step workbook that follows right along with what I’m doing all day, plus some other goodies I can’t tell you about until the workshop (by the way, it’s only $79 if you’re an NAPP member, so you gotta go!).

It’ll be a blast, plus you have no risk at all, because we have a 100% money-back guarantee if it’s not the best seminar of its kind you’ve ever attended, at any price, period! What do you have to lose? Don’t just read about it on my blog on Friday—come on down to the Javits center and be a part of it. Here’s the event details. I hope you can make it (and if you come, make sure you come up and say hi).

See you there! :)

P.S. I did a short video clip about the seminar–you can watch it right here.

  1. Scott:

    Really enjoyed the show in Boston, and I’m sure you will knock their socks off in NY.

    Going through the Digital Downloads from the show, and one thing I didn’t see in the equipment list was the types of bags you use to carry the equipment in. Can you or Brad throw a link up for inquiring minds? Thanks!


    1. Hey John,

      I pack our lights and softboxes in the Kata OC-97:

      And anything that’s too long to fit in that (light stands & background crossbar), I stick in the Tenba 48″ Rolling Roadie Grip Case:

      Another great option is the Lightware 48″ RC1048 Rolling Bag, which is about $50 more than the Tenba:

      Hope that helps!

  2. Scott,
    Just for kicks, how would the image look if you flipped it so that the red capsule was on the right of center instead of the left. When I look at it, it ‘holds’ me on the left and I hesitate to continue through the composition.

    1. Hi John: I have a better question. How would this comment look if it appeared in the post about the London Eye shot, rather than the one about my New York City seminar? (Totally kidding—just a joke). ;-)

      I’m going to give the “flip” a try. You may be onto something there. :)


  3. Bring the tour to Austin! (Or even San Antonio) You play guitar Scott…and Austin is the live music capital of the world. Sounds like a great fit to me!

  4. I’ll go to one of these workshops If you bring them to Brasil =)
    For $99 bucks and some marketing I’m sure a lot of photographers will go too.
    Maybe not 900, but who knows.

    Can’t wait to meet you Scott. I already talked to Brad by e-mail once.

    Thanks a lot for all the knowledge you already gave me with all the things I watch by following you. I could die to be your next Brad one day.

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