Nashville: Warn The Local Guitar Stores — I’m Headed There Today!

I am on my way to beautiful Nashville, Tennessee for my SOLD OUT seminar there tomorrow (Whoo Hoo!!!). Very excited to meet everybody (and thanks for the wonderful turn-out Nashville).

I’m getting in to town early and not surprisingly Nashville has a lot of music stores, so I’ll be hitting a bunch of them this afternoon. If you’re a local and know of a music store I shouldn’t miss, please leave me a comment below so I make sure I stop by there.

I’m especially on the lookout for cool used guitars or vintage guitars (and of course my search continues for a distressed Fender Strat with a British Union Jack flag painted on it (like this one here — I’ve contacted them about getting that exact one — so far, no reply at all. Not looking good). Anyway, I know finding one in Nashville is a bit of a long-shot, but hey â” ya never know, right?

Is Photoshop Dead for Photographers?
That was the headline from an article I ran across last week (Well, it was actually worse than that â” it said “Is Photoshop Dead?” and it showed a tombstone with the Photoshop Icon on the tombstone). We tackled that article and issue on last week’s episode of “The Grid” (which I’ve embedded right above).

Our buddy Mike “Hollywood” Kubeisy was our in-studio guest and we also got to talk with him what it’s like working with celebrities and on Hollywood sets and he shared lots of interesting stories (and answered lots of questions from our viewers). Anyway you can watch it right above.

The big Adobe Event is this week!!!
I’ll be tuning in live on Wednesday (and so can you â” it’s free â” here’ the link), and of course we’ll be talking about all the new stuff on “The Grid” that afternoon, but in the meantime all I can say is there is some really slick stuff coming our way from the folks in San Jose (hey, that rhymes). Mark it on your calendars.

Hope you all have a first-rate Monday, and I look forward to seeing a whole bunch of you in person tomorrow at my seminar here in Nashville.







  1. Have fun at the seminar, and good luck in your guitar search! Maybe you can find that elusive Union Jack model, but I think you may have better luck in England. Have you put Glyn and Dave on the hunt for you? :-)


  2. Good luck with the guitar search. I will be in your class tomorrow. Traveling in from Alabama. Should we bring our cameras to class or will it be strictly lecture?

    1. Randy, I attended the Boston stop of Scott’s tour. You don’t need to bring a camera, unless you want a picture of you and Scott together! He makes himself available during the breaks for questions, or you can just go up and say “hi”. He loves to meet his fans. Have fun at the seminar!

      1. Thanks for the info. I always have my small belt camera. That’ll be good enough for a selfie with Scott.

  3. Re: Creative Cloud, my interest with LR and PS is purely Photographic in nature. I was reminded once again that PS CC is not just for photographers, but also designers, layout folks, and others. Watched the 1st hour of the Ben Wilmore PS CC presentation. It was all page layout using Bridge & PS layers. Well presented but not my interest. I hope you have something for us shutterbugs later. Hope your hunt for the Union Jack Strat pays off. I’m still trying to spell Ukelele.

  4. Gruhn guitars, Corner Music, and Two Old Hippies (acoustics).
    And, if you go to Corner Music, you might as well go across the street to hit up Edley’s BBQ! It’s pretty darn good!!
    Take care!

  5. I got a user survey from Adobe today, and maybe I’m misreading their intent but I get the impression they are looking for reactions if they raise their fees?. Especially for those of us paying the monthly $9.99 for Photoshop and Lightroom apps

  6. Scott, recently I was in Covington, Kentucky shooting a classic car for auction house catalog and found “Mikes Guitars” on Main Street – it is a flat cool place. Mikes had huge number of classic guitars. . .

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