Want to become an award-winning photographer?

Well, here’s your chance, as the fine folks who publish the Canadian-based Stark-Magazine have introduced the “Stark Awards” competition and their official Call for Entries is now open in a host of categories (the story of how these awards came to be is right here).

The overall winner will have their art featured in a Photohaus Gallery Exhibit and Stark Awards will finance the printing and mounting of artwork – See more at this link.

There are a host of judges, including yours truly, and there are cash prizes for the winner of each category and the overall winner as well.

You can find all the details right here.

Good luck everybody!



  1. Let your work speak for itself. If you need to spend money to call yourself “award winning”, then what you probably need to do is practice more and step up your game, rather than rely on that tired cliche.

    Touting past awards is nothing but living IN the past instead of focusing on the present and relying on accolades rather than your body of work.

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