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The Personal Side of Rick Sammon
Award-winning photographer Rick Sammon is inspired by the world around him. He aims to have his creative visions come to life through his photography as well to help teach others to do the same. While you may know of his many awards, books, and various other accomplishments, he opens up his personal side, in a way we’ve never seen before, in this in-depth interview with Kalebra Kelby. Hear from Rick about his travels, love of music, his family, and how it’s all shaped the person he is today. Amidst the stories, you’ll be inspired by the words he lives by and learn to view the world in a whole new way. Plus, you won’t want to miss discovering his favorite household chore!

In Case You Missed It
Composition – What is it? Learn to compose technically and emotionally with renowned photographer Rick Sammon. Take a trip around the world to explore what works and what doesn’t. From leading lines and rules of thirds, to patterns, contrast and viewpoint, you’ll learn the rules before you break them with amazing tips, tricks and techniques for composing photos that tell stories with feeling!

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