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How To Get The Most Out Of Adobe Creative Cloud
Join Terry White, Adobe’s Worldwide Design & Photography Evangelist, to learn how to Get The Most Out Of Adobe Creative Cloud. In this class Terry demystifies what it means to subscribe to the Creative Cloud, how to find and install Adobe applications, and how to take advantage of all the additional benefits of a Creative Cloud subscription. From online storage space to increased collaboration tools, and from access to online assets to a wealth of mobile apps there’s a lot more to a Creative Cloud subscription than just installing and updating Adobe applications. By the end of this class you’ll learn how to empower your workflow with new tools, ensure you are getting the most out of your subscription, and know how to take steps to maintain it into the future.

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– Ross Schreiter

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  1. Just started watching! Thanks! I’m excited to see what I’ve been missing.
    Please tell Terry that my “secret” for staying off the grid for 90 days is living in a location surrounded by tall trees on all 4 sides and having the only ISP that could reach me be bought out by Sprint and then discontinued without any options for any other provider. I have to bum wifi off friends in town to verify my CC sub now LOL!

      1. Typekit seems hit or miss with me. Sometimes it loses its connections and the fonts stp working. So be careful with it.

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