Two SuperBowl 50 Super Star Photographers Are Our Guests This Wednesday on “The Grid”


Peter Read Miller and Damien Strohmeyer not only shot the SuperBowl yesterday, they shot it with pre-release versions of Canon’s just announced EOS 1D X Mark II camera, and they’ll be sharing their experiences with it, and stories, and taking your questions live on the air.

Who: The Grid with Peter Read Miller and Damian Strohmeyer
What: Super Bowl Photography Love Fest!
When: This Wednesday at 4:00 PM (New York Time)

Hope you can join us!

Also on Wednesday (at 2pm) we’re doing our first ever “Gear Heads Only” live Q&A with two of Canon’s top nerdy guys tech guys (Rudy and Brent) that are there to answer your tech questions about the new 1D X Mark II. This broadcast is for KelbyOne members only — keep an eye out for the link if you’re a member (if you’re not a member, you could take the 10-day Free Trial and watch it that way).

Hope you all have a totally solid Monday!



P.S. I’ll be in Houston a week from this coming Friday (the 19th), with my “Shoot like a Pro: Part 2 Reloaded!” seminar – hope you can join me for the day. 

  1. From Corey Barker’s Facebook:

    Well folks, it is indeed true! Due to an ever-changing industry, myself and the rest of the Photoshop Guys have been let go from Kelby One. I am sure this is as shocking to you as it is to us. I could be angry, I could be depressed but I am not going to do that. It is the time we live in. I have some directions I am pursuing but also open to other opportunities as well. If interested just message me!

    This Facebook page and all my other social outlets will remain live and updated with new content, probably more than before. So don’t go anywhere, hardly done yet!

    (Also my book that I have been killing myself over the past couple months is still going to be published. Don’t worry.

  2. “Shoot a Pro:…” Is that the new way to get ahead in this industry?

    On a second note: I loved your Instagram class, and have been posting a picture a day.

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