One of The Best Articles on Photography I’ve read in a while

There’s a tremendous amount of content created every day for photographers, and since I follow so many sites, and photographers on social, I see an awful lot of it (and create some of it), and a lot of it is people covering the same subjects and topics over and over again. If I read one more “It’s not about the gear” article I’m going to jump out the window. ;-)

This one is different. It’s called “This is the best camera you will ever own” and (a) it’s not what you think it’s about (b) the examples are fantastic, and (c) it’s one of the best articles I’ve read on photography in quite a while — it’s not the same old thing — it’s a way of thinking that is really well thought out and perfectly illustrated.

It’s from (really great site), and the article itself is by Iain Stanley, and it’s one that today I think every photographer should take a moment and read. It’s that good.

Here’s a direct link to the article. My hats off to Iain, and fstoppers — this is really great stuff.

Hope that helps get your week off to a great start! Stay happy and healthy, and check back tomorrow for “Travel Tuesdays with Dave.”



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