Our Offices are Closed Today (which makes it a perfect day to shoot Monday Night Football)

Hi Gang: Our offices are closed today as part of our Christmas break, so it’s super-fluffy blog post Monday. Today I’m flying to New Orleans, Louisiana to shoot the Monday Night Football NFL game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints. It’s my first time shooting in the Super Dome, and I’ve always wanted to see it, plus this is a HUGE game (conference wise anyway—-but Atlanta just clinched their playoff spot last night with the Packers win), and since it’s a Monday night game, it’ll be nationally televised (keep an eye out for the guy with the yellow tape on the top rung of his monopod. No ball cap this time, since it’s in a dome).

Hope everybody has a great day today (and I hope Santa brought you lots of cool photo gear and Photoshop stuff!). Merry Christmas everybody and we’ll see you here tomorrow (if I get any shots from the game, I’m post ’em here Tuesday. If I don’t post any shots tomorrow, you’ll know what happened). :0)

    1. Chuck… it touches me that you offer such a kind expression of endearing friendship during this holiday season. I feel I can say nothing back to you but “bless your heart” as well :)

      Hope you and the family had a great holiday buddy! Talk soon!
      – Matt

  1. I think you should rename the blog “Football Insider” – getting more storylines about football lately than that other thing…uh…oh yeah, Photoshop! :)

    Just messin’ of course…great shots last week (congrats on the SI inclusion), and what an opportunity to shoot MNF! Must be very exciting to be involved I am sure!

  2. Can’t wait for you to shoot a proper UK football match over here, let’s make it happen next year ! I have contacts ;)
    Have a great day shooting, i’ll have to see if they show this game over here on some random channel.
    Have a great Boxing Day (that’s what it is here today)

  3. Scott, Welcome to New Orleans. I won’t be in the Superdome but I will be watching the game. Just scream out “Who Dat” every so often and you’ll fit right in. I’m warning you once you taste the food down here you’ll want to bring Photoshop World here. Have fun at the game. Happy Holidays!

  4. I would have dearly love to have been Shooting GreenBay play the scrubs of the Chicago Bears and having to fight for their lives. That high school football coach and the practice team were good for having no more experience. Maybe someone will get to shoot them next week. Scott your shoots this year have been great, can i use you 400 for a catamaran shoot this spring.

  5. Have a blast tonight, Scott! Anxious to see your shots from inside the Dome.

    Hope you and yours had a great Xmas yesterday…I know I did! Got a new tablet (no, not an iPad) and a Boda V3 lens bag, plus some other cool non-photo stuff. Now get your guys cracking on that Light It Android app for 2012! :)


  6. Do I loose my man card if I’m watching a football game and scouring the side lines for looking for you Scott and not watching the play action. Oh! I just saw ya Scott but hey your camera is on your shoulder??? 23 is running right at you and your camera is on your shoulder? Yup there’s the knee pads and yellow tape. You’re still my hero man!

  7. Looks like Scott managed to get some FaceTime on MNF during post game interviews with Drew Brees. Are we going to see those shots you got of his back on the blog soon? Can’t wait to see what kind of pictures you got of history being made.

  8. Scott,
    I was watching the game and imagining the thrill of seeing Drew Bree’s break Marino’s record. To be there as a photographer must have been the most amazing thing, can’t wait to see what you got. Please tell me you’re staying in NOLA a few days and eating at some of my favorite restaurants in the world.

  9. I can’t wait to see the shots in the Dome. I hope you got the shot of Drew breaking the record. Please say yes!

    It’s great to see you coming to New Orleans. You had told me you had only come here once before for a conference and didn’t get to see too much. Sucks it was such a nasty day here but I hope you soaked up some of the New Orleans flavor and also got some yummy food. ;)

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