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If you haven’t caught our Photography Tips & Tricks free weekly show yet, here’s your chance because this is a great episode! (it’s actually aired just a few weeks ago, but this particular one got a lot of love and loads of great feedback so I wanted to share it first).

(1) It starts with host RC Concepcion showing a really great, often overlooked feature on hot shoe flash: adjusting the flash zoom. He shows how to do it (and why you’d want to).

(2) Then we have a couple of really great tips from our in-studio guest Tamara Lackey on how to interact with children during a family portrait shoot. Really great insights (and Matt Kloskowski is on the set with Tamara for a brief interview as well).

(3) Lastly, Joel Grimes has a trick for a technique I haven’t seen before for getting more megapixels out of your camera so you can make much larger prints. Pretty slick Joel! :)

Anyway, the episode is right above, but ya know we do one of these every week (each one runs about 15 minutes, so they’re short and sweet), and you can find lots of other Photo T&T episodes (all free by the way), at this link. 

Have an awesome Tuesday and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for Guest Blog Wednesday. Cheers! :-)

  1. We Canon/Windows guys can’t use everything on your Nikon/Apple site so we like to pick what applies to us. It would be great if you could fast forward through these and see the ones of interest….I can’t fast forward….makes it less useful….

  2. Hmmm..The one in this blog post works OK- I can fast forward- but the ones on the linked site cannot be fast forwarded. Nodal point is very cool….

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