Problem With Comments On My Blog

Spam in mailbox

Hi Gang: Earlier this week I saw some comments that you’re posting comments but they’re not getting through. I don’t moderate my comments—-if you write them, they go live immediately, unless my blog’s built-in Spam filter thinks it’s spam.

It will usually mark it as spam if you include more than one link in your comment, or if you use the word Viagra. ;-)

Anyway, for some reason, it’s been blocking all sorts of comments in the past week, so I went back through all the thousands of spam comments I get in a week (over 240 pages worth), and I found a bunch of comments that you guys posted but got marked as spam.

First, I’m so sorry they were delayed, and we’re checking on the problem, and how to fix it.

Secondly, thanks to everyone who commented. There were lots of great comments, and I appreciate it very much. By the way: I read each and every comment you post, and occassionally respond back in the post, or in some cases, I just email you back directly (depending on my schedule, so I don’t get to answer nearly as many as I’d like), but either way—I read every single one.

Thanks for your patience while we get this spam comment thing worked out, but I’ll be keeping an eye out several times a day in case a legitimate comment gets tossed in the Spam Can. :)

All my best,


  1. I think the new comment spam is a bit funny, and hard to catch. Stuff like “love your website, you’re a genius, did you do it all yourself”, but they link to some obscure selling site. I’m thinking of keeping some of the more flattering ones, for my self esteem.

    Either way, thanks for keeping a pretty robust community alive.

  2. I posted a comment on your blog entry “What’s Coming Next at Kelby Training Online” and it never showed up … I’d assumed (and still do) that it was because I talked about connectivity issues and quality of playback with the online training videos.

  3. I just want to commend you, Scott, that in these days of over-the-top, out of touch prima donnas, that you have retained your humility and concern for your “followers”, and that you have not lost touch with what has made you a huge success. Keep up the fine work, man!

  4. Hi Scott,

    It has happened to my comments several times, so I haven’t commented much thinking it was my computer. Thanks for letting us know. Also, just for your info, I can’t post comments to any of the Kelby TV programs either … not sure it’s me or the SPAM settings there too. Appreciate everything you are doing to help us communicate!


    PS: Just hope this gets past the SPAM. :-)

  5. I’ve had this happen to me a few times…here, on Matt’s blog at LR Killer Tips, and on the DTown site. Always thought it was a delay in posting, or it was my computer. Thanks for clearing up the mystery, Scott!


  6. This has been going on for awhile for me, too. Thanks to you, Scott (and your crew) for taking the time to address problems like this and for valuing our comments as much as you do.

    I’m not a spammer, I promise! If you agree, click on the following link:

    Just kidding! ;)

  7. Spam, spam, spam, spam and eggs, spam, spam, and spam! (Just kidding!)

    Thanks for fixing this. I was trying to reply to someone asking about iPad and Lightroom exports, but my info wasn’t showing up. Now I know why. Thanks for staying on top of things!

  8. Scott
    you said
    “We need to ability to have multiple galleries on the same page. We need to have one main gallery page with links to separate gallery pages with your wedding photos, and your travel photos, and your personal projects, etc” If i want to do this today, I’m not an html coder, nor do I want to be, what would you recommend that is not too expensive that I could use to do this?


  9. The things on creating photo books are probably a new and up and coming thing and will be more and more popular. Thank you Scott for your terrific books which have helped me create such a photo book that was just published. I read all your books and love your great sense of humor–mainly because it’s playful.

    I just completed On Gratitude which is the adventures of a schizophrenic in recovery from nicotine. This related topic you might enjoy deals with the emotional effects and works with beliefs about nicotine in the 4th year of recovery. Delightful. To find out more visit my website at: The book is 148 pages with photos and text–more photo than text. My work is not as technically as good as you, but it’s the thought that counts.

    From there on pages 1 and 2 you will get a little slideshow, the release announcement for the book and some other interesting things to see. True story. Heal Responsibly, Jean Manthei, MA, LPC, CACIII

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