RC Concepcion & Dave Cross Honored by Westcott Lighting


A big congrats go out to my buddies RC Concepcion and my Photoshop User TV Co-Host Dave Cross as they’ve both been honored by lighting company FJ Westcott with inclusion into their “Top Endorsed Pros” program. (The image at top is from Westcott’s Top Pros site, featuring the work of some of the photographers already in the program). Click on the image to jump there to see some of their online galleries (or just click here).

Here’s how the folks at Westcott describe the program:

The Top Westcott Endorsed Pros was developed for photographic education and inspiration. This elite group is comprised of talented photographers from around the world, each a master of his or her own creative specialty, including fashion, sports, wedding, nature, photojournalism, advertising, portraiture, food and travel photography. Most Top Pros share their photographic and technical expertise with eager audiences of photo professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts in a variety of workshops throughout the world. Top Endorsed Pros use Westcott lighting equipment.

Way to go RC and Dave!!!! :-)

  1. Just a questuion, some of the pros listed show shots that the pros say were taken with qflash for example od D Ziser. I agree a great honor to beon a list like this but confusing when someone is trying to learn and see something like this and jumps to the conclusion that that is the equipment used so they spend their money on something different the what was used to create the images shown. should be some side note or something.

  2. I’ve been debating all morning whether or not I should comment on this as I don’t want to come across as a “negative Ned,” nor do I want to start a flame war. I have the utmost respect for Dave (whom I know personally) and R.C. and think they are among the best graphics and Photoshop instructors around. They are without a doubt professional instructors, and perhaps that’s what they are being recognized for. The Westcott site suggests though that “Top Endorsed Pros” are professional, working photographers. Correct me if I’m wrong R.C. and Dave, but do either of you consider yourself a professional photographer? I know Terry White, who is also on WestCott’s list has said repeatedly that he IS NOT a professional photographer, that he does not make his living doing photography. Again, not trying to be negative or stir up anything, cause I really do respect what Dave and R.C. do. I’m just askin’.

    Trev J.

    1. Trevor, on the Westcott site it says for “photographic education” and I believe they would fall there. I understand what you are saying but I believe it’s deeper than “working pro”. In any case they both deserve any recognition they get for their contributions to photograhy. (no hatin here :) )

      1. Hey, no “hatin’ here” either, Ken. my understanding of Westcott’s site was that it was to educate and inspire people, not that it recognized those that educate. Either way, it was just an honest question that R.C. has nicely cleared up and I have no problems with the two of them getting recognized by whomever. BUT, if I suddenly see Corey Barker winning the Heisman Trophy… :-)

    2. Hey Trev:

      Going to this link: http://fjwestcott.com/toppros/gallery/index.cfm

      What Westctott (I believe is looking for) are professionals that are the top in their Specialty – obviously being in Photography as well as their ability to share that passion with large groups of people.

      Also, considering the fact that in addition to the 101 things we do here, I -job- as much as I can – just like many other pros. A lot of the time we speak of tips and tricks partly from where we sit as content professionals, but also from being out there and taking jobs.

      I think the meat of your question is based on whether we are “making our living as photographers.” And that’s a very polarizing and confusing thing to state. Think of it this way.. There are TONS of photographers out there that have “Professional Level Skill” lets call it – that arent making a living at all… sad state of affairs due to their economy. Does that mean that because they arent making a living on it (for economy reasons) that they cease to be professional?

      I send out invoices for shoots I do on projects I scope.. I carry insurance to protect my gear in case of theft and damage, and have line items for expenses and income – just like any other photographer that’s trying to make money at this..

      I take no offense to the question Trev – I just wanted to point out that sometimes.. just because we don’t talk about it.. doesn’t mean it’s not happening.. or not on Ustream somewhere. :)

      Hope that helps!

      1. I’m really glad you took no offense to the question, R.C. Your points are well taken and my congrats go out to you and Dave. After 25 years in the business, you guys are still teaching this old dog new tricks.

        Trev J.

      2. Trevor, hey, if Corey could play football like he handles PS well…….

        Laying all jokes aside I’m just glad to be above the dirt shotin pics!!

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