We’re Sending “Big Joe McNally” Over To The UK (Just Please Don’t Send Him Back!)


Big News: We taking the show on the road as Kelby Training Live presents Joe McNally’s Location Lighting Tour in London, England (for the first time ever), on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 and it is going to be just an unbelievable day!!!!! (photo above by Drew Gurian)

You guys are in for a real treat, as Joe’s tour has been playing to standing room only crowds coast-to-coast here in the U.S. and his tour absolutely gets rave reviews, and now we’re bringing the tour to Islington’s Business Design Centre, and he is absolutely going to rock the house.

Not only do we expect a sell-out in advance, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that while Joe is there, either (a) He gets Knighted by Her Majesty the Queen, or (b) He gets arrested on a variety of changes, mostly having to do with public nudity and the ensuing bar fight. It’s a chance we have to take.

Seriously though, we’re really excited to have Joe take the tour over there for us, and we hope you’ll get a chance to spend an amazing career-changing day learning from one of the most gifted, passionate, hilarious, and brilliant lighting and photography instructors on the planet.

Here’s the link with all the details. Don’t miss it!

      1. Hi Russell:
        I’m scheduled to come later this year. Can’t wait!!!! :)


  1. The Denver Area Lightroom Users Group (DALPUG) just met on Tuesday and I talked to a friend who saw Joe when he was in Denver…

    Based on that alone, I shoulda quit my job to attend – his jaw was on the floor after the seminar was done with what he learned about lighting – said it was literally a start to finish deal and the value of that alone made the crowd and such worth it…

    The friend is someone I respect quite a bit, not only for his talent, but for his understanding of things photography-related in general, and he is quite astute, so to get this kind of praise from him was sufficiently impressive…man I shoulda gone!

  2. Yes! The moment I have been waiting for! You guys should get over here more often. I’m signed up and can’t wait…hope it doesn’t clash with and England World Cup games though!!

      1. I’ll second that for Adelaide, South Australia – and there would be plenty more who’d back that I’m sure (good beer in Adelaide too Joe)

  3. Fantastic news which is sure to be a HUGE success.
    Unfortunately I’ll be shooting that day but there’s always a positive side…I’m over in Santa Fe next year at one of his Workshops so the initial feeling ‘oh damn’ (being polite) has been suitably cushioned :)

    Great to see the Joe and the Kelby Training Team venturing over to the UK; been way too long but then I guess you know that :)

    Cheers Scott and all the best to you and yours,

  4. We here in Schwabenland (Stuttgart portion) would love a visit here in Germany. Super Beer, Superb Wine, Super eating and a great time with the peopleis awaiting you.

  5. So glad the folks in the UK will get a chance to see Joe in action. Now, if we can just get the class in the midwest, in Des Moines, Kansas City, St. Louis, or Chicago. I wanted to go to the class in Denver but just couldn’t take the time off work to drive from Des Moines.

  6. Woohoo ! I’ve just booked!

    Joe will soon be enjoying beer served at room temperature, driving on the wrong side of the road, and the wonderful English weather ! So, Scott, why aren’t you coming?? :)

    Seriously though, we’ll look after him – we’ll insist that he opens the NAPP London office (NAPPs springboard into Europe) before we let him go!

  7. omg would I love to be there? absolutly! but that is just another date I cannot spontanously book something. joe and drew, hope to cu somewhen here in germany with the kelby tour! greets to the queen though :-)

  8. My ticket got booked the minute I read about it last week. Its been printed and posted on my wall ever since … really can’t wait! I also just booked my trip to Vegas for Photoshop world and registered for the Photo Safari pre con with Joe and Moose which Im sure will make the long flight over from Europe well worth while!! Will be great to finally meet the rest of the kelby gang too while I’m there! good times await me thinks.

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