Watch our Archived Week of Live Photoshop CS5 Webinars Free!


Remember when Adobe first officially announced Photoshop CS5 a few weeks back, and we did a week long series of free live Webinars on the new features?

Well, we’ve archived those live Webinars (hosted by me, Dave Cross, RC, Corey, and Matt), and you can go and watch them now (or whenever you feel like it) absolutely free. We answered a lot of viewer questions live during those Webinars (in between cracking up), and we got loads of great feedback on them, so check ’em out if you’ve got a chance.

Here’s the link. Also, the CS5 Webinar we did last week with Dell, nvidia, and Adobe crew onboard is also archived so you can catch it as well (for free) right here. Again, my thanks to everybody who tuned in to the live broadcasts—it was the first time we had done something like that, and it turned out to be an awful lot of fun for everyone.

  1. For the first time I managed to control my desire to immediately buy the latest and greatest…until I watched these videos…then I snapped! Glad I did…CS5 has already save me time and allowed me to do some things I would not even have considered before…Thanks…I guess :)

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