Reflecting, and looking ahead

Hi team! It’s #TravelTuesday so I, Dave Williams, am back! If you took a look at Scott’s note in the latest Photoshop User, which dropped yesterday, you’ll know he was surprised at how fast 2021 is passing us by. I have to second that! It’s been a strange time lately and it’s all blended into one in many respects. I’ll just take this opportunity to point something out – I wrote a little ebook called ‘the little self isolation ebook’ when Covid kicked in. My aim was to offer a few photographic ideas to pass the time in isolation or quarantine. I wrote that 17 months ago!!!

That got me thinking. With everything starting to return to normal, is it time to reflect? Is now the right time to look back, reflect on what happened, put it all in a box and put the box away with a view to moving forward?

As photographers, we have two main goals: – to capture light, and to tell stories. It’s these stories that I’m going to focus on in this attempt to explain what this is all about. We can use our skills to create a story of the past year and a half, making some sense of everything that’s happened (or not happened, as may be the case) in order to rationalise it all. We can also visualise a story moving forward to set our goals and targets.

What I’m doing right now is my escape plan. I’ve assessed everything during this pandemic, as well as before it, and used what I’ve gleaned to help create the story moving forward. My story will involve my camera, my van, and a lot of travelling.

The thing is, this reflection and forward planning equates to somewhat of a business strategy. When we look ahead we can translate the thoughts into a business plan and even formulate a five year plan to get our photography business exactly where we want it to be. Here’s a hot tip on that: – for each big step, break it down into smaller, manageable and achievable steps. That way every small success drives us forwards to achieving the big goal, and if we hit a bump in the road along the way we don’t have far to fall.

Having a plan seriously helps us in our photography, both as amateurs and pros. A plan gives us something to set our sights on, which in turn gives us the drive we need to get there and set further plans for further goals. Reflection and planning are huge so do make time for these things.

One more note before I leave you to enjoy the rest of your Tuesday: – my van is finished! If you’re interested in taking a look, it’s right here.

Much love


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