Getting Great Photos at an Airshow with Larry Grace | The Grid Ep. 480

This week on The Grid, Scott Kelby is joined once again by aviation photographer Larry Grace to talk about how to get great photos at an airshow! As an Air Force veteran and the president of the International Society for Aviation Photography, plus experience photographing 75+ airshows and air-to-air work, Larry is the perfect person to help set you up for success.

New KelbyOne Course: A Photographer’s Guide to Model Release Forms and More

Join Jack Reznicki & Edward Greenberg for a close up look at releases used in photography. Commonly referred to as model releases, but it would be more accurate to think of them as person releases, which can apply to anyone from a professional model to your neighbor down the road. Jack and Ed discuss the laws that cover releases, various types of releases, exceptions to those releases, what makes someone recognizable in a photo, as well as their thoughts on photographing in public places. Be sure to download the provided files to add to your photographic toolbox.

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