Sneak Peek Cyber Weekend!

Check out the deals dropping Black Friday through Cyber Monday from KelbyTraining. It's the lowest prices of the year on photography training from the world's best photographers - myself included! From one creative to another, it's the perfect gift for all the right-brainers on your holiday list. And with these prices, you can cross off a little something extra for yourself too. Preview the Cyber Weekend sale here.

  1. You are KILLING me, Scott!! :)

    I need to remember to let my subscription lapse next year. I always forget about this deal and re-up the month before. Who am I kidding? I am Kelby Training for life :)
    I am now waiting for the one year anniversary of the CC announcement to admit that you were right. “One year from now you will agree that this is the best thing for all of us and you will love it.” Try as I might and wanted to disagree… you were/are RIGHT :(

  2. Scott, it appears that the $449 Photoshop World Black Friday price is the same as what is offered to alumni before December 31st. Is there, or will there be, a deal for alumni? Just trying to save a buck….:-)

  3. I called NAAP today and asked the same question… The answer is NO! Not much of a deal…Non Members/non Alumni getting the same deal as members who have been before! Last year, I got Photoshop World for $399 (as a member and alumni) *plus* a Fast Pass.
    Also, they are advertising the $59 renewal for NAPP as the “Lowest of the Year”…Not true…They were offering $49 renewals at Las Vegas. Foolishly and since there was such a long line to sign up, I expected they would at least offer the same deal for Black Friday and didn’t sign up…I guess it’s along the same line as “Only 200 Fast Passes Sold” they advertise for Photoshop World.
    I always respected NAAP and KT because they always took care of and rewarded existing members….hopefully this is just an over site or fluke.

  4. Ok it just charged me 525 with this little text under the coupon that states something like you will get the 449 once you register. Now I am trying to register and it wants to charge me 449 in addition to the 525?

    So do I pay the 449 and hope I it can be sorted out later?

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